You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


25. The Child You Abandoned

“Oh, hey Randy..” My ‘real mother’ greeted. Her voice was raspy but strong and somewhat soothing. “It's rare of you to bring young girls here.” She glanced at me and smiled. I usually would've smiled back but my breath had stopped and I was frozen from nervousness.


Randy smiled and replied cheekily, “I like to play with high school girls sometimes.”


“You're awful!” She bursted out chuckling after inhaling from her cigarette. “Don't do anything bad to her okay? Or I'll be the one kicking your ass.” 


“I promise. Cross my heart.” Randy gestured a cross at his heart and winked at me. I was still too shocked to move. 


“Do you guys want anything to drink or eat?” She asked, then pointed her cigar at a tall, slender guy that was approaching, “I'll have Daniel take your orders. But I don't serve alcohol to minors though.” Oh yeah.. Prince is here. I didn't know he was working here. Why is he even working at all? Prince-- I seriously need to stop calling him Prince, even if I'm just thinking it. 


He approached our table and flipped a small notepad and pen from his back pocket. “I'll just have my usual.” Randy grinned as the prince stood there looking a little dumbfounded, “Hang on, you're new here aren't you? I guess you don't know my usual. I'll tell you it once and only once. So listen up buddy..” 


As Randy rapidly told the prince his ‘usual,’ adding an order for me too, I kept my eyes glued to my ‘mother.’ I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to ask her so many questions. But.. This was all too sudden. I still hadn't even grasped the whole situation yet. 


Once Randy was done ordering, the Pri-- Daniel walked away without saying a single word and walked through some double doors that read “Employees Only.” Randy and I sat silently for a couple minutes. I was just fidgeting my fingers, and I knew Randy was extremely bored but I didn't know what to say. It was as if my brain was frozen. My thoughts and feelings had come to a standstill. 


Moments later, Daniel came back with a tray of soda and iced tea in his hands. He managed to gently set Randy's drink down, but when it came to my iced tea, it slipped out of his fingers and splashed all over the table, even spilling onto my pants. It can't be helped. He's a guy who has never worked a day in his life. I grabbed the napkins on the side of the table and began patting on my legs. 


Suddenly, a large hand grabbed my wrist and swiftly hauled me out of my seat. “Pri-- I mean, Daniel.. What are you..?” 


“The tea will become sticky. I'll wipe it off for you.” I was dragged to the back, through the “employees only” doors where the prince sat me down on a chair and quickly wet a towel to wipe my pants. I watched him expressionlessly drying my pants while I quivered anxiously. 


After a few minutes, I mustered up the courage to talk. “Why are you working here?” I questioned. He didn't answer. I tried a different question, “Who was that woman?”


“Woman?” He looked up, and our eyes made contact 


I cast my eyes away from his and mumbled, “The one you were.. Kissing.” I'm pretty sure I was as bright a tomato right then. I felt like I was about to explode. The corner of his lip curled up. I asked such a stupid question. 


“As a customer..” He paused from wiping my pants, “That's none of your business. Also, it's none of your concern as to why I'm working here either.” 


Snatching the towel out of his hand, I yelled, “Of course it's my concern! That bartender woman... Is my real mother!” I could her my voice rising, “After everything that happened, don't you think it's rather strange of you to be working here with her?!”


“It's just a coincidence.” The prince riposted, his face just as empty as before.


“It's not a coincidence at all!” I huffed angrily. “Is this your way of making me feel even more miserable than I already am?! Are you mocking me that you can be right beside my mother while I can barely even breathe around her?!” Out of frustration, I hurled the towel at the prince's face, making a loud slapping noise. It was as if I slapped him with my own hand. I didn't mean to do that. Why did I do that?


The prince stood up and slammed his hands at the wall behind me right next my head. As he leaned in, I tried to lean back. Our faces were less than an inch apart. I squeezed my eyes shut and bit my tongue. But there was nothing. All I could feel was his gentle breath blowing onto my cheek. When I opened my eyes, the prince's face was blank. But his deep blue eyes were fierce and displeased. “Don't ever come here again. You're an eyesore.” He uttered harshly. Then he stood up straight and walked to the sink to wash the towel off, like nothing happened. 


I sat there – stunned – for a few seconds. While the prince was still washing the towel, I stood up quickly, causing the chair to clatter, and ran out. As I whizzed past the table where Randy was sitting patiently, he caught my arm. “Alex, are you okay?” 


I pursed my lips for a second, then pulled away. “Excuse me, I have to go home now.” Without even waiting for his reaction, I bolted out the door and ran down the street. The drunk guys were cat-whistling as I speeded past them. When I had finally reached a busy part of the city, I stopped and leaned against a wall. After releasing a quick breath, I covered my mouth with my hand and pressed my forehead against the wall. Then a stupid smile appeared on my face. Soon enough I was chuckling to myself. Haha. I thought.. He was going to kiss me. But no. Why would he even kiss me? We're over, right? I was the one who asked for this. So why the hell was I expecting something?! 


Even I can't believe the extent of my stupidity. 



Without realizing it, I had walked back home shoeless. I guess I had plopped off the heels somewhere in the middle of the road. Oh well. Hopefully Randy won't mind. When I opened the door to Randy's apartment, all the lights were off. But there was a figure curled up on the sofa by the window. “James?” He didn't even look up, “Why are you sitting in the dark?” Still no response. “Today, Randy took me..” I paused to gulp then continued, “To see my real mother.” 


This caught his attention. I decided to carry on. “Well, I didn't talk to her or anything, but...” 


Suddenly, James had grabbed hold of me and was shaking my arms, while begging, “I want to see her too! Take me to see her! Take me tomorrow!”


What has gotten into him?


Well, there was nothing to hide from him. I nodded and smiled reassuringly, “Sure, since it's Saturday tomorrow. We'll ask Randy to take us first thing tomorrow.” 


* * *


“Oh my.. Welcome again?” My ‘mother’ greeted us, “It's rare for you to come two days in a row. Aren't you usually hungover at this time?” 


Randy leaned on the counter and pouted, “Do you not want me here, Anna?” Nudging Randy's elbow, Anna denied the thought. 


“Oh, you brought your friend again.. Hey there.” The corners of her lips widened and as she smiled you could see how perfectly her lipstick was sculpted. When she noticed James hiding behind me she began to pull out her cigarette box as she chuckled, “There's a lot of cute young people here today, eh?” 


I began to speak shyly, “H-Hello.. Um, my lit--” 


James suddenly broke out from behind me and stood right in front of Anna and began to stare at her intensely, startling her a bit. “James, don't be rude. Say hello.” I scolded him.


“Are you Anna Saunders?” James questioned her harshly. 


“Yes.. I am.” Anna spoke slowly, eyeing James, “How do you know me, have we met before?” 


James smirked, “Tch.” 


Anna's eyebrows rose a little, and I could sense that she was feeling a little offended. “You're quite rude, aren't you? How old are you, kid? Don't your parents tell you to respect people who are older?” 


“I'm fifteen. I have parents, but they aren't really my parents.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled paper and flattened it onto the counter, “Do you recognize this picture?” When Anna saw it, her eyes widened and she backed away. James' continued to glare at Anna before speaking again. “You're the mother of that baby, aren't you?” 


“W-What.. How.. Who are you..?” Anna was breathing hard as she picked up the wrinkled photograph. 


James' words were cold and angry, “I'm the baby in this photograph. The child you abandoned.” Tears were brewing in his eyes, but his anger overpowered them, “I'm the bastard child that you had with Christopher Crawford.”

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