You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


24. Real Mother

“Owowowow..” Randy whined as I gently stroked alcohol on his cheek, “That bastard kicked me so hard just because I wouldn't move from in front of the door.” We were back in Randy's apartment again. James was sprawled across the sofa, sucking on a lollipop as he stared aimlessly at the ceiling fan. I was tending Randy's wound that the prince caused. 


Once I had stuck a bandaid on Randy's cheek, I bit my lip in embarrassment. “I'm sorry about earlier.” 


“What are you apologizing for?” Randy chuckled, sitting up to lean on the couch. 


“You got hurt, and he just barged into your house.” I explained apologetically. 


Randy chuckled, then lit a cigarette. “Nah, it's not your fault. Rich brats will be rich brats, right?” 


Changing the subject, I asked, “Um.. Can I do some of the work that you mentioned earlier at the bookstore?” 


Randy's eyes were wide with surprise and amusement, “Seriously? You'll do it?” 


“Yeah!” I nodded eagerly, fully prepared. 


“NO WAY! SHE CAN'T DO IT!” James sat up abruptly, “DON'T BE RIDICULOUS, RANDY!”


“And why not?” I growled back to James, “You do it, don't you? Plus, I have plenty of experience in the cleaning business!” Both James and Randy froze when I said the last two words.


“Cleaning?” Randy echoed, looked at me oddly, then glanced at James, and back to me, “Pfft..” All of a sudden Randy burst into a fit of laughter. He kept trying to tell me something in between his laughs but all I could hear was him trying to repeat something along the lines of ‘Prost..’ 


Randy's an odd guy. 


Once Randy had regained his composure, we continued to talk about me working. James was back on the couch, sulking for some reason. “What about this,” Randy negotiated, “You can clean my house and I'll pay you and let you stay here.”


“Really?” I beamed thankfully, relieved that I'll be working again. 


Randy held his cigarette in between his fingers and smiled brightly. For a guy who smokes, his teeth were pretty white. “Of course! By the way, I'm the big boss around here; Randy Curtis.” 


“Nice doing business with ya, mr. Randy Curtis!” I giggled, extending my hand for him to shake. 


“My pleasure, miss Hunt.” He winked, accepting my professional business handshake. 


After this, I was feeling a lot better. It's going to be okay, things will turn out somehow.. I still have enough strength to smile! 


* * * 

“You moved?” Crystal sounded shocked, but her face remained emotionless as she slurped up the last drops of her iced coffee. Crystal started talking to me again, because she said watching me walk all alone in the hallways was leaving a bad taste in her mouth. But I know she just missed being my friend!


“Yeah, it was the only house there. Since it was torn down, James and I had to move..” I explained as we strolled to our Spanish class. 


“Wow,” Crystal patted my back, “You've got it seriously rough.” I was looking at the ground most of the time, but when I lifted my head up, I saw the last person I wanted to see. The prince. 


As we walked past each other, he didn't look at me. Not even a glance. He simply continued to talk to his friend as if it was nothing. As if we were nothing. As if he didn't know me. As if I was just an irrelevant thing that didn't matter to him whatsoever. To him, I didn't exist anymore. 


My chest tightened. and I lowered my head again, continuing to stare at the ground. “Did something happen between you and that guy?” Crystal unexpectedly questioned. 


It took a lot of brute force for me to lift my head up again, but I did it, “No. Nothing happened.” I held my breath, and blinked the tears away. I put up my cutest smile and carried on. 


See? I'm fine. 




I stopped by at the grocery store to buy some food for dinner tonight. After all, there was nothing in the fridge except beer. What has Randy been feeding James all this time? Anyways, that's not really something for me to worry about right now. 


As I traveled back to Randy's apartment, I was debating with myself; Should I drop out of school? I mean, it's really far from where I live now. Plus, I'm really stupid anyways. Also, I can't afford to pay for both James and my college tuition in the future. Asking Randy to help us with everything is relying on him too much.. 


Sighing, I realized I was just making excuses. The real reason I want to drop out of school is.. ‘Him.’ When we passed each other in the hallway today, he looked straight passed me. It didn't even matter whether I was there or not.. 




“What's for dinner, Alex?” James jumped excitedly behind me. I was surprise by James' sudden movement, but what made me most shocked was how tall he had gotten over the past few weeks. I mean, only a few months ago, I was a little more than two inches taller than him. Now, he's about the same height as me, maybe slightly taller. 


Smiling, I proudly replied, “I'm making hamburgers. You like them, right?” I slid the spatula under one of the flat pieces of meat and flipped it over. 


“Yeah,”James responded, making me feel all nostalgic, “I miss your cooking. The microwavable stuff Randy always buys is crap.” 


“Should I make some for Randy too?” I chuckled, turning my head to James. His face was right in front of mine, gazing hungrily into my eyes. 


“Hey, Alex..” His eyes moved from my eyes to my lips, “Have you thought about what I told you before? 


“Uh, um.. What was it again?” My voice was a little shaky. 


“The woman in the picture,” I froze when he said that, “She's your real mother. If you promise to love me, I'll tell you all about her.” 


“My real..” I whispered to myself, ”Mother?” 


James' hands were slowly making contact with my hips. “Yeah, she's alive and she lives right around here.” After saying this, James paused and continued, “Oops, I already told you. Oh, well. A promise is a promise..” 


His finger crept under the bra strap on my shoulder, and subtly pulled it off. “Alex, close your eyes.. I don't mind if you pretend I'm him for now..” James' voice was low, but he emphasized when saying ‘him.’ Following this, he softly pressed his lips against my collar bone. 


But before James could do anything I pulled my arm back and swung the spatular right at his cheek. “Cut that out!” I roared, “Even if we're not blood-related, you're still my little brother!” He's my younger brother! He's only fourteen! What does he want to become a man so desperately for?! 


James gulped, and caressed his cheek that was now  red and throbbing, “Alex..” 


“No matter what happens,” My voice was quickly rising, “You're still my little brother!!” Screaming that loud had made me somewhat a little tired so I was huffing angrily. James was not the prince, and he can never be. It's painful to think of him, so when James told me to just PRETEND that he's him, I died a little inside. 


A couple hours later...


I peered at Randy as he picked up the hamburger and chomped a huge bite out of it. After chewing and swallowing, he stared at the food in his hands lovingly. “It's delicious.. I haven't had a home-cooked meal in a while..” He uttered praisingly before taking another big bite. His kind compliment made me smile as I ate my food too. 


“What happened to your cheek?” Randy suddenly quizzed James, his mouth full of meat. 


James spitefully retorted, “None of your business.” 


“Damn, you're extra bitchy today.” Randy remarked sarcastically, “You on your period or something?” I found this pretty funny so I almost spit out the food I was chewing.


“Shut the hell up.” James glared at Randy, “I've had enough! I'm going to bed.” Once he had announced this, James stormed to his bedroom. 


“James, don't be rude!” I scolded at his back. 


“Stop acting like a big sister!” He yelled scornfully, slamming the door behind him. 


“Brats these days..” Randy scoffed, taking James' unfinished burger and shoving it into his mouth. 


Sighing, I apologized to Randy for James' behavior. The James I knew wasn't usually as rebellious as this. “Nah, it's fine. As long as he doesn't start trashing my house or anything I don't care,” Randy shrugged, “So, you're the big unrelated sister he's been living with all these years.. How do you deal with his attitude?” 


This indicated that Randy knew a lot about us.. “Um, how much do you know?” I asked forwardly, sounding really formal, “About James and I?” 


“Hm.. Who knows?” Randy shrugged cheekily, “Well, I know as much as James does.” He then approached me, our faces were close enough I could feel his breath on my cheek, “Or rather.. I might even know more than him.” 


I tensed up, feeling a little uncomfortable the he was being a bit too close. “Shall I tell you what I know?” Randy offered mischievously in a low voice. 


Gulping, I nodded. “Please tell me.” 


“Pfft.. JUST KIDDING!” Randy collapsed onto the ground, and began rolling around as he laughed maniacally again. His constant smiling, laughing and joking around was beginning to remind of Charlie. 


I pursed my lips, a little irritated that Randy had got me all curious but blew me off. But I didn't comment anything. After all, he was letting James and I live here. But, I'm still extremely curious — How much does Randy really know? And was he really kidding about knowing more than James? 


I'm dying to know.. 


* * *


I saw ‘him’ for the second time today. And by him, I mean the prince. 




He's not my prince, he's just... Daniel Crawford. 


It was a couple days later, during extra curricular activities. I was roaming around the school grounds after handing in some papers that the teacher made me fill out. For some odd reason, I had unconsciously traveled to the soccer field. Once I had realized that my feet had brought he here, I found myself not being able to leave. So, I just stayed a little bit for a tiny peak. The prince-- Daniel, and the other players had just ended a game and were making their way to the bleachers. The girls sitting there immediately crowded the prince, praising him on that final goal he just made and doing their usual trashy girl stuff to him. 


Just as I was about to leave, we made eye contact. He looked up from the squealing crowd of girls around him and saw me. Pri-- I mean, Daniel, took a few steps toward me and smirked. “Do you want something?” He said slyly. What's with that look? Stop it. Why are you staring at me as if I'm a pitiful piece of rubbish?


I tried to keep my head down, but I knew if I stayed silent, I'd be even more embarrassed. I was trembling in nervousness, but I let out a fake chortle, “Pft, you're making a weird face.” I abruptly swiveled around and hastily walked away. 


No tears. No. Don't you dare let them fall, Alex. DON'T YOU DARE.


I managed to hold my crying back, but I couldn't force the my crumbling heart from feeling the most painful feeling ever. I kept trying to tell myself that I didn't regret anything. But each time I lied to myself, my chest tightened even more and I felt as though I was a little closer to dying of a broken heart. 



On my way home, I was going to drop by at the grocery store to buy some vegetables for dinner tonight. As I was about to cross the road, a car slowed down in front of me. Suddenly, Randy's head popped out the window. “Randy!” I brightened up a bit, “What's going on?”


“Have you forgotten already?” He wiggled his eyebrows, “Didn't I tell you I was going to tell you some things..?” I shook my head, but either way, he told me to hop into the car. I got in, strapped my seatbelt, and Randy began driving to the city. 


Around 5 minutes later, he parked the car in front of a small but flashy-looking store. We stepped in, and Randy swung his arm over my shoulders as we strutted in, “You can pick whatever you want. Everything here is fairly cheap, so don't worry.” He snickered, pushing me towards a rack of really short dresses. 


It was awfully nice of him to do this, but I was getting this intense feeling of Deja Vu. 


In the end, Randy ended up buying me a simple but cute tank top and sparkly capris, with matching flats to go with the hairband in my hair. I even left the store wearing the clothes already! ..Like I told you, massive Deja Vu feeling. 


“You look really cute Alex, shall we go?” Randy smiled, leading me back into his car. 


“Eh? Go where?” I fidgeted with my thumbs nervously. 


“Hm.. I dunno.” Randy stroked his invisible beard, “It's too early to go to a club, maybe we can go bowling first? What about a boat ride at the lake?” 


“Wait.. Weren't you--” 


“Oh, I know! Let's go roll around in the grass in the big park in front of the lake!” Randy came to a verdict. 


“N-No!” I rejected. I finally knew why I was having this immense Deja Vu feeling. I had done this – all of this – before. With the prince. I mean, Daniel. I don't want life to hopelessly repeat itself again. “I just want to hear the stuff you want to say to me.” 


“You know..” Randy seemed a tiny bit irritated now. So, he pinched my nose and laughed at my reaction, “I'm not going to tell you for free! You have to play with me first before I tell you. So stop being so serious, and lets have some fun!” 


“O-Okay..” I said, rubbing my nose. It kinda hurt! 



Randy and I did a lot of fun things. I have to admit, it did help me calm down a bit. First, we went bowling – and I bowled my first ever strike! Then we went to watch a funny movie. Lastly, we went karaoke singing and I got to vent out some feelings a little by singing a couple sad songs. 


“Hey, I'm starving..” Randy rubbed his stomach, “Why don't we get something to eat, then go home.” We walked a block or two and turned the corner to a street that was very... Rowdy. There were guys drinking along the pavement, ladies who were almost naked smoking by doorsteps, and a few already-drunk guys yelling at each other. I stuck very close to Randy while we walked. “There's a really good place right here!” Randy stopped and stepped into the old worn-out building. 


As I followed him, the smell of food and liquor lingered in the air. The music was pretty loud too, with people dancing all around at the back. We were in a club. Of all places, Randy takes me here.. Ugh. 


The two of us take a seat in the quieter side of the place, which was kind of close to the bar tender. “Aw.. Honey..” A drunk girl dragged someone to a table 3 spots away from us, “After this, you're coming to my place tonight, right?” She was slurring her words. 


“Sure, Stella.” The music was booming, but I could tell who's voice this was from a mile away. I snapped my head around to make sure, and I was right. Before my eyes, I saw the prince lustfully making out with the drunk girl. I'm not too sure, but I think he saw me by corner of his eye. So, I instantly turned away, finding myself blushing in shock and embarrassment. 


Wait a second, pull yourself together Alex! What you saw right now, it was nothing, but a typical thing.. That.. Was a man I didn't know. 


“What's wrong?” Randy had his chin in his hand and was staring at me worriedly, “Are you tired?” 


“Ah, no.. Not yet.” I half-heartedly responded. I still needed to know what he wanted to say. 


“Okay then..” Randy's eyes narrowed a little, “That guy over there.. Isn't that Daniel Crawford?” 


Pretending as if I didn't care and didn't even see him, I answered, “I don't know.. It's too dark to see clearly.” 




“Woah, was that from over there?” Randy jerked his head to the side to see properly. I didn't bother to look back, I was afraid to see his face again. 


“Anyways,” Randy reverted his attention back to me, “Before I tell you what I know, I want to know how you feel about Daniel Crawford?” 


His sudden question shocked me for a second, but I looked him dead in the eye and said, “The prince and I have nothing to do with each other anymore.” 


Randy smirked and I saw his eyes look up behind me. “You heard the lady, sir Daniel..” He implied in an insulting manner. 


I widened my eyes and turned my head. Shit.


The prince was behind me.


He glanced at me apathetically, then made it over to the bartender lady. His knuckles were covered in blood, and it was dripping all over the wooden floor as he walked past. I wasn't sure if it was his own blood, or if he just mercilessly beat the heck out of someone.


“There were some annoying bastards outside,” He held his hand in front of the bartender lady's face, “They broke a window so I just taught them a little lesson.” 


“EW EW EW!” The woman shrieked, causing the cigarette in her mouth to fall out, “Don't drip blood on me!” Subsequently, she bent down and came back up with a first aid box. 


I'd had enough of this.. Watching them.. Watching him.. NO MATTER WHAT I DO TO FORGET HIM, I ALWAYS END UP SEEING HIM! “I-I'm sorry, I'm leaving.” I announced to Randy, getting up, causing the stuff on the table to clatter a little. 


Before I could whisk past Randy, he grabbed my arm, making me rebound back to him. “I brought you so you could see the person you've wanted to see so much;” 


Is he talking about the prince? Did he seriously just bring here for that?! I was feeling extremely frustrated now. I just wanted to get hell out and have some fresh air. “No.. You're wro--” 


“Your mother.” 


“Huh?” My jaw dropped, “Where?” 


Randy pointed her out, it was the bartender lady who was treating the prince's wounds. “That's her.” He discoursed, “Take a good look..” 


Randy gently let go of my arm as I stared at the woman. She looked very young for a woman who's claimed to be around forty or more years old. I observed as she pinched a cigarette in between her lips and lit it up. Her hair was ebony colored, but you could tell it was dyed, and it was fairly long, reaching her waist, Her bright red lips stained the white cigar, and she leaned against the counter, showing off her skinny waist and large bust. 


This woman is... 


My real mother? 


- - - 

Hello, beauties! First of all, I'd like to announce that this Movella is on hiatus. But I promise, I will be continuing it! :D I apologize for my super long absence, but there's just important things that I have to sort out. Also, I have been recovering from an injury that took way longer than expected. SORRRRYYYYYY.

Also, despite the fact that I hadn't updated in three months, this Movella's popularity has progressed very well! The views have increased by hundreds, and the likes and comments are nonstop! For this, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I love all of you who enjoy reading “You're Mine. I Bought You.” 

I'll be back as soon as I can, beauties xoxoxo~ :)x


-EDIT- this Movella is no longer on hiatus, so please procede to the next chapter ;D

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