You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


5. Please Remember

WARNING: Contains mature and sexual content. Please read sensibly.

- - -

The next day..

"Mom," I said glumly, my face in a pillow. "I'm begging you."

"What's wrong, honey?" She stroked the back of my head.

"I can't be a maid at the Crawfords. I want a different job." I lifted my head up.

"Yeah! They work Alex to the bone there!" James added.

"Haha, even James?" My mother giggled in her hospital bed, "Alex.. You're keeping that job. It's the best thing for you right now." Her face became serious.

"But mom.." James and I both pouted in unison. Right at that second, two unlikely guests walked in. Mr. Crawford and his asshole of a son.

"Hello, mr. Crawford!" My mother greeted them. Her face had returned to it's cheerful expression.

"Here, it's not much but I hope you like them.." Mr. Crawford smiled sheepishly as he gave my mother a bouquet of purple tulips.

"Wow, they're lovely," My mom gladly accepted it, "Thank you for everything."

"Ah, no problem.." Mr. Crawford scratched the back of his head.

"And is that Daniel? He's grown so much!" My mother gazed at Prince, "Do you still remember me?"

"Of course I do," Prince smiled, "You haven't change much at all."


That was the first time I ever saw Prince smile like that. It wasn't like his usual fake smile, or evil smirk. This smile actually looked.. Sincere. The three of them conversed for a bit, while James and I stayed quiet in a corner.


"Speaking of which.." My mom spilled out, sighing as if she was very troubled, "Alex has been saying that she doesn't want to work at your house anymore.."

"Oh, is that so Alex?" Mr. Crawford stared at me dejectedly. Thanks for putting me on the spot, mom..

"Yeah! Alex hates that guy!" James implied to Prince, darting a glare at him. The tension in the room was so high that I felt goosebumps rising on my arms. I glanced at Prince who had an expressionless face, but was staring at me with solemn eyes.

Everyone was silent for a few odd seconds, until Prince broke it. "I see that Alex and I aren't on good terms with each other at all." The edges of his mouth began to curl up, "Maybe if she becomes my personal maid, perhaps the friction between us will ease up a bit."

WHAT!? I was too speechless at the idea to protest.

"Ah, that's true. How about we try that?" Mr. Crawford's jolly smile appeared again.


"That's a great idea. I'm all for it!" My mother joined in.

"I didn't.."

"And Alex will be able to spend more time at the mansion too!" Mr. Crawford added.


"Perfect, you start tomorrow, honey." My mother raised her eyebrows at me with her piercing eyes.

"Fine." I obeyed through gritted teeth. My eyes made their way to the Prince, who was keeping a straight face. But I knew he was smiling through his eyes. This bastard!


Evening, the following day...

We were in Prince's room. Alone. I was standing near the door, while the prince was reading a book on his sofa. I wanted to sit on the soft furniture too, but I didn't want to risk going near the 'danger zone.'

"Alex." He snapped his book closed, and turned his head to me.

"What is it, sir?" I returned, irritation in my tone.

"Come here. That's an order." He bossed. At first I hesitated, but eventually I built up enough courage to go near to him. As I stopped in front of him, he slid his glasses off and gently put them on the coffee table. "Get me some clothes ready. I want to take a bath. Take them to me when you're done." Then he stood up and walked through a door that probably lead to his own bathroom.

Whew. I let out a sigh of relief. I was so nervous I guess I forgot to breathe.

After searching through his closet for some clothes, I skipped to the door that he walked through. "Uh, I have your clothes." I notified as I knocked on the door.

"Come in." He said. His tone didn't sound like an accepted permission, but a demand. I gulped and turned the doorknob.

Holy Mother of Christ.

I gasped at the sight in front of me. "This isn't a bathroom, it's a freaking pool!" The room was absolutely huge! The prince was sitting in an indent in the ground, like a swimming pool that was about 18ft in length and 15ft in width. The room was hot and steamy. It was basically like a mildly warm sauna that had a pool. It's unbelievable how rich this family is.

"What're you doing?" Prince stared at me, "Come in already. You're making the heat go out." I shut my open mouth, and kicked my shoes off. Subsequently, I stepped in and placed his clothes on a small table where a towel was resting. After this, I went to a corner and just crouched down and observed the room, making sure not to lay my eyes on the naked prince. Even though the lower part of his body was underneath the water, I still felt weird since I knew he was clothes-less.

"Why are you feeling so bashful? It's not like you're naked." He stood up, making me turn away and blush, "Yet." Suddenly, I felt myself being picked up bridal style, and taken to the pool. The prince's warm, wet body was starting soak through my uniform. When we were in in the pool, he let me down, but pulled my hairband off and threw it away. I watched as it hit the wall and landed flat on the floor. This can't be good.

I attempted to scramble out, but rebounded when he caught my waist. "If you don't want to wash my back, then why don't I make you do something else?"

I crossed my arms over my face in defense, "S-Something e-else?" My voice quivered.

He gripped my forearms and pulled them away from my face. "Mhm, you know what I'm walking about.." He whispered into my ear seductively.

"Th-that's not the job of a personal maid!" I exclaimed.

"Then what is it?" He said replied scornfully. I was swiveled around and was now leaning face forward against the edge of the pool. Prince groped my breast, and teased my neck with his tongue. "Is it this?" He mumbled into my neck. I couldn't reply. I could feel his cock making contact with the back of my leg. It scared me how large it kind of felt. I was breathless, the way he was touching me was too overwhelming.

He skillfully unbuttoned my maid uniform even without looking at it. After achieving this, he pulled down the cups of my bra. He began massaging it, and gently squeezed my nipple every once in a while. As all this was happening, he was tickling my neck and behind my ears with his tongue. Moments later, I felt his other hand on my stomach, gradually going lower and lower. Crap! He'd already overcome 1st and 2nd base with me, and now he's about to hit 3rd base too! "No.." I managed to choke out. But he wasn't listening.

His hand was now on my thigh, very close to my crotch. I was huffing and panting because my body was in pleasure, but my mind was making me shiver in sheer terror at the same time. I felt his hand starting to slip under my panties, but right before he could reach 'it,' I relaxed my body, thinking that anything I did now was no use. "Why me..?" I said through my quick breathing, "Couldn't it be anybody..?" I hate him. He just wants to hurt me.

This made his hand stop. I saw his hands rest on the edge of the pool. "You really don't remember anything.." His voice sounded glum. I twisted my body to look at him. Just as I thought, his expression was the same as his voice. Now that we were standing still, I saw that he had a pretty impressive torso with great arm muscles too. They weren't extensively huge like WWE wrestlers, but it sure proved that he was a strong person. Then I snapped back to reality.

Remember? What in the heck don't I remember?

My first reaction was to run. Run for it. I hastily lifted my leg over the edge of the pool, and tried to pull myself out. I was able to crawl out, but was drawn back by the prince into a firm embrace. Not just a hug, but an embrace full of emotion. It was kind of awkward since my breasts were pushing against his stomach, while his crotch had wandered its way by my thigh. On the other hand, my face was snuggled into his warm chest, where I could hear his heart beating so fast. "Please remember, Alex.." He begged, "Any little fragment is enough. Just, please remember."

Somewhere in my heart, a bell was ringing. But nothing was coming to my head. Absolutely nothing.

By surprise, I shoved him away and splashed water into his face. This bought me time to climb out and hurriedly escape. My clothes added extra weight to me, but it was fine since I was still wearing panties and the maid uniform helped to cover some of my body. All I had to do was censor my breasts. Before I left the room, I screamed at the prince while tears brew in my eyes, "I don't even know you, you don't know me! I can't understand what you're saying. And there's nothing for me to remember!"

I jogged out, buttoning my clothes while on-the-go. The water dripping from my uniform left a track of watermarks on the carpeted floor. But I didn't care. I just wanted to get out of here. Fast.

Not even worrying about my shoes, I decided to sprint out of here through the back garden. Since my house was just a couple yards of trees and bushes away, I ran through the miniature woods. The little sticks and stones hurt my feet, but I ignored the pain. All I know about the prince is that we're neighbors. He's the same age as me. He's our landlord's son that I just met less than two weeks ago. But we both inhabit two different worlds. Therefore, our lives have no intersecting points.

"OWW!" I shrieked. As I was walking through the animal path, I stepped on something that must've been definitely sharper than a stone or stick. I collapsed onto the ground. After rubbing the sole of my foot, I noticed something shining on the ground due to the moonlight. It's a probably the thing I stepped on. I picked it up.

A ring?

It was pretty. The ring was thin and golden with little diamonds poking out of it's rim. It struck a question in my mind; What if.. I really am forgetting something?

I clenched my fist with the ring still in my hand. I need to find out.

- - -

Oh my gawsh! You guys have no idea how happy I am right now! The reason for this is because my first story already has 165 views on just the first four chapters. Wow. Some of you might think that it's not that important, but for me, I'm suuuuuper greatful! xoxo.

Anyways, I'm extremely sorry for the shortness of this chapter. I need to catch up on many missing homeworks. As much as I love to write, I need to pass school too :P However, I think this chapter has a huge impact on the story. Either way, I hope you continue to read and like my story. Thanks again! ;)x Remember; please comment predictions/opinions, like or favorite!

Thank you very much, beauties!xoxo
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