You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


7. Pictures

"Alex," An image of the young prince appeared. I think we were sitting in the miniature woods on what seemed like an animal path, "Let's switch clothes."

"Eh?" 6-year-old me stared at him weirdly, "I have to go home soon. If I do that, my mommy will be mad at me." The sound of my squeaky, high-pitched, baby voice sounded so different from my current one.

"If we switch, I'll go home to your house. You go home to my house and you can eat all the food you want there!" Prince persuaded.

"But what if we get in trouble?" I whimpered, unconvinced at his plan.

He rolled his eyes, and searched through the pocket of his shorts, "If you do it, I'll give you this." He flattened out his palm, so that it would act as a plate for the ring that was in his hand. I gasped at its beauty.

"Really? Wow.." The little diamonds on the ring twinkled radiantly, "I'll do it!" Before I could grab it out of his hand, he swiftly clenched his fist and snatched it away. I frowned.

"It's a promise.." He gently placed the ring on the palm of my small hand, "You better not lose it!" I nodded obediently, and stood up with him. Soon enough, we were both undressing and exchanging clothes.

"Your pants are small.." I teased him as I squeezed into his shorts.

"Just hurry up. It's almost dinner time!" He reminded me.

"Okay, okay.." I scoffed, "Do we need to change undies too?"

"No one's gonna look at our underwear!" He looked at me irritatedly, "And I don't want to wear your girl undies."

After the transformation, the prince pulled out a pair of safety scissors from the 'fun bucket' I had brought with me. This bucket consisted of arts and crafts for me to do when I got bored.

Snip, Snip.

"What was that for!?" I wailed through my tears. He cut my pigtails off!

"Shh.." He brought his finger to his lips, "I had to. If I didn't cut it, you wouldn't look like a boy."

"But.. But.. My hair.." I whined, gazing at the scattered strands of hair all over the dirt.

"Don't cry," He wiped my cheeks with his thumb, "Or else you'll look ugly." I bit my lip, and gulped down the tears.

"So when we go home today, you have to go to my house," He was patting my hair down to make it look like his, "And I'll go with your mommy to yours."

"Okay." I smiled confidently like a big girl. The sky was beginning to dim down, and it was starting to get slightly cold. Prince and I held hands, and just patiently waited together.

Eventually, we heard some rustling noises. It kept getting closer and closer. I was beginning to get scared, but Prince remained tough and just shrugged it off saying "It's probably my caretaker."

By the time the person reached us, the sky was already pretty dark. You couldn't see much of our surroundings anymore. "Which one of you is Daniel?" A male voice spoke.

The picture in my mind went black.

"I am."


My eyelids shot open. Was that a dream? No, it was too vivid. It must have been a memory. Yes, definitely a memory.

The Prince noticed my awakening and strolled over to me. As he looked at me, something made an expression of concern come across his face. Then, he picked up a small towel that was in a large bowl on the nightstand. After squeezing all the liquid out, he placed the hot towel on my forehead.

Then I realized I was breathing heavily. I clutched his hand, making him listen to me. "Prince, you got kidnapped.. I remember." I rolled over to face him, "We switched clothes, and you cut my hair. You even gave me a ring. Then, a strange man came." I paused for some short seconds due to a feeling of nausea, but then continued, "It must have been awful. I'm so sorry I forgot about it."

"You're wrong."

He sat up and turned away. "You seem to still be a little confused." He looked back at me, portraying guilt and sorrow, "When that man called my name, you were the one who answered. You're the one who was kidnapped."

"Y-You're lying..." I stared at him in disbelief.

"I'm not lying. You were swept right before my eyes." He tightened his grip on my hand, "You were gone for about 48 hours. You came back with so many cuts and bruises. The police never caught the criminal."

It was silent for a couple moments, until I wrapped myself under the blanket again. "I don't know.. I don't remember that." I whispered, fear in my voice. I was afraid. Afraid of the things I can't remember. My memories and feelings of that time..

Where did they go?

Whilst hiding under the blanket I felt the prince on top of me, hugging me protectively. I felt him kiss my forehead and whisper, "I'm sorry." Something about that made me feel comfortable. Thus, causing me to fall into another deep sleep.


I woke up to complete silence. Do you ever get that? The feeling when you wake up and it's so quiet, it's as if the world has come to a complete stand still? That's what I was feeling.

I was startled when I became aware that I was lying in bed with the prince. We were cuddling like a married couple. I was using one of his arms as a pillow, and his other arm was wrapped around my waist. I was snuggled into his chest, where I could hear the steady beating of his heart. He smelled goo too.

Was he with me all night? I chose to stay like this for a while, but reminded myself that there was school today.

I quietly stepped out of bed. My clothes had been changed again. I was now wearing a large, white t-shirt. It smelled like the prince.

My fever seemed to be gone, so I planned to go home without him noticing. Like a silent ninja, I found my clothes and changed back into them. I glanced at the prince, who was still sound asleep. I climbed onto the bed to just peck his cheek and say "thank you." Finally, I snuck out of the room and made my way back home.


The second I opened the door to my house, I was attacked by James. "Alex, are you okay!? I heard you collapsed at the Crawfords so I came to get you, but they just turned me away!" His grip around my waist was a little too tight, but I let him continue anyway, "I was so so so so so so worried!

"Haha, I'm alright now. Don't worry." His affection was so adorable! I'm so lucky to have such a caring little brother.

"Wait, where'd that ring come from?" James pulled away, noticing the piece of jewelry on my finger.

"Ah.. Um.." I stared at the ring too. Was it alright if I kept it? I looked up at James who now looked pissed off.

"I'm going to sleep." He got up and turned away.

"Sleep? What about school?" I tugged his shirt.

"I'm skipping." He said bitterly, pulling away, "It's your fault I couldn't sleep at all last night." Then something rung in my mind. I wonder if James knows about what happened?

Before he shut the door of his room, I suddenly blurted it out, "James.. There was an incident a long time ago that sort of involved me I think--"

"I know. That's why I hate him." He cut me off, and referred to the prince "It's his fault that whole thing happened, and you lost part of your memory." His eyes were full of fury now, and he looked like he was about to explode. I was expecting him to tell me more, but he just slammed his door closed.

I didn't understand.

I asked for my memories back, but they're only coming back in scrambled segments. Everything was still a total blur.

* * *

I was in the garden, just watering some flowers. Have I told you that this garden was huge? There was a whole vegetable field in one place, tons of beautiful flowers, multiple trees, a big water fountain in another area, and many other things. I bet we could even fit a zoo in here and still have some space!

I was lost in thought until Charlie suddenly tapped my shoulder, "You're gonna drown those roses." He was probably done with tending the vegetable garden and came to see what I was doing.

"Oh, oops." I stepped away clumsily.

"Well you look a lot better today," He took the watering can and used the water to wash his hands.

"Yeah. Thanks again for yesterday." I smiled appreciatively.

"No problem." He dried his hands on his shirt, "What're you doing here?Aren't you sir Daniel's personal maid?"

"I'm kind of taking a day off from that.." I trailed off. Actually, I just felt too embarrassed to see him. A lot of things happened last night while I was delirious from my fever. I said too many odd things. My pride just couldn't face the prince right now.

"Hm, why don't you help me out then?" Charlie smiled, not even waiting for me to answer, "I'll lend you a jersey and sweat pants. You don't want to get your uniform dirty."


Charlie gave me some of his clothes and a pair of rubber boots for me to borrow. My hair was in a high ponytail, with a colorful bandana headband. I looked like a farmer.

"You ready to do field work, soldier!?" He acted like a sergeant after I was done changing.

"Yes sir!" I saluted, playing along.

"Perfect." He smirked smugly, "Get those gloves on, 'cause the first thing we're doing is obliterating harmful insects."

"O-Obliterating h-harmful i-insects?" I gulped. Charlie nodded, and walked over to the lettuce patch. He gently moved some leaves out of the way and picked up a little caterpillar with his thumb and forefinger. Next, he brought it up to my face and squished in it half. Oh Lord.. I screamed so loud I bet you could hear it from miles away.


After four hours of hell with Charlie, we were finally done. "Break time! Good job, Alex!" He cheered, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"I'm.. Never.. Doing.. That.. Again." I panted. Killing all those bugs made feel nauseous. Every time I squeezed on, I shrieked while doing it.

"Do you not like insects?" He asked sarcastically. I answered him with a glare. "Haha, I know. But doesn't screaming really loud sort of help release some tension?"

"What're you talking about?" I sat on the grass, spreading my sore legs out.

"Earlier, you looked troubled. So, I thought 'how about letting her get it all out? It might make her feel better.'"

That made me smile, "Thanks." Charlie laid himself down on the grass next to me, and we both stared at the puffy clouds while I told him everything that's been making me feel uneasy.

When I was done Charlie took a deep breath and said, "Wow. That's some pretty deep and complicated shit right there." He chuckled, "But what exactly do you want to know, Alex?"

"Like I said.." I began streaming out some of the many questions I had in my head, "Who was the kidnapper? What happened while I was kidnapped? What happened between the prince and I after that? But what I want to most is why I lost my memory."

"Hmm.. This is just my opinion, but.." Charlie nodded, "Maybe what made you lose your memory was.. For example, to protect something precious, or your heart, or perhaps our feelings."

"I don't really get it.."

"What I mean to say is- It might have been an instinctual act of self-preservation for you. Like, your heart is denying and repressing the memories because they might bring unpleasant feelings."

My heart? Denying?

"Well, it's just my opinion. Might not be true." Charlie put his hands behind his head and leaned against a tree. "Why don't you just ask sir Daniel directly?"

"Nuh-uh." I crossed my arms.

"C'mon.. Don't be such a wimp." He encouraged me, "For all you know he might just say he doesn't know, or it could be a shocking revelation. But then again, it could just a be short explanation. Either way, you really want to find out, right? You shouldn't be afraid, just think of it as.. Exciting."

Wow. Charlie has such a carefree attitude. Maybe he's right. Even though the prince can be overly straightforward sometimes, he holds the key to my memories' door. "Sure, I'll try that. Thanks."

Right at that moment, someone stepped out from behind the trees. "Alex, what're you slacking off in a place like this for?" 'Twas the prince. Perfect timing.

"Ah, hello sir!" Charlie backed me up, "She was just helping me out with the vegetables. We came here to take a break."

Prince seemed to ignore his comment, and just pulled me up. "Come with me."

"Wait.. Ow, that hurts!" I was being pulled all the way back into the mansion.

We got there, and yet again, I was trapped in the prince's room. I backed away, heading towards his book case while he followed me. "You're clothes are an eyesore. Change and throw those out!" He demanded.

"Charlie gave me these so that my maid uniform wouldn't get dirty. I can't just throw them away!" I resonated.

"Why do you trust Charlie so much?" Prince's outraged face was now right in front of me, "Even though he seems nice, he's still a 20-year-old guy who could take advantage of you."

"Stop!" I pulled a book out from behind me and hurled it at him, "You say he'll take advantage of me, but you're the one that always does that! I'm not your pet, and I'm not your toy! I'm just--" When I attempted to throw another book at his face, I missed and the book fell to the ground. Photographs flew out of it, and scattered all over the carpet.

I stared at them, and realized that they were pictures of me and the prince as little kids. There was one with us at a park, eating popsicle sticks together. One picture was of us splashing around in a lake. Another showed him struggling to give mea piggy-back ride. One of the photographs suddenly made a memory flash through my mind. It was of the prince and I in a play room with me pulling his glasses off.


"Daniel, you wear glasses?" I chimed. My first tooth had fallen out and my smiled looked incomplete.

"Yeah, for reading and stuff.." He looked away shyly.

"Ew, I don't like it." My face scrunched up, "It makes you look like a stranger."

*end of flashback*

I carefully took the prince's glasses off and kissed him. "I like you better without glasses."

I've remembered something else now. In the past, I used to always take his glasses off and kiss him out of the blue. That would instantly make him blush, causing me to giggle.

When I realized the awkward thing I just did, my eyes widened and I ran. I bolted out of the room and ran all the way back home. Crap. Why did I do that?

Back then, I loved him. I'm afraid I think I still do.

- - -

hey-ho-hey! Sorry I made you wait so long for this chapter xD I hope you enjoyed! Since I've been able to make up all my homework and stuff, I'll be able to update often again! Yipee! Anyways, 300+ likes? Wow. I never though I'd get that many.. Thank you so much! Please leave a comment with your opinion/predictions/constructive criticism. Also, like and favorite! Alrighty, bye beauties!xox
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