You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


18. Mother's Secret

I was sitting on a swing in the park, gently swaying back and mentally lecturing myself for being such a careless sister. My train of thought was interrupted by someone tapping my shoulder. "Alex?" It was Charlie's voice, "Oh, it is you! For a second, I thought I'd called a stranger." 


It kind of startled me to see Charlie. I actually haven't seen him for a couple days, – maybe even weeks – but I guess company was what I needed most right now. "What're you doing here?" I inquired. 


"Oh, I was on my way home from the supermarket. Had to buy some fertilizer. Then I saw you. You looked bummed." He shrugged. 


I hesitated to answer but eventually asked, "You got time?" 


"Hmm... Sure." He took a seat on the swing next to me. As I briefly explained what happened this morning, Charlie quietly nodded next to me, probably silently giving his opinions. 



"But why would he run away?" Charlie stood up when I was done storytelling, "Did you guys have a fight?" I didn't respond. Telling Charlie about James' feelings about me is a little too embarrassing. 


"Y'know.. I have your brother's cellphone number," Charlie began searching through his pockets, "Why don't you give him a call?" He handed me his phone and gave me an encouraging smile. It confused me how Charlie knows James' number.. But now's not the time to be thinking that. 


I took the cellphone from him and smiled back. He sat back down on the swing while I called James. I froze when I heard a familiar voice speaking on the line, "Hello?" James said, "Who is this? Hello..?" 


"J-James?!" I managed to choke out. 

"Alex?" He realized it was me, "I don't wanna talk.." 


"Wait!" I hollered, my voice cracking, "Don't hang up! Please!" There was no answer, but I heard James sigh into the phone. 


"James.. Where are you?" I asked nervously as Charlie cheered me on from the background, telling me to continue. 


"It doesn't matter." James replied flatly, "As long as you have Daniel, you don't care about me. Or anything else." 


"No.. D-Don't talk like that." I pleaded, "Just please tell me where you are. I'm worried sick about you." 


There was a pause. It lasted about three seconds, but to me it felt like an eternity.


Finally, James spoke again, "Hey, have you ever thought it was strange.." He had completely changed the topic, "Mom's been in the hospital for so long. Policies in hospitals are that the longer you stay, the higher the bills. So wouldn't you think the money you pay from working is insufficient?" Another pause, "You probably pay for one fifth of the bills while someone else pays the larger amount." Again, another pause, "Y'know it's almost as though we're part of the Crawford family. Don't you think it's all a bit too interconnected?" 


What was he talking about?


"James.. I don't understand what you're saying.." I practically whispered. Charlie was now looking at me worriedly. 


"If you figure out what I'm saying, then I'll tell you where I am." After that, James hung up and all I could hear was the beep beep beep playing through the static noises. 


I'm confused. James' words were too scrambled. First he was talking about mom. Then bills. Then the Crawfords. Then something about being interconnected.


I screamed. The ear-bleeding sound caused a crowd of birds to fly away, and many pedestrians around us stopped and stared.  


After my loud outburst, Charlie looked a little shocked. "W-What did your brother say?" He asked a little nervously. I bit my lip and tried to control myself. But I couldn't. 


I lunged myself onto Charlie and wept into his chest, "I'm just so confused... It's so frustrating." 


It took him a minute or so, but Charlie eventually hugged me too and patted my head. "It's alright.." He said soothingly, "Everything's gonna be alright.." 


When I had calmed down and returned to my normal state, Charlie and I sat down on a bench. "What'd your brother say?" He asked reluctantly. 


"Something about mom being in the hospital for so long that the money I pay is not enough anymore. Then he said that someone else is probably paying for the rest of bills. Then he started talking about the Crawfords and how their like family 'cause they seem to be connected to us no matter what." It actually exhausted me to say all that. 


"Hmm.. So that means," Charlie threw his hands behind his head, "He's saying that you're not aware that the Crawfords are helping your family out financially?" 


"Maybe that's it.." I furrowed my eyebrows in frustration, "But I worked so hard at whatever job I could find so that we could have enough money to live! Several of those jobs paid for moms bills! I don't see how that wouldn't be enough!" 


"Yeah, but there are different kinds of hospital bills. You have to pay for the medicine, the treatments they give her, and sometimes if she needs to have a sudden surgery or something.." Charlie burst my bubble. 


"That's true.." I muttered under my breath. 


"C'mon Alex.. Let's look at this on the bright side. At least you don't have to work as much because someone else is paying!" Charlie stuck his thumbs up. I simply glared at him, making him retreat to his seat on the bench. 


"Fine.. Shall I help you investigate?" He grinned excitedly, his eyebrows wiggling on his face.


"No thanks." I said flatly, You're not taking this seriously. I'll go investigate by myself. Bye!" I got up and trotted away. 


From behind me I heard Charlie saluting, "See you later!" 



My first place to go investigate was the hospital. I approach the woman at the front desk and inquired, "Can I please see Sarah Hunt's account?" 


The woman stared at me questionably, "I'm sorry but we can't just give out that kind of information to anyone." 


"I'm her daughter. I'm the one who pays the bills and I just want to know if everything is up to date." I negotiated, trying to sound mature and professional. 


"Okay, one moment please." She analyzed her computer screen, and after a few mouse clicks she responded, "It's paid every month." 




"Yes. Anything else?" She offered, but her face showed a little aggravation. 


"Um, no. Thank you." I smiled, beginning to motion away. My feet shuffled their way towards the elevator. 


My second place to find information; mom. 


As I approached her door, my stomach began to twist. For some reason I had a bad feeling about this. The door was already kind of open, someone probably left without properly closing it. Before I entered, I heard mom sighing to herself, "Ahh.. My balance is low again.. I need to pay them back.." 


Like a ninja, I crept in and snuck behind her unnoticed. My heart dropped when I saw the numbers stamped in mom's bankbook. "...Thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions... BILLIONS!?" I counted the number of zeros, "Mom, what the hell is all this money!?" I snatched the bankbook from her hands to get a better look. 


"Alex.. Honey, relax.." My mother struggled to retrieve the bankbook but was unable to move around as much as I could. 


"This money," I faced my mom with absolute seriousness portraying from my face, "Is it from the Crawfords?" 


Probably knowing that she couldn't surpass my intensity at the moment she answered truly, "Yes." I knew it, "But it's just a loan. So, Alex.. Don't worry." 


When I think about it.. The way mr. Crawford treats mom, the way he's nice to me, the way he always visits here even though he's busy.. "Mom, be honest with me," I gulped, "Are you two lovers?" 


She didn't look at me, her head stayed low. But I knew I had struck something because from the corner of her eyes I could tell she was scared. Scared of me finding out things. But she simply said, "What are you talking about, honey?" Her voice was so tender, it was fake. 


"He sends you money every month, doesn't he!?" I protested, shoving the bankbook right in front of her face, "Is that how it is!?" 


No answer. 


"Mom, answer me!" It felt like I was the parent. It was an ironic scene where I screaming at my mom. I had never done this before, and I know it made my mother upset.. But I had to get it out of her. 


"STOP IT RIGHT NOW, YOUNG LADY!" She finally screamed. This was the first time in years that I've hear her voice so loudly, "IT'S NONE OF YOUR--" 


She choked mid-sentence. I shrieked in horror as she began coughing and wheezing. I became even more terrified when blood was spurting out of her mouth as she held her throat desperately. "Somebody!" I hollered, panically rubbing my mom's back, trying to help her regain breath, "Help! My mom's coughing blood! Nurse!" 



I had my face in my hands as I waited impatiently on the chair outside my mother's room. I didn't mean to yell at her that much.. I'm a horrible person. First my brother, now my mom. Jeez, you're so stupid Alex. 


"Are you Sarah Hunt's daughter?" A nurse stepped out of the room. 


"Y-Yeah." I stood up eagerly. 


"You're mother is fine. She's just sleeping now, so don't wake her up." The nurse smiled comfortingly, then briskly walked away. 


I slumped back into the seat and ran my hands through my hair. Thank God. Thank you so much.. I repeatedly thanked God as tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. 


After a while I stopped though. My mind had wandered off to a different topic; If it's true that mom and mr. Crawford are.. Wait a second. How long has this been going on? If mom and mr. Crawford have been like this for a long time, then.. The prince and I are.. 


"Alex." Prince halted breathlessly in front of me. He took a second to catch his breath, sitting down on the chair next to me. "How's Sarah? Is she okay?" 


"Yeah.." I mumbled, looking down at my shoes. After that suddenly revelation, I couldn't face the prince. 


"I see. That's good." He placed his big, warm hand on top of mine. I pulled away, subsequently turning away from him too. 


"What's wrong?" Prince eased away. His voice sounded afraid. I should tell him. No, I can't. I should though. It's the right thing. 


"Prince," I pulled the bankbook out of my sweater pocket, "Look at this."


"What's this?" He took it from my hands and read it. 


"Your dad gives my mom money every month," It was hard to tell him, "They're lovers.. I think." 


I glanced at the prince, and noticed his mouth almost forming into a frown. "We might be brother and sister," I bit my lip, "Half-siblings." 


My fists were clenched and I was biting my lip hard. Anxiously, I glanced at the prince again. He was frozen of shock. His eyes stared at me blankly but utter shock was obvious. 


The two of us just sat there like statues, reflecting on my mother's secret. 


- - -

Hi guys! It feels like forever since I've updated.. omg. Anyways, my spring break ends tmr! I'm going to school tmr. Boooo.. I went to Mali this spring, it was a-may-zing! The whole place was utterly beautiful. Why don't you guys tell me about your spring breaks in the comments, ye? I'm feeling curious. Anyways, thanks for reading! Please leave a comment. Like and favorite! G'night, beauties! :)xoxo

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