You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


10. Mixed Signals

Why God, why!? You just had to make James walk in on the worst possible moment ever, didn't you!?

I lay there, boobs completely exposed and under direct light coming from the ceiling light. Prince was on top of me, only wearing a towel and an expression of both shock and amusement on his face. On the other hand, James was standing right before us, quivering in fury.

"J-James.." I managed to get out. But before I could explain he had already stomped into the room, and was pushing the prince off of me.

"What the hell were you doing to my sister!?" James hollered, "Are you some kind of rapist now!?"

"James!" I exclaimed, "That's enough." James gave me the 'you're-siding-with-him?' look and turned away. I pulled my clothes back on, and then we all finally sat down and talked.

I couldn't reason with James at all. He kept blabbering out whatever he could think of. "Alex, are you crazy!? Why's this guy in our house? Furthermore, why's he naked?" James kept ranting, "Also, don't just do whatever this jerk says! I swear to God, he's gonna sell you to a foreign slave trade one day!.."

Neither the prince or I were really paying attention to him though. The prince was just aimlessly staring at the wall. I was in deep thought. Earlier, the prince said 'don't be like that.' What did he mean? Why did he refuse? I don't get him at all..

"Are you two even listening to me!?" James' rage snapped me out of my thoughts. He then got up and tried to heave Prince away, "I've had enough. Get out! Go home! Never cross the boundaries of this house ever again!"

Prince was now irritated. He whipped around and held James by the collar of his shirt. "Why don't I make you leave? I am the landlord after all.." He said through gritted teeth. James gulped and pushed away, landing on the floor on his butt.


In conclusion, we all ended up sleeping next to each other in sleeping bags in the living room. I was smack in the middle of the two boys, with James protectively wrapping himself around me.

While James snored like a fat pig, I could barely breathe. Not because of James' tight squeeze, but because of the prince's presence. I was facing my brother, so I couldn't see him. But I could tell he wasn't asleep yet. Perhaps the reason is because he's cold? I mean, he is only wearing a towel after all. James loathed him too much to let him borrow clothes so he had to sleep just like that.

Suddenly, a hand appeared and maneuvered James' arm off of me. The prince? What was he up to? This was making my heart thump. Please, don't let him hear it.

Then, Suddenly, I felt something cold on the side of my neck.


The prince. He's touching me. The tip of his fingers were sliding down from behind my earlobe to almost right on my collar bone. Dammit, such small touches like that from him are arousing my body.

I can't sleep.

* * *

The following morning...

I was the first to wake up that Sunday morning. After freshening up in the bathroom, I skipped to my humble little kitchen to make breakfast.

Fifteen minutes later, the prince woke up, his messy bed hair made him look really cute. Control yourself, Alex. "Morning.." He yawned. I blushed a little. His deep, husky morning voice made butterflies erupt in my tummy.

"Morning." I returned, "You okay with just toast?"

"Sure." He nodded, taking a seat at the table.

As I cooked, it was awkwardly silent. The prince just had his chin in his hands and was boringly waiting for me to finish. Eventually, I broke the silence. "Hey, do you want some clothes to wear?"

"Thought you'd never ask." He turned to face me. I giggled, and went into James' bedroom to get the largest clothes I could find. After he had changed, he approached me at the stove.

I was startled when he wrapped his hands around my waist from behind, and rested his nose on my neck. "Prince, James is right there." I cautioned, trying to get his hands off of me.

"He's still sleeping." The prince grinned mischievously, "Why don't we continue where we left off last night?"

"I don't think so." James was up, "Get your filthy paws off my sister." He trudged over to the table, rubbing his eyes and scratching his head. The prince let go and sat at the table too. Thank goodness. My body was already feeling so hot.

When I had finished making toast and cooking up soup from a few of the veggies we collected last night, someone just rudely barged into my house.

"Halt!" It was Charlie, "Don't eat that breakfast!" Everyone in the room froze, and turned their attention to the raging man that was coming.

"I knew it.." Charlie glared at the three of us after examining the food, "Look what you have done to the vegetables I cared for so dearly!"

"Erm, Charlie.." I gulped, "Aren't you overreacting a bit?"

"This isn't just the first nor second time you've stolen vegetables, isn't it Alex?"

"Haha.." I chuckled oddly, "Maybe.."

"I don't care if their just vegetables, stealing is still a crime!" A huge grin suddenly crept on to Charlie's face, "You guys have to pay the consequences. Even you, sir Daniel."


James, the prince and I were taken to Charlie fields, dressed in a jersey, sweatpants and boots. "Alright, criminals!" Charlie announced, "First, you guys are gonna harvest! When you're done, you'll be weeding! Then you have to kill bugs! Next comes watering plants! There's lots to be done!"

About an hour later, I was already exhausted and sweaty. Even though it was already late October, it was boiling outside! I wiped the sweat off my forehead, and stopped next to a large bush to take a short break.

Seconds later, I hear a commotion happening somewhere near me. To check out what's going on, I stood up and looked around. "I don't wanna pull weeds!" James complained.

"Don't be such a brat, do your work." Charlie retorted, "You ate them too."

"Leave me alone! Who are you anyway?"

"I'm the Crawford's gardener-slash-kind-of-treasurer."

"Why don't you just say gardener then, old man?" James sassed. Oh, James.. Pissing Charlie off isn't such a good idea..

"Heh, you're a lively brat aren't you?" Charlie smirked, hooking his arm over James' shoulders, "How about I give you a special job? You could milk the cow or something.." Charlie pulled James away, taking him towards the animals. Told you this garden was humungous..

On the other hand, the prince was just crouched down in front of some strawberries, completely space out. That's really rare. He was staring at nothing in particular, just letting the breeze hit him and blow his hair around. I decided to go talk to him.

"Need help?" I nudged him, "You look sorta tired."

"Thanks." He reverted back to his normal state.

"Y'know prince.." I giggled, "Stomping around like this in the grass kind of reminds me of when we were little." All of a sudden, a strong breeze hit us, making my hair cover my face for a second.

"Don't move!" The prince notified, "I lost a contact." He wears contacts? Then why the heck does he wear fake glasses? Weird guy..

"I'll help you look.." I started brushing my hand over the grass. SNAP.

Crap. My knee had squished the contact lens. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I apologized.

"It's alright," The prince assured, "I've got an extra pair at home." He got up and started walking away, but ran into a tree. I tried to hold in my laughter, but that didn't work out very well. Pft, is he really that blind without glasses or contacts? He then came back to me and held out his hand for me to take, "Bring me to my room."

I stood up and lead him. We weren't holding hands though, he was just gently clutching onto my wrist. I want to intertwine our hands together, but I know he'd think I was reckless if I did that. All of a sudden, I blurted out, "You look better without your fake glasses on.."

The prince and I made eye contact, and then he smirked. Grabbing my wrist tightly, he stopped me from walking and rotated me to face him. "Do you like me that much without my glasses on?" His deep blue eyes had a mischievous look to them.

"Um.." I couldn't answer.

"But isn't it better for you if I wore them?" He continued, "Because you love to take them off, don't you?" I held his cheeks, and touched his bottom lip with my thumb. This made him blush a little. I wanted to kiss him, but hesitated, so I ended up just embracing him. I do like to take your glasses off.. But.. When I do, you act so strangely..

Moments later, he pushed away, causing me to fall onto the dirt. "Alright, times up. Don't get carried away." He stated kind of angrily, but he was blushing at the same time.

A moment ago, I was sure he wanted to hug me too.. But why is he like this now? I don't understand.

- - -

I'm so sorry I haven't updated! I've been sick for the past two days, and I still am :( I know this is short, and not a very good chapter.. But please consider the fact that I'm not feeling well. I will try to get better as soon as possible, and continue to write someting to please you guys! Sorry again. Please comment, like and favorite. The next time I update, I promise it'll be more intriguing. Thank you, beauties!xoxo
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