You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


15. Midnight Shock

I sighed as I kicked off the uncomfortable shoes I'd been wearing all day. My feet were sore and the maid uniform was getting itchy. As I untied my hair and began loosening my clothes, the door creaked open. The prince. 


"Tired?" He questioned, walking in as if it was his territory. I mean, it is. But this is supposed to be my room.


"You knew about James working?" I interrogated, holding my loose clothes so that they wouldn't fall off. 


He completely ignored the question. I gasped when he towered over me. So I dropped to the ground and sat tightly. He came down and brought our cheeks together. "If you're tired, I can make you excited again. You know, like the other day when my fingers were inside you. I bet you didn't want me to stop did you?" I blushed. Oh God, please don't look at my face right now.. 


He abruptly slipped his hands under my clothes and cupped both my breasts. Then, after circling my nipple a couple times, he squeezed it once. Really hard. That made me wince. I leaned forward, my body turing into a sort of ball-like shape. The prince did the same and squeezed his hand in between my legs. I bit my lip, but gasped when I felt one of his fingers gently poke my crotch. "What do you want me to do next?" He questioned, a snicker hinting through his voice. Even though he only touched the outer-side of underwear, it felt like he already touched the real thing. 


My body is waiting in anticipation for the prince. I want him. But.. He's ignoring my heart. Before we actually 'do it,' I want him to fully accept my heart before that. Right now, it's like he doesn't really take my feelings into consideration.


I shook the prince off and turned away, pulling my loose clothes over my shoulder. "I'm going to work at your house no matter how much you protest." I spoke, not even looking at him, "When you understand what that means... I'll sleep with you." 


Even though we've said we loved each other, and gone pretty far.. The situation is still maid and master. I want him to stop being my master. When the prince finally changes that, I will fully accept him in my mind, soul, and body. 


"When I understand, huh?" He gently lifted the ends of my hair and brought it to his nose, "You better keep your word." After that, he turned around and walked back into his room. I was left on the floor, thinking. I wasn't afraid, neither was I content though. It would probably take time before the prince figures it out. Our relationship isn't going to be moving very fast.. Which is alright for now I guess. 




Few hours later..


"Finally, time for--" I sighed relaxingly as I got under the covers of my new bed, "AHHHHH!" I take that back. 


"Shh!" James scolded, re-covering himself with the blanket. 


"James, what are you doing in here!?" I questioned, shuffling into bed next to him, "Don't you have your own room?" 


"It's too big and scary," He retorted, squirming around to face me, "Plus, I'm not used to sleeping alone.." 


"Fine.." I rolled my eyes, opening my arms wide for him to embrace. He did so, and we both fell asleep hugging each other. I know you might think it's weird that a 13-year-old boy still likes to sleep in the same bed as his older sister, but it's just that James and I are incredibly close. Not just that.. I think he has a slight sister complex too. 


* * * 


I woke up to the empty space next to me. I was half-dreaming and half-awake when I extended my arm to rest it on James. Instead, I just found a cold pillow propped underneath my arm. 


After about 20 seconds, my late reaction occurred. I sat up quickly, looking at my surroundings. Well, I couldn't really see anything since it was dark, but there was a single ray of moonlight seeping from behind the curtains, shining on a small area of the carpet. Next, I checked the time on the digital clock sitting on the nightstand. 12:00AM. 


Where'd James go? Did he go back to his room? Did he get something to drink? 


Then, I started hearing odd noises. A ghost? Nah, don't think like that Alex. You're only scaring yourself.. My ears followed the sound and soon my eyes had laid themselves on the door that connected the prince's and my room together. It was slightly open, and I was sure the strange sounds were coming from there. 


I rolled out of bed and walked over to the door. Before trespassing, I listened first. Was he awake? Probably. So, I just stepped in and crept over to his bed. There was like a huge lump of sheets, but I couldn't really see what it was. Monster? No way. 


As I stepped closer, my sight got clearer and clearer. When I was finally right in front of the bed, my eyes widened. 


What. The. Fuck. 


On the bed was a shirtless James, with the prince necking him. When the prince rose up and straightened his arms, I saw him glance at me by the corner of his eyes. Then, he properly turned his head to look at me. 


It seemed I was the only thing that was bright in the room. Just like in my room, there was only a single ray of moonlight seeping through the crack of the curtains. That means he saw my face, bright and clearly. 


I wasn't sure what kind of expression on my face was making the prince's eyes widened until they were practically round circles, but I sure as hell knew what I was feeling;




"Alex!?" The prince finally broke the silence. He then gazed down at my brother, lying on the bed underneath him. "Alex, it's not what it looks like. I thought--" 


I covered my gaping mouth with a hand and turned away. Tears didn't even brew. They just came falling out without any warning at all. I was hurriedly trying to escape from the room, when prince grabbed my wrist. "Alex. Don't--"


I pulled away vigorously and spit out, "You and my brother? That's just too absurd!" Then I ran off, through my bedroom, the hallways and finally out to the garden. I don't know why, but I sprinted through the miniature woods as the rain poured heavily like in movies right after the shocking bad news is told. I did not look back until I reached the old hut. 


Creaking the worn-down door open, I stepped into the old house. The bare walls and empty room made the place seem large and unwelcoming. But being here made me feel more comfortable than being in that mansion. 


Seriously, James.. The prince.. In bed.. What were they doing? What were they about to do!? I don't even want to think about it.


Water caused by the rain was leaking from the rundown ceiling, but I wasn't bothered to deal with it. I just trudged over to a closet where I left some old sheets and pillows. Subsequently after taking some out and setting them on the floor, I sat down and wrapped myself with a blanket. It was thin and didn't bring any warmth, but going back to the mansion was definitely not one of my choices at the moment. 


I lay down and stared at the ceiling. The image of the prince and James appeared in front of me. They were in bed together, the prince's lips gliding down James's neck. It was disgusting. 


The two people I loved the most. Doing that. It's filthy. 


I've caught James doing a lot of things during the middle of the night. I've seen him sneak food while I'm asleep. He's come home late before. He's sometimes doing homework. I've even caught him doing retarded things like playing with matches in the kitchen. 


But I've never, ever, ever caught him doing something like that. Maybe I've been looking at James from the wrong perspective all my life? 


Stop, Alex. Stop. You're only hurting yourself more. 


That night, I cried myself to sleep as I thought about that awful midnight shock. 


- - - 


Hey guys! So, thank you for reading once again! It's short, I know.. But I've got to leave you guys hanging :P Anyways, please like and favorite! Ooh, and comments opinions, predictions and CC! Thanks, it'll mean a whole lot! Au Revoir, beauties!xoxo

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