You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


22. Just For a Moment

WARNING: Contains mature and sexual content. Please read sensibly.


- - -


Whatever happens.. I wonder if we'll regret it. Mom, prince, me, everyone. 



The prince and I were in his car, silently driving in endless circles around the same few blocks. When we reached a stop light, the prince picked up his phone and called someone, "This is Daniel Crawford. I'd like to use mine today." He paused and waited for a reply, "Yeah.. Okay, but you better hurry up. I'm on a rush." 


Moments later, the prince put down the phone and the traffic light turned green. I noticed a small smirk on his face when the prince stepped on the pedal. I almost yelped in fright, assuming that he was purposely going to crash the car at the speed we were going. 


Thankfully, prince wasn't planning anything like that at all. After 10 minutes or so, we arrived at an empty parking lot in the middle of some grassy field. "Come on." Prince ordered as he got out of the car. I did so and stepped out into breezy field. A few seconds later, it wasn't a breeze anymore.


The prince was casually leaning on the car as a helicopter came hovering above us. Soon it was on the ground, causing all the grass and my hair to fly in all directions. One of my hands were grabbed by the prince, and the other was desperately trying to hold my hair in place. "What the.. Where are we going in a helicopter?" I mumbled. 


I was dragged towards the helicopter where the man piloting it opened up a door. Under the roaring rotor blades of the helicopter, prince yelled for me to get in. I tried to climb up and sit down as quick as possible but it was quite difficult so the prince ended up carrying me in as he climbed up behind me. Once we were in, the door was closed and it was peaceful and quiet. Although, you could still hear the faint humming of the rotor blades above. 


The pilot twisted his head to face us and greet us, "Good afternoon, sir Daniel. It's been a while since you last called for me. I see you got a pretty lady with you!" He had a wide grin that made feel a little creepy.


Ignoring his statement, prince asked, "How long will it take to get to my father's new hotel site." 


"In this weather, about an hour. Maybe less." The pilot responded intelligently. 


"Alright, let's go." Prince sat back. 


"And.. Away we go!" The pilot cheered, beginning to raise the helicopter into the air. 


"Ahh!" I squealed, slipping off the seat when the helicopter tilted a little. I didn't notice, but I had grabbed the prince's arm. He looked at me and smiled a little. I, obviously blushing because my face felt hot, knew exactly why he was smiling. I had already declared that we couldn't kiss,  couldn't hug, not even touch each other. And here I am, clutching onto him like a helpless child. 


After pulling myself back onto the seat, I let go of him and turned to look out the window. Mainly so that he didn't see my crimson-stained face. "We're going to see Mr. Crawford.. Aren't we?" I knew it already, but I guess I was confirming it. 


"Yeah." He replied, turning to look out the other window. 


Damn, why is my heart thudding so fast? It has to be because I'm floating in the sky for the first time.. It just has to.


Why do I even bother to lie to myself? The prince and I are sitting so close yet he feels so far away right now. That's why.




About an hour later, I could see the land was getting closer. We were going down and my ears popped. I admit, the view from up in the sky was amazing. But I couldn't fully enjoy it because the air in the tiny space felt so tense. 


The pilot landed in an empty area near where a new building was being constructed. That must've been the 'hotel site' that the prince mentioned earlier. As the prince and I exited the helicopter, the pilot teasingly waved us goodbye, "See ya round, youngsters! Don't have too much fun now." 


The two of us walked towards the construction site where it was surrounded by tall fences to protect pedestrians from getting in or getting hurt. "How are we going to get past this?" I questioned the prince. 


"Simple." He walked towards a couple of workers that were guarding the entrance to the site, "Money." Classic old prince. 


He gave the men $200 dollars each and they let us in. Once we entered, we spotted mr. Crawford straight away. He was the only one wearing a suit out of everyone else. The bright orange hard hat on his head made his outfit look a little off though. When he turned around, he saw us straight away too. 


"Daniel?" He was shocked but still had his cheerful old man expression like he always did, "Oh, and Alexis is here too!" 


"Fa-" Prince tried to talk, but was cut off by his dad's loud excitement. Hehe, I guess even the prince can get interrupted too. 


"So, what do you guys think about it so far? This is going to be a new hotel resort and spa! Each villa is going to have an outdoor spa and mini waterfall." 


"Father," Prince said demandingly, "I have to talk to you." 


"Does it have to be now?" Mr. Crawford pouted a little.


"Yes." The prince showed no sign of accepting a no, "You have to tell us the truth. If you don't then I--" 


He was cut off once again by mr. Crawford, "Go home." It was the first time I had ever seen mr. Crawford being so serious, "I have a lot of work to do here, and this is no place for children. So, just go home and cool off, Daniel." 


"But dad--" 


"I have to get going," His happy-go-lucky expression returned, "Bringing the helicopter was a great idea. I'll be taking it, thanks son!" And off he went, running to the helicopter, later ascending up into the clouds. 


The prince and I looked at each other and sighed. Even mr. Crawford wouldn't talk to us. I guess it really is true... 


* * * 


Somehow, prince and I ended up getting in the closest train. It was practically empty. There were only three or four other people, and they soon left after a few stops. "Where are we going?" I asked worriedly. The prince and I were sitting next to each other but there was about a whole foot gap in between us. To me, it felt like a hundred miles. 


"We have a villa around here," I felt his hand creeping on top of mine, our fingers slowly intertwining, "No one's used it in years, we'll be alone."


We stared at each other for a second. I'm not sure what kind of face I was making, but the prince was gazing at me in a way that looked as if he was hungry. A pitiful hunger. Like a homeless little child on the street, staring at all the well-off people passing by him. 


Then, we kissed. 


I couldn't help it. I can't help being drawn to him. No matter what he says, and no matter what he does.. Even though I don't want to be, I'm being devoured.



We arrived at the villa around 7pm and the sky was a beautiful pink. The prince was so impatient that the second he opened the front door, he picked me up and hurriedly carried me all the way into a bedroom. 


I was gently laid onto a huge, silk bed. The prince crawled on top of me, his cold and nimble fingers unbuttoning my shirt as his warm soft lips cruised down my neck. Knowing exactly what to do since he had done this countless times already, he teased my body by tickling my thighs and massaging my breasts without taking my bra off yet. The feeling of pleasure was accumulating and soon enough, biting my lip wasn't enough to contain my moaning. But when I did moan, the prince smugly smiled and came to a halt. He didn't want me to reach climax just yet. 


I lay huffing tiredly, trying to regain composure. But it was kind of hard not to crazily blush when the prince was doing a little striptease on top of me as he pulled his shirt off, and threw it onto the floor beside the bed. He didn't have gigantic buff arms with humungous muscles but he did have meat on his arms that proved his strength. His lean body was like a perfectly sculpted statue with his bare chest, nicely toned abs and seductive V-lines. The smirk on his face meant he knew I was checking him out. I turned my face away and he dived into my chest. 


The straps on my bra were already falling off my shoulders, but the prince couldn't wait for the whole thing to go down by itself so he quickly unbuckled my bra and flung it out of the way. He held my breasts, and played with the nipples. I started gripping onto the silk bed sheets. He laid his cheek onto one of my breasts and stayed like that for a while as he continued to grope and rub them. Before he kissed it and began sucking on my nipples, he possessively yet seductively stated, "You belong to me," Then he pushed himself up and stared deeply into my eyes, "All you of you belongs to me." 


"Prince.." I managed to whisper. I held his cheeks and caressed them with my thumbs. The scratch I made the previous night was still there. The prince slowly pulled down my panties and began playing with my crotch. I was already so wet that when he rubbed around circles, his finger sometimes slid into the hole. And when they did, he would shove one or two more fingers in and play around inside. At the same time, he was sucking and gently biting my breasts too. The pleasure was beginning to be too overwhelming, causing me to arch my back and grip tightly onto the sheets. 


Without me noticing, he managed to unzip his pants and pull them down a little. I became aware of this when I felt something long and hard pressing against my crotch. Prince leaned on me, our chests making direct contact, letting our heartbeats pound simultaneously. Suddenly, his cock was gradually sliding inside me. It was quite painful at first, but the prince understood that since it was my first time he had to be slow and gentle. 


But once he had completely enetered, the feeling of him inside me sparked so many emotions. I moaned and held onto the prince as he moved in and out. He started off at an easy pace, but soon enough my body was enjoying his rapid movement. He held my legs back as best he could but was coming close to climax just like me, so it was starting to become a little difficult for him. The prince's moans were getting louder. His hair was so messy, but it seemed so attractive at the same time. His pace was getting sloppy. His breathing became heavy. 


"P-Prince.." I groaned, digging my nails into his shoulders, "I... Love you..." Moments later, he came to a full stop and quickly slipped his cock out before ejaculating. Then, we shared a passionate kiss that lasted forever. Our sweat-covered bodies were hot and exhausted, but we didn't mind.. The prince and I had finally done it. We were now one. 


If anyone ever found out that a brother and a sister were doing this, it would ruin both our lives. I know that if we continued with this, we'd have no destination. I also know, that we can never tell a single soul about this. Ever. 


But right now, I don't care. 


I don't care if I break right now. I don't care if it's just for a moment. It doesn't matter how we're connected. Whether by blood or by body.. The prince is all mine. And he's the only one that fills my body up. 


* * *


The next morning I was the first to wake up. It was so early that I was even able to watch the sunrise from the bed. It was a really beautiful sight. 


Next to me was the prince. I could hear his faint breathing as he lay sound a asleep beside me. After moving his hair out of his eyes, I stared at his gorgeous face. He had a beautiful complexion for a guy. My eyes then moved down to his shoulder. I touched the scratch that I made on his shoulders last night. First his cheek, now his shoulder. Heh, they'll disappear soon. 


I took a deep breath as I gazed at him one more time. Silently, I leaned in and softly pecked his lips. "Goodbye." I whispered. 


Subsequently, I tip-toed out of bed and put all my clothes back on. Once I was done I soundlessly left the room, closing the door only a little bit so that it wouldn't make any noise. Minutes later, I made it outside the villa. 


I was walking down the road when I started thinking about consequences again. I know that the prince would be furious and worried when he woke up. But I have to do this. Mr. Crawford must be looking for us right now, because we didn't go back to the mansion yesterday. If they arrived at that villa and I was still there, and they found out about what we did.. Everything would just be more chaotic. So.. I vow to myself that I can never go back again. 


After walking a while, I realized I was in a small town. The smell of freshly baked bread was calling me, but I decided to use the left-over money in my pockets for a train ticket back home.


I wonder what waits for me there?


- - - 


Two words; SUMMER VACATION! Woohoo! Are you guys on vacation yet? I am! So far, it's been kind of boring but I'll be going to California in a couple days! I'm so excited :)x Anyways, since it's summer time, I'm going to be having a lot of free time. Meaning, more time to write my movellas! Yaaaay! :)x Please tell me where you guys are going this summer, I'm feeling a little nosy, haha! xD


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