You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


16. I Want to Feel Numb

I woke up to disturbing, crashing noises coming from outside the house. At first, I thought I should go out to see what's going on. But honestly, I didn't have the energy to even move a muscle. 


All of a sudden, just when I was about to shut my eyes, the whole roof just peels itself off. I take a second and rub my eyes to make sure I wasn't hallucinating or anything. I wasn't. So, I snap up and run towards the front door. The wooden floor was soaking and the all the wallpaper was drenched, thus making it all droopy. What the heck happened last night? 


I fling the door open and squint my eyes at the brightness of the day. An army of construction workers are standing in front of my house, tearing it apart. At the center of the busy workers was the prince, wearing a safety vest and hardhat. "What's going on?" I bellowed, trying to overpower the sounds coming from the machinery, "Why are you tearing my house apart!?"


"The hurricane last night destroyed it. It's going to fall apart sooner or later. You're lucky you didn't get crushed by this place." Prince replied quick and blunt.


"You can't just do that to my house! This is my life!" I retorted. 


"You already live in our house. What do you need this for?" He sighed, feeling irritated. 


"I.. I'm going to live here." I looked away. After what happened last night, he acts so casual about it! Do you have no sense of consideration at all?!


"And what if this is an empty lot by this afternoon?" He smirked.


"I don't care." I eyed him, "As long as it's away from you." The prince's smirk faded away. He frowned and inhaled loudly.


"Go back to the mansion." His voice was stern and angry, " And that's an order." There it is again, using the maid and master method to get his way. The prince still doesn't understand. I don't care anymore... I don't need the prince.


"Yes sir, I understand." Then I swiftly turned away and head back in the direction of the mansion. I guess all I ever will be is the maid. 



Back in the mansion...


When I was clean and dry, I ventured for boxes and took them to my room. Subsequently, I started opening drawers, and stuffing clothes into them. I did it for a couple minutes until I had a functioning melody as I moved around. Then, I was down to the last five drawers. When I picked up a pile of clothes, something fell out of a pocket. 


It hit the floor and rolled in circles before it came to a halt. The ring. 


I placed the clothes on the floor and picked it up. Staring at it made me want to cry. Prince said it was promise. But it seems to just be another empty promise now.


James walked in. He looked like a scared little boy looking for his mom. "Alex.." He said softly, "What are you doing?" 


I glared at him and continued with my packing. "You're packing!? Are you leaving?" He came closer, "In that case, I'll go pack right now! I'm leaving with you!" He exclaimed, quickly heading out the door.


"James." I stopped him, "You stay here. I can't go with you." 


"W-Why not?" He froze. I squeezed the ring in my hands and swallowed. I don't want to reply to that. 


My brother came down and grabbed my shoulders. "What happened with him.. It was a misunderstanding!" He explained desperately, "It was just a lie! I.. I don't.. I don't love him at all!" 


"Then why the hell were you in bed with him, kissing!?" I screamed, shoving him away, "You can't just do that with some guy and not mean it!" 


He paused for a second and slumped down as if in defeat. Then, he looked back up at me. But his expression was different. James crawled over to me and came close so that our faces were like five inches away from each other. "Yes I can." He said mischievously, "If it'll get you away from him, I'll do anything" 


"Why.. Why would you go so far?" I quivered, "Are you crazy?" 


James pushed me down so that I was flat on the floor, and towered over me. "It's true. I am crazy," His face was now only an inch away and I could smell his fruity breath, "But I can't help it.."


"Ja--" I was interrupted by my brother pressing his lips against mine. His mouth was soft and warm. But this wasn't the same feeling I got from the prince! I held my breath and tried to push him off. Even though James was a bit lighter than the prince, his male strength still overpowered mine. 


When James finally let go, his eyes became pitiful. He used his forefinger to stroke my cheek and said, "I'm sorry Alex. The one I love is you." I lay there, completely shocked. 


I knew James had some kind of sister complex, but I never thought my own brother would love me! 


"If I could just steal you away from him, I'd better work fast." He said, moving a piece of hair away from my face. James' thumb gently stroked lips, and he was about to force another kiss on me, but my hand moved and.. bam. 


I slapped him. Hard. Right on his cheek. I love James too.. But just as a brother. 


James touched his cheek, then an evil smile grew on his face. He took my wrist and I thought he was going to rape me so I hollered, "Help! Prince! Help me, Prince!"


Instead, James pulled me in for a hug. His arms around me were strong and stable. I'd never felt this kind of strength from him. I always thought my brother wasn't that strong of a guy. I thought that's why he relied on me so much. "Why are you calling for the prince?" He questioned, his voice sounding more mature than before, "You're mine, Alex. I'm not letting anyone else have you." 


I couldn't speak. 


"You said you hated Crawford didn't you? Now you love him so much you forgot about me. So, I tested the prince's so called 'love' for you. I merely tempted him that night, and he dropped you a like piece of trash. To that guy, you're just a--" 


"Now I get it." The prince finally came, pulling me up and pressing me against his chest, "You used yourself as bait and evidence for your little plan." 


"Shut up. Let her go." James hissed. 


"I wondered why you were hitting on me so much," Prince continued, "It was worthless."


"Don't touch Alex!" James was about to reach out to me but I slapped his hand away and even nudged the prince off me too. They were both surprised when I did that, but I simply looked at them with eyes of sorrow then left the scene. 


I walked out of the mansion and began traveling somewhere. I wasn't sure where I was even going. I just had to get out of there. I need to breathe. It feels like I'm suffocating. I'm overflowing with things I can't describe. If I just keep thinking 'I don't care about the prince. Or James anymore.' then maybe I won't feel anything anymore. 


I want to feel numb. 


- - - 


Holaa! So, I haven't been a very consistent writer and I apologize for that. It's just that I've been quite busy lately and honestly, I'm becoming quite lazy to write. SORRY SORRY SORRY! Don't worry, I'm working on it. I, Jenny LuRoaxe, promise that updating this Movella will become a frequent activity! Anyways, I hope you think the story is getting even more exciting! Please comment your opinions, predictions and CC below! Also, please like and favorite if you haven't already done so ;D Thank you for everything, and your kindness is the reason why I'm determined to continue. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love you, beauties!xoxo

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