You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


11. I love you?

"Get up." He said coldly. I stared at him for a second, so many emotions were gushing through me at the moment. I was angry, confused, scared, disappointed.. Stupid Prince. Stop giving me mixed signals!

"Are you going to take me to my room or not?" Prince crossed his arms. I took a deep breath and got up. Taking his forearm, I led him through the garden. Even though I was down right pissed, I couldn't just leave him stranded here.

So, the two of us just quietly walked. I glanced back a few times, finding that the prince was blushing. When he makes that face.. I always end up not being able to hate him. I guess it's one of his cute points that I just cannot resist.


We finally made it to his room, and he searched his drawers for the extra pair of contacts.

After he put them on, he suddenly stripped his shirt off. I covered my eyes and turned away to conceal my blushing face. "Why are you getting undressed all of a sudden?!" I stammered.

"Do you expect me to wear such low class clothes forever?" Prince mumbled mockingly while searching for clothes in his walk-in closet. When I thought it was finally safe to turn around, I uncovered my eyes and faced him again. He was wearing black jeans, a white v-neck, and an Abercrombie & Fitch sweater. This was the first time I saw him wear slightly 'average' clothing. Boy, he looked good. I guess almost all kinds of clothing looks good on him..

"B-But we still have to go back to the fields and help Charlie!" I reasoned, trying not to make eye contact with him.

"Do you really want to do that stuff?" He questioned me with a look of bore on his face.

"Uh.. No, not really.."

"Then I'm going shopping. You come too." He declared, already making his way out of the room. "We're going to buy me a new pair of glasses since you broke them while teaching me how to steal vegetables last night. Contact lenses too."

I gulped, and just hurriedly followed him to tell him something. "But I'm wearing a dirty jersey, and long boots!" I placed my hands on my hips to show him my appearance, "If you're not gonna let me change, I might as well go back to Charlie.."

"Honestly, your look doesn't matter. We don't have time. Plus, you'll just be carrying my bags anyway." He jerked his head sideways to half-face me, "Now quit complaining. Let's go."

He's just saying that because he looks good in everything. It doesn't matter what I wear because I'm just his poor ole maid, right? He's so ignorant of my feelings!


When the car arrived at the place in the middle of the city, the prince opened the door, revealing a posh-looking building. The store's name was large and golden, screwed right above the doors: GUCCI.

Is this really a store that sells glasses?

There were two doormen standing by the glass doors. The moment they saw the prince, they straightened their postures, and opened the door with a welcoming smile on their faces. As the prince strutted into the building, I just sat at the edge of the car seat, my jaw dropped. He was being treated as if he was the queen of England!

On the other hand.. I can't go in there looking like this!

When the prince noticed that I wasn't behind him, he glanced back for a second but quickly turned back. He was then greeted by a woman wearing a black pencil skirt and blazer. Her face was caked in make up but she didn't act as high class as the prince. "Hello mr. Crawford," She smiled, "What can we do for you today?"

"I came to get something suitable for 'that.'" I saw his thumb point towards me.


I shook my head, signaling a 'no thank you,' but the prince probably ordered the staff, because within a matter of seconds, I was being dragged into the fancy building by the two doormen.

The two men finally let go of me, and I stared at my surroundings. It was gorgeous inside. The shelves were made of pure fine glass with bags, sunglasses, watches, and many other expensive accessories placed on them. The floor was polished marble, that reflected light everywhere coming from the huge chandelier above our heads. The place even smelled rich.

I scanned the place for the prince and found him walking past numerous aisles, pointing at various items saying, "Hmm.. I'll take that, that, that and that. Get me that too. Also everything that's over there. Oh, get me some of those bags over there too. Don't forget shoes, I want fifty of the newest styles you guys've got. Last request; call a hair and make up artist over immediately."

"Yes sir." The cake-faced woman nodded eagerly. Her eyes practically had dollar signs instead of pupils. No wonder this shop is so rich. The prince is buying everything!

Furthermore.. IS THE PRINCE INSANE!?

Why the heck is buying so much stuff? Does he really need all of that?

Finally, after he had completed his goal in buying the whole shop, he came over to me with a shopping bag in his hands. "What is it?" I inquired.

"Hurry up." He pushed the bag into my hands, "Try it on."

I pushed them back, "Um, there's no reason for you to buy me all these things."

Prince grabbed my hand, and started pulling me towards the dressing rooms. "Then do you want to go back home looking like that?" I heard him snicker, "I hate to break it to you, but the car's already gone home. It would be embarrassing to walk through the rich part of the city looking like that, wouldn't it?" I couldn't reply. It's like the stuff my pride wanted to say was being pushed back in my throat by the feeling of embarrassment.

I was shoved into one of the dressing room booths. The prince faced me away from him and pinned my hands against the wall above my head. "Jeez, you're always saying 'no, no, no!'" He sighed.

"What.. No!" I objected, only realizing that I kind of do say it a lot.

"See? You're doing it again.." Prince's hand was starting to pull my jersey off, "Haven't you realized yet, that the more you protest, the more I want to do it?" The jersey had completely come off now. Even though my – if I might say so myself – tempting cleavage was exposed, the only thing shielding my breasts was my bra.

All of a sudden, the prince was clutching the garter of my pants, his cold finger pressing against my bare waist. "Next, the bottom." He started pulling down. I was already as red as a tomato, but this was making me blush even more!

"Alright, alright!" I intercepted in his actions, "I'll undress myself!"

"Why? You don't like this?" His deep blue eyes stared directly at mine.

"Erm.." I don't know why, but I said, "I don't dislike it." Dammit, my body's opinion has overcome my mind's opinion!

A huge grin spread across the prince's face. "Then I guess you don't mind!" He almost ripped my sweatpants as he pulled them down. I was thrashing around, but my strength was nothing compared to his. Plus, my body was kind of enjoying this anyways...


After ten or maybe fifteen odd minutes being of dolled up by the prince, some hair dressers and make up professionals, I finally exited the dressing rooms. I stared at the pretty girl in the mirror in front of me.

She was wearing a cute floral sun dress that ended jut below her knees. She was also wearing a thin, fuchsia cardigan that had matching shoes that were the same color. The jewelry that was on her wrist, neck and ears were simple but elegant. Her hair, was silky and tied up in a half up, half down ponytail. To top it all off, around her body was a tiny Gucci messenger bag about the size of a hand that had a bite size white bow on the flap.

I couldn't believe it was me standing in front of that mirror.

"Ah, she looks great." The prince came over to me and brought his arms over my shoulders, "Sorry for the trouble." He said that to the staff.

"No problem, sir.." The cake-faced woman passed by, "I'll have your other 86 purchases delivered to your house."

"Thank you." The prince said before walking me out of the store with him.


"Let's go get something to eat." Prince winked. As the two of us strolled down the street, many people stared at us. I guess it was the fancy clothes that made me look so posh. Anyways, the prince was right.. This was way better than walking home in a jersey and sweats.. But his actions are always so random. Less than three hours ago, he shoved me on to the ground telling me not to get carried away. Now, he did such a nice thing, buying me clothes and all. It makes my head spin.

What about your glasses?" I pursed my lips.

"What do you want to eat?" He totally ignored my question.

In return to his kindness I wanted to make the prince feel good by having fun today. First of all, I convinced him into buying lunch at McDonalds. It was cheap, fast and pretty delicious. For me at least. This was the prince's first fast food experience. It was absolutely hilarious; he didn't even know how to eat a burger! Haha, even though the prince is filthy rich.. He sure has missed out on a lot of the little things.

Next, we entered a toy shop and pretended to be kids for a little while. That was fun too. We looked around the little stuffed and animals and tried out the toys. The manager of the shop almost kicked us out when we kept using up the Nerf Guns. But of course, she knew who Daniel Crawford was. So, she let it slide.

Then, we went to a close-by mall. While the prince went for a bathroom break, I looked through things at a stall that was selling random cheap stuff. My eyes stopped when I saw a rack of glasses.

After his little potty break, the prince and I left the mall. But right before that, I pulled him into a photo booth to take some pictures. We took lots of silly pictures that I'm definitely going to cherish forever! The only thing I'm kind of confused about is that the prince hasn't tried to do anything perverted at all since the dressing rooms. Which was like 3 hours ago. It was almost as if we were on a.. Date.

Haha. No way, Alex. Don't hop into your fantasy world!


The prince checked the time and it was already 4:30pm. It was getting hot, and the both of us were feeling kind of tired. Therefore, we decided to take a break at the park. The prince sat down on the grass, and patted the space next to him. "If I sit down, my dress might get dirty.." I worried.

"If it does, I'll just take you shopping again." He said bluntly, resting back on his elbows. I sighed and just sat down. Plus, I don't really wanna kill the fun mood.

We just sat in silence for a while and gazed at the beautiful river before us. There were some boats out there, which made it look like a painting I had seen before. The warm breeze cooled us down perfectly. The sounds of happy chattering and kids playing was just music to my ears. I felt so peaceful at the moment. So this is the life of the rich? I wouldn't mind living like this for the rest of my life..

All of a sudden, the prince started shifting around. "I'm kind of tired." He rested his head on my lap and closed his eyes.

"Uh.. P-P-Prince.." I gasped in surprise.

"What?" He frowned, his eyes still closed, "Are you going to say 'no!' again? Don't be so stingy." I smiled and just let him lay there. I mean, I have been tiring him out since last night.

"It's been a long time since I've lain down like this." He suddenly spoke, "I've forgotten how comfortable it is."

I giggled and reached inside my tiny little messenger bag. I pulled out what I had bought from the stall earlier; a pair of fake glasses. The prince's eyes shot open when I put them over his closed eyes. "I bought you glasses." I blushed, "They're a whole lot cheaper than these clothes, but..."

"You like me without glasses, right?" He interrupted my sentence.

"What?" I tilted my head in confusion.

"You like me better without my glasses, right?" He repeated, "Take them off." That saddened me. Did he not like them?

Either way, I gently pulled them off his face. Before I could turn away, I felt a hand on my wrist. "Then.. Don't you always do something else next?" He sat up slowly.

I stared at him blankly.

"You've done it like a million times haven't you?" He was anticipating something. I struggled to figure out what it was. Until, something flashed through my mind. I remembered it again; When we were little.. I would always take prince's glasses off and say "I like you better without your glasses.." Then I'd kiss him on the cheek and giggle.

He was my prince back then, and he's still my prince now.

Without even realizing it, I planted my lips right onto his. He responded, and kissed me back. This isn't a dream. Neither is this kiss.. It's definitely real. Not just physically real. But real, real.

When our lips finally separated, the prince gazed his mesmerizing blue gems right into my almost teary brown eyes and said the three words I've been longing for all this time, "I love you."

- - -

HEYHEYHEY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Jenny's back and ready for action! I read all your 'get well soon' comments and it motivated me to hurry my ass up in recovering. Also, 800+ views and number 1 for the non-fanfic romance story this month!? WOW. Thank you and I love you guys! Your kindness is what helps me write :3 I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I found it really sweet :') Anyways, please leave a comment with opinions/predictions/criticism. Also, please like or favorite! Thank you so so so much. Byebye, my lovely amazing beauties!xoxo
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