You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


17. Happy Ending? Not Yet

Somehow, I made to the hospital. Maybe my subconscious was telling me to go talk to mom. 


When I entered her room, mom greeted me with a bright smile. I noticed that crinkles were forming at the corners of my mother's eyes. The skin on her face was starting to slightly droop. Her beauty is beginning to wear off.. It feels like I haven't seen her in years. "Oh, Alex!" She waved for me to come over, "How are you, honey? Are you working hard at the Crawford's?" 


"Mhmm.." I forced a tiny smile. 


"I see. That's good." Mom nodded. She then looked at me worriedly and clutched my hand. "Are you okay? Did something happen?" 


"No.. Don't worry." I denied. Even though I was ready to burst and just cry everything out, something inside told me not to. Mom was sick, and making her worry was just going to make her condition even worse. I can't tell her anything.. 


A nurse knocked on the door, and informed my mother, "Mrs. Hunt.. Doctor Devon is ready for your weekly check up." 


"Oh, alright then." Mom agreed. The nurse left the room hurriedly, leaving mom and I alone again. The atmosphere was tense and awkward. But mom just pulled me in for a big hug and whispered, "You and James do your best." I embraced her too and I didn't let go until the doctor came into the room. Finally, I was asked to leave. 


I was walking again. Not sure where, but I was in the middle of the city. My feet were beginning to feel sore, so I went to take a rest on a bench. As I sat down, I remembered what mom said; 'You and James do your best.' That made me realize, that despite the thing that happened with James.. I'm still thinking about the prince. Damn.. I'm such an idiot.


As I held my face in my hands, a loud dying-walrus noise erupted from my stomach. I'm starving..


Aw, crap. I didn't bring any money. Why do I have to be hungry at a time like this? I need to get a job, and somewhere to sleep. Maybe there's a cafe somewhere. I twisted my head around, searching for a place where there could possibly be a free job. Suddenly, a strange old man tapped my shoulder. "Hello, are you alright? Want to have dinner with me?" He grinned. He looked about the same age as Mr. Crawford but he sure didn't seem like a sweet old man. 


"Erm, no thanks.." I shook my head nervously, trying to scoot away unnoticeably. Within a couple seconds, the man was sitting on the bench next to me. He rested his hand on the bench-back behind me, seeming as if he had his arm around my shoulders. 


"C'mon sweetie.. You're cute. I'll buy you Korean Barbeque." He persuaded, "Plus, I'll give you $75 in the morning." 


I gulped. He's tempting me. Korean Barbeque.. I've only had that stuff once, but I remember it was delicious. Also, $75. That's enough money for me to spend a night at a motel. Perhaps even two. Maybe.. Should I..? "So, you'll go with me for $75?" The man's grin was getting wider. His yellow teeth was shining like stars, and a horrid stench was lingering around his mouth.


"$75 is too cheap." Someone dropped hundred dollar bills on him from behind. 


The prince. 


Just like everyone else, the man gasped, and desperately began collecting all the money. As he grabbed the fluttering green papers, the prince stood in front of us, "I already payed for her. Go get someone else, old man." 


The old pedophile nodded and ran away, laughing maniacally. He was joyously jumping around like a person who had just won the lottery. The prince turned his attention to me and pulled me up, throwing me over his shoulder. I was taken to the car where he literally threw me inside. My head hit the door on the other side, but I quickly sat up. "Move over." Prince pushed himself next to me, simultaneously slamming the door closed. 


The driver immediately started the engine and soon we were on the road. "What were you thinking? Were you seriously going to let that dirty, old geezer sleep with you?" Prince scolded me, "And only for $75 too. Do you really want to live like that?" 


I knew I was bright red. It was embarrassing to be seen by the prince doing such things. But I didn't want to face him. So I turned away and looked out the other window. "Stop the car," Prince ordered the driver, "Get lost." The driver obeyed and was soon out of the car. The prince shoved me down, and pinned my wrists above my head. He was angry. 


"So you don't want to hear what I have to say, huh?" He sneered, "Well then, I'll make you squeal." I remained silent and kept a straight face. Prince didn't even kiss me first, he just dived for my breasts straight away. The pleasure my body was feeling was nothing compared to the pain I was mentally feeling. So, I just aimlessly stared at the car ceiling as the prince's tongue ventured lower and lower on my body. 


I was so done. I didn't care anymore. It hurt too much.. Do what you want, prince. If I'm just a worthless thing to you, then do what you want to me. I won't stop you anymore. His tongue was close to touching my crotch, but before he did.. He stopped. Prince sat up and looked into my empty eyes. He then leaned against the window and made a sighing noise. It was the sound of defeat. "Shit.. Don't look at me like that," He ran his hand through his hair, "You're supposed to be squealing." 


I hauled myself up, and watched him staring out the window. Not even looking at me, he said, "The thing with your brother has been sorted out. So.." 


"It's because I'm just your maid." I finally cracked, "And that's how you always treat me..!" I was crying, so much. My tears were flowing like a waterfall and I bawled like a little baby. I'm filled to the brim with the prince. He's occupied all the space inside me and it's overflowing. His name has been etched on my heart, and there's no way it's gonna come off. It hurts. It hurts so much.. I can't hold back anymore.


The prince held my face, and our foreheads made contact. "Alex.." He whispered, "Tell me, clearly.." I pressed my face into his chest and gripped his clothes tightly. His strong arms enveloped my body, one hand gently stroking my hair, the other securely around my waist. My tears soaked his shirt, and my nose was even dripping. Everything was just pouring out of me.


Finally, when my tears had eased up a little, the prince spoke. "I won't forgive you if you leave me now. I love you too much to let you go." He said clearly. 


I looked up, "You r-really.." I hiccuped, tears still streaming down my face, "Feel that way?" 


He held my cheeks softly, and neared his face towards mine. "I really feel that way." He smiled. My breathing slowed down, almost back to normal. But before I could completely calm down, the prince had locked our lips together. This kiss felt different from all the other ones. I was absolutely enchanted by this one. It was like I could feel the prince's feelings conveying through our kiss. It was a blissful moment. Until... 




Both of us froze in shock, and he separated quickly. Prince looked disappointed. I think my stomach's disruptive growl killed his horniness.  I sat up, and scratched the back of my head awkwardly. "Uhh.. Sorry about that.." I mumbled. 


Prince chuckled a little, and started buttoning his shirt again. "Let's go grab a bite." He offered, opening the car door. When he stuck out his hand for me to take, I gladly clasped our hands together and hopped out of the vehicle. 



For some odd reason, the two of us had ended up in a hotel. We were in a posh bedroom, sitting at a beautifully set table. It wasn't as well-done as the way the maids set the table at the mansion, but you could say it was similar. Silver platters were scattered across the table with unfamiliar looking foods on them. "This is what you call a 'bite'?" I drooled. 


"Try some salmon," The prince poked a piece of fish with a fork, "It's good." He held the fork in front of my face, and used the other hand to catch anything that falls or drips. At first I just stared at him weirdly, but after a couple seconds I let him feed me. This goes on until I'm stuffed. 


The prince was treating me like a baby. Wait, no. He was treating me like a princess. I'm not certain yet, but I think this is his own way of showing me that I'm not his maid... I'm his lover. 



After dinner, we took showers. We decided to stay here for the night since it was already late, and it was a tiring day for both of us. Of course, the prince was respecting my 'me time,' and let me take a shower separately. When I stepped into the already-steamy shower, I turned the faucet to hot. I wanted to wash away all the negativity from my body, and just start clean. 


The prince and I have reconciled.. So, I'm begging you God.. Please let this finally be my happy ending. 


When the two of us were done washing up, there were no extra clothes to wear. Therefore, the prince and I wore the robes that were sitting on a shelf in the bathroom.


Finally, we were on the bed. The prince crawled on top of me and started doing the things he did in the car. Except, this time it was so much sweeter. His fingers.. His touch.. His everything felt overwhelmingly gentle and warm.


By this point, we had pretty much gotten into the 'zone.' But for some reason, I didn't want to continue. I'm not rejecting him or anything. I'm just really.. Embarrassed. That's why I stopped. No matter how much I liked this I pulled away, "Let's stop here for tonight." 


The prince propped his elbow underneath him to hold him up. He pouted, "What do you think I did all that for?" 


"Sorry, but..." I snuggled my face into his bare chest. His scent was comforting and made me feel safe, "I'm not ready yet.." 


Prince sighed, and brought me closer to him, lying my head on his arm. "Alright," He suddenly lowered down so that we were face-to-face, "But I'm going to touch you. I'm going to rub you, and knead you, and stroke you and all that fun stuff.." 


I looked at him displeasingly. Prince smirked and whispered, "Just kidding." Then, I smiled gladly and closed my eyes.. My eyes were closed, but I heard the prince rustling around for a more comfortable position. Finally, he came to a halt when he wrapped us in a blanket, our cold legs were linked, and his arm was around my waist. 


Out of curiosity, I opened my eyes. I wanted to see if the prince was sleeping or not. When I did, the prince was already fast asleep. He must've been exhausted, because I could hear his faint snoring. It was cute. His sleeping face was also adorable.. He looked so innocent. Hehe. 


I better get some rest too... 


* * * 


The following morning, the prince and I wore yesterdays clothes and quickly checked out of the hotel. By 7 o' clock we were getting into the car. While the prince sat at the driver's seat, I hopped into the back. Before he started the car, the prince pursed his lips using the rear-view mirror to look at me. I replied tilted my head confusingly. "I'm not your driver, I'm your boyfriend. Now get your butt next to me." He ordered. I giggled, and stepped out of the car. 


After I had got into the passenger seat and put my seatbelt on, the prince smiled satisfyingly and started the engine. 



Fifteen minutes later, we were back at the mansion. The prince got out of the car first, and decided to become a gentleman. I mean, he's already gentleman. Occasionally. But today, he was being extra sweet.  He got out before me just to open my door and help me out. When he took my hand to pull me out the vehicle, he didn't let go. Being treated like this is like dream. I thought we were going to hold hands until we got inside, but apparently not. 


Surprisingly, I was the one who pulled away. I guess I was still kind of shy when it came to telling others about our relationship. It's not that I'm ashamed or anything.. Maybe just insecure about other's thoughts. Plus, I've never had a boyfriend before. I'm still in the process of learning. 


When we entered, the maids formed two lines on either side of the doorway. As always, they greeted the prince politely, with a fake smile, "Welcome back, sir Daniel." But when I walked past, I received scornful glares from them. Scary women.. 



Before going into my room, I went to check on James. If he was willing to forget what happened yesterday, I was willing to forgive him. 


I knocked on his door once, but no one answered. I knocked a second time, then a third. Still no answer. Was that kid asleep? I resorted to angrily storming in. However, when I entered the room, it was empty. The bed was fixed and everything was neat and tidy. On the bed there was a piece of paper. 


I approached it hesitantly, hoping to God that it wasn't what I thought it was. Eventually, I took the paper and read it; 


'Dear Alex, 


I'm leaving this place. Since I'm just a burden to everyone, I'm just going to help lighten your shoulders a bit. Don't worry about me. 


- James." 


Oh my God. What the hell is James thinking!? 

I tried to think of this positively. This is just a joke. It's a prank so that I'd pay more attention to him. James didn't leave. Please. No way. 


I rushed towards the closets, and vigorously opened them. Empty. Under the bed, empty. In his bathroom, absolutely empty. 


James was gone. He really ran away. I bolted out of the room, and rushed into the prince's room. He was in the middle of buttoning his shirt when I barged in. "Prince! James is gone! He ran away!" I panicked. 


Prince didn't have the slightest expression of care on his face and just continued to button his shirt. Finally, he responded, "Why haven't you changed yet?" He replied blankly, "School starts in 30 minutes." 


"That's not important right now!" I retorted, "Didn't you hear what I said!? James ran a--"


"Leave him be." The prince cut me off. He looked irritated, "After what he did, of course he must be feeling guilty." 


"But he has nowhere to go!" I screamed, turning to leave, "I'm gonna go look for him!" Once I had exit the room, I heard the prince call for me. But I didn't look back. I had to find James. 


Dammit, I'm a horrible sister. While I was frolicking around with the prince, I didn't even think about what James was feeling. And the worst part is.. I have no clue where he could possibly be. 


Ugh, so much for my happy ending. 


- - - 


Hiyaa! Are you all enjoying your spring break? I sure am. Wait, not all of you are on spring break right? Oh well, I dunno. Either way, if you're reading this message then it means that you took some of your time to read my story. Thank you so much! It means a whole lot to me. Thanks again and take care, beauties! xoxo

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