You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


13. Date..-ish?

You know how little kids bring home things for their parents just to show off? Sometimes they'd bring a good spelling test grade, a cute drawing, or maybe even just useless little things that they find. Well, these little kids are just looking for some praise to make them feel good. Sure, sometimes it can get annoying.. But that's love.

Just like the prince and I.

Lately, he and I have been spending a little more time together. Now that I think about it, we already spend a lot of time with each other. What I mean is.. School. The prince is trying to show me that he really does care. It's sweet and all, but it's kind of embarrassing.

How can I explain this? It's like I'm in the story of the Prince and The Pauper. He's doing so many nice things for, me and all I'm doing is accepting them.

I'm beyond thankful! ..But, it's super embarrassing!

Plus, the school doesn't seem to be very approval of our closeness lately. We haven't actually declared to the whole school that we were a couple, but people are already having their suspicions. I know this because people are staying away from me, and tend to whisper or glare when I pass by. I totally understand them, because why would such a socially powerful person want to hang out with me anyways?


The prince was escorting me to my classroom, when he stopped. We were in front of my classroom door already, but he didn't turn to leave. "Um.. Your class is that way.." I pointed towards the corridor to my left.

He said nothing. The prince just placed his hand around my shoulder and opened the door. "Come on, go in." While the prince calmly gestured for me to enter, I mentally freaked out. All eyes were on me and him. My classmates looked shocked, angry, confused and the girls practically had fireball eyes instead of pupils.

First, I gulped then looked up to the prince and said, "Thank you." He nodded satisfyingly, then let go of my shoulder. Prince is like a little kid. He tries to please me and sometimes it's annoying.. But hey, it's love.

When I stepped into the classroom, the prince left at the same time. Oh God. I was afraid to be left alone now. Avoiding eye contact with people, I crept to my seat. While I prayed for someone to come save me, I remembered Crystal! She was on her seat, just talking to someone about the upcoming science project. I kept staring at her pleadingly for her to come over but when she finally glanced at me, she did nothing but shrug. Ugh, even Crystal is staying away..

* * *

Being an upbeat person, I just tried to forget all the death glares and whispering that kept happening over the past few days. Plus, I was with the prince now. So, I didn't care what other people thought. They were just jealous!

"Alex," Prince paused before continuing, "This Saturday, we're leaving at nine in the morning. First we could go see a movie then shopping. Then in the afternoon, we could go to the aquarium or a park. How does that sound?" As he said all of these plans, his cheeks gradually turned redder and redder.

"This.. This seems like a date." I said breathlessly.

"Don't say 'seems like.' It is!" The prince hit my head with the paper in his hand, "Anyways, don't you dare oversleep." After that, he began walking away for his soccer practice.

"I can't wait for Saturday!" I waved cheerfully, causing the prince to look back and smile.

Slowly.. We're becoming like a normal couple.


"What?" James almost choked on his chicken leg, "A date with Crawford this Saturday!?"

"Yeah, isn't that great." I beamed joyfully, stroking the clothes he had sent me, "Aren't the clothes pretty? He bought them for me the other day. But he brought them here a couple hours ago." It was a lacy white skirt that ended just below my knees. It came with a pastel pink vest type of thing. I wasn't sure what it was called since I'm just used to jeans and a sweater. Anyways, the shoes for the outfit was the same color as the vest. I think they were called flats or ballerina shoes or something like that. The best part was the bag. It was black with diamond studs on the front. Gosh, I couldn't accept these. It's too expensive for someone like me.. But part of me wanted keep them.. Dammit.

James showed no sign of approval. "Alex.." He scooted over to me, making a depressed face, "I'm worried. You're my only sister, and.. and I'm afraid of someone stealing you away from me." He lifted his head up and stared at me with those adorable puppy-face eyes of his. My brother looked so pitiful.

Ugh, stupid sibling love..

* * *


"Err.. Hey, prince." I smiled nervously at a pissed looking prince in front of me. James was clinging onto me from behind, and I know that he and the prince were glaring at each other.

"You're bringing that with you?" The prince crossed his arms, his voice cold and sounding as if he could kill someone.

"Sorry.." I rubbed the back of my neck, "He doesn't want to be left home alone." I reasoned. That was sort of a lie, but it was partially true. James hated being left home alone. He said it bored him to death.

"Yeah." James played along, "Don't worry. Just think of me as the wind. Silent, but following you around. I won't make noise."

The prince took a deep breath, then clutched my wrist. "You owe me big time." He said, emphasizing on the word 'big.' Oh crap.. He's mad. Really mad.


The day so far has been totally irritating for the prince. On the contrary, James was pretty much enjoying everything. Well, first we drove to the city in the prince's own car and went to watch a movie. The three of us decided to go watch the movie 'Oz, the Great and Powerful.' I was going to sit next to the prince, but James whisked ahead of me and sat in between us. To make it even more annoyingly awkward, he kept munching on the popcorn so loud that I barely concentrate on the movie.

After the cinema, we drove about five minutes to a mall. That was a little fun, since I was able to hold the prince's hand. However, on my other side, James was protectively clinging onto my arm. Then, every time we entered a store, James would act like a little kid and point out all the things he wanted. He kept bugging the prince and tugging on his shirt, asking to buy him something. At first, prince put up a tough front, saying no.. But he eventually got fed up and bought James a few things. Jeez, James can be such a brat sometimes. I didn't even get to buy anything!

Then, after shopping we headed to a restaurant in the mall for lunch. It was one of those fancy five star restaurants, so this excited James. Very much. The two boys sat next to each other, while I sat nervously in front of them. I didn't realize it at first, but James kept trying to separate prince and I whenever he had the chance. "Ooh, can I have steak!" James' eyes widened at the sight of the food in the menu, "Or barbecue ribs!"

"James.. Aren't you supposed to be the wind? Silently following." I reminded him through gritted teeth.

"But this is Crawford's treat, right?" He glanced at the prince next to him, "You're fine with it since you have loads of money anyways." The prince said nothing, he just took a sip from his glass of water. But when James wasn't looking he looked at me while drinking. The expression in his eyes told me that he was very mad. Very, very mad.


After lunch, we finally headed to the aquarium. "Woah.." James and I said in unison when we stepped into the dimly lit building. Replacing the walls were gigantic tanks filled with probably over a billion fish! Like a little kid, James excitedly ran towards one of the big fish tanks. The prince stepped next to me, and clutched my hand. After glancing up at him and smiling, we strutted away to look at the creatures that were no where near James. But of course, we still had to keep an eye on him.

"You've never been to an aquarium before?" Prince questioned, keeping his eyes on one of the fish that was floating past us.

"Nope. I couldn't go out with friends, and mom was always in and out of the hospital so she couldn't take us." I explained, also watching the shimmering sea creatures, "This is the first time I've gone out for fun."

"I see.." The prince nodded, and stepped behind me. I thought he was going to embrace me, but instead, he just placed his big hands on the railing next to mine. This meant he was still probably pretty angry about James' behavior earlier.

I twisted my body to face the prince. "Sorry about today.. It's not exactly what we were expecting," I apologized dearly, "James just wanted to confirm if you really had good intentions."

Prince sighed and finally, he gently brought his warm and strong arms around my body. "You're doing your best, so I can forgive you this one time." The prince rested his chin on my shoulder, and our cheeks brushed as he swayed me side to side a little. Then, our eyes met and for a second, it seemed like the whole world around us froze. We were in a world of our own. Slowly, our faces neared towards each other and our noses were in contact. Our lips were only a millimeter away from one another, and we were ready to share one of the most loving kisses of our lives.. Until James had to interrupt.

My devious little brother pulled prince shoulder and hollered right into the prince's ear, "Look, is that a shark!?" He pointed at the glass, "It's huge!" James then grabbed prince's arm and pulled him away to another fish tank. "Let's go see this one," I heard James plead, "It says that it's scales look like rainbows!"

The prince shook James off and pulled my bother up by his collar. "If you don't cut it out, I'm going to drown you with that shark, you damn brat." The prince warned through gritted teeth. After that, the prince put James down and James pulled him further away. The two started conversing about stuff I couldn't hear. I sure hope that my two beloved boys will get along.

I turned away and just strolled to observe some other exhibit. My breath was taken away by the beautiful colors of the fish before me. It was like a garden full of magnificently bloomed flowers, except these weren't roses or daisies or dandelions or tulips.. They were fish.

I read the sign that beside the tank;

'Koi Fish

According to ancient Japanese legend, these beautiful creatures are viewed as symbols of everlasting love and friendship.'

For some reason, my head instinctively moved in the direction where prince was. Ever lasting love and friendship.. Hopefully.

As I was about to look away, James' eyes met mine. I felt a little startled and was about to wave at him. But James smiled as if he didn't see me and tugged the prince's shirt. He made a cheerful face and babbled on. I couldn't hear a thing they were saying over the passing crowd.

Why do I feel so unsettled by this?


When the two boys finally returned to me, I was still wondering about what they were talking about. Were they talking about me? My thoughts were once again interrupted by James who was jumping around in excitement, "Let's go see the dolphins!" He said, leading the way, "Don't forget the penguins too!"

The prince and I followed James into a room where there was some kind of outdoor pool. The only thing restraining people from going near it was a fence that was about a meter away from the pool. For a while, my amazement of the dolphins playing in the water helped me forget a little. But eventually, the uneasy feelings kept coming into my mind.

After the dolphins, we headed for the penguins. There were a lot of people there, so it was pretty crowded. Since there was a really tall person standing right in front of me, my vision of the penguins was completely blocked. So, I decided to just try and settle my thoughts. Maybe.. I was just overanalyzing things with James and the prince. James probably just looked at me to check if I was still there or something. Nothing significant... Or are they keeping a secret from me?

Suddenly, I found myself unconsciously tugging the prince's shirt the same way James did. Both the prince's and my eyes widened. "What's wrong?" He questioned me.

"Oh, um.." Think of an excuse Alex, think! "There's so many people. I was afraid we might get separated." The prince smirked and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, bringing me closer to him. He then asked the man standing in front of me to move aside a little since I couldn't see, the man apologized and did so, letting me stand in his place.

Right on time, a "feeding show" was beginning. An aquarium worker stepped out onto the platform with a large bucket in his hands. Using his gloved hand, he pulled out some dead little fish and lunged them at the excited penguins. The non-flying birds all jumped, attacking each other for some food. The man threw some more fish, and again and again, until all the penguins were satisfied.

One little penguin, a baby penguin, was sitting right in front of me. Since James was in the spot next to me, we both "awe'd" in unison. It looked so adorable! The penguin was young, so it was featherier than the older ones, and it was so small! Like a cute little stuffed animal or something.

"Do you like them that much?" The prince asked us from behind.

Without looking back, both James and I replied, "Yep!"

"Do you want one?" Prince suggested.

"I do!" James gasped, nodding eagerly.

"What!?" I stared at James, then the prince, then back at James.

"Ok, you two wait here. I'll be right back." Prince turned around and squeezed through the crowd. Within seconds, he was nowhere to be seen. Gosh.. Was he serious!?

"JAMES!" I glared at my little brother.

"What?" He replied, acting as innocent as ever.

"You know we can't buy a penguin!" I scolded him.

"The prince has tons of money so it's fine.." He shrugged, smiling.

"But you can't just take advantage of him because he's rich." I groaned.

"I'm sorry, ok?" He put his head down in shame, "I know I went too far. If I just had a dad or an older brother, then maybe I wouldn't have turned out like such a brat who wants to have everything. I was just trying to have fun.."

James' eyes looked pitiful and depressed. He's right. We didn't grow up with a dad, and being a big sister, the two of us don't bond like brothers do. James doesn't deserve my scoldings..

I put my hands on his head and was about to say something comforting. But before I could, James pulled away and headed in the direction of the exit. "I'm going home. Tell Crawford I said goodbye."

James was storming away angrily. Due to his rage, he ran into someone's shoulder. The prince's. After stumbling back a bit, James regained balance and rubbed his forehead. "Had enough of the penguins?" Prince stared at us siblings.

"Yeah.." I responded. I gulped at the sight of the wrapped bag under the prince's arm. "I-Is that a peng-!?"

"You said you wanted one." The prince shoved the bag into my arms. I quivered, but then stopped after realizing that this penguin was super squishy and extremely light. In my hands, it didn't even weigh a pound.

Finally, I opened my bag. A large grin was plastered onto my face when I saw a stuffed animal penguin that looked exactly like the real baby penguin we saw earlier! "Oh my gosh, thank you prince!"

"They didn't let me buy a live one.." The prince muttered.

"It's okay, I'm absolutely satisfied with this!" I hugged him, the penguin in between our chests.

"Well that's nice.." James mumbled sarcastically.

"Hey James.." Prince looked down at my bro, "This one's for you." He tossed a key chain at my brother. It was the same thing as my stuffed animal. Except it was tiny and about the size of a finger. "You looked jealous when you didn't receive a gift. Greedy little brat."

James gazed at the keychain in his hand. I nudged him and said, "Aren't you happy, bro?" I said, hoping he'd say thank you to the prince.

James sighed and finally spoke to the prince, "You're actually not a bad person," He admitted, "Take care of my sister. I'm going home. Bye." Then he patted prince on the shoulder as if he was the older one and walked off.

The prince and I looked at each other and smiled. Jeez, my brother can be so rude sometimes, but I guess he's just like that.

"One more thing," James jerked his head back, "You didn't wear your glasses today. You look better without them." With that, he shoved his hands into his pockets and left. Hey.. That's my line..

When James was gone, prince turned to me and informed, "Sorry to disappoint the majority.. But on Monday, when my glasses are fixed, I'm wearing them again."

"What? Why?" I carped, "They're just fake aren't they?"

"I'm wearing them to school too." Prince looked away, starting to motion away from the crowd that was watching the penguins.

"But you look so cute without them!" I giggled, cuddling my new penguin.

"Cute..?" The prince's voice sounded different. Mischievous. He swiveled around and faced me, revealing his seductive blue eyes and sexy smirk. Uh oh..

I backed away, but was stopped by the wall. Cornered. He lifted my chin up, making our lips just a centimeter apart. His spearmint breath fanned across my face as he said, "Since you think I'm cute, I can touch you now, right?" With his other hand, the prince slid his hand down to my waist, one of his fingers, poking under my skirt.

"Wait.. There's people around.." I reminded him. Gosh, my face was beginning to feel hot.

"They're all watching the penguins."

"W-What about the CCTV cameras.." I spotted a camera in the corner of the ceiling. Even though it wasn't much of a good excuse, I thought I'd give it a a shot.

"They won't care as long as we're not committing a crime."

I bit my lip and tried to think of another excuse. An idea popped into my head and I pushed the stuffed animal into the prince's face. "If you wanna touch, then touch this."

He slapped the thing down, making it land on my feet. "Shut up and just let me touch." Next thing you know, our lips were locked and we were making out like there was no tomorrow. During these blissful moments, every time the prince touches me, it's as if I'm brought to another world and I'm in a pool of so much happiness. So much that it scares me.

Finally, when the prince let go. He caught his breath and told me, "That's why I wear glasses," his gaze was so deep in my eyes it was like he could see right through me, "Without them, I can't control myself."

I giggled and replied, "Pft.. That's so corny." He half-frowned. So, I added, "But this was a perfect end to our date..-ish." Both of us chuckled and enjoyed this sweet moment for a little while longer.

- - -

I want to say thank you for everything, guys! I have so many views and all, and I feel like I'm not doing enough to show how thankful I am.. :/ I really hope you liked this chapter! Honestly, I don't think it was one of the best because it was rushed and I'm on a school trip in Germany. So, if you spot any mistakes or anything, please inform me. Anyways, please continue to read.. I promise it'll be better next time! >.< Thank you again for all the support! Please like and/or favorite if you haven't already! Thank you, beauties!xoxo
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