You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


4. Birthday Party

"Welcome home." All the maids in the house – including me – greeted the prince as he walked through the pathway we created from the front door.

I started smiling when I remembered the prince's face the other night. He got so disoriented when I took his glasses off. But I'm still confused about so many things. Why did he blush so much? And I think those glasses are fake. Why would he be wearing fake glasses? "I'm in a bad mood," He gave me a dirty look when he passed by, "Stop smiling like that."

Talk about two personalities? At school he's that perfect, kind, gentlemanly person. Yet at home, he's a cold, standoffish brat.

"That boy has no manners." One of the older maids scowled when the Prince was gone.

"Plus when he looks at us, he gives sort of a face of disgust!" Another one pouted.

"Maybe that's 'cause your faces looks like they were attacked by Crayola.." I mumbled under my breath to myself.

"Don't be so cheeky, newcomer!" One of them heard me.

"Yeah, sir Daniel's only pitying you 'cause you're poor!" A different maid tried to offend me.

"I don't care! I hate that guy!" I blurted out so loud. The maids' eyes widened as they stared at something behind me. Crap. I'm afraid to turn around. I took a deep breath and rotated myself on my heels.

It was mr. Crawford. Damn, this is embarrassing. "I guess you hate Daniel, huh?" Mr. Crawford rubbed the back of his neck.

"No.. Well.." I stalled.

"Did you have a fight with him? I'm sorry." Mr. Crawford held my shoulders, "He's an only child so he has some selfish points. I'll talk to him about it, okay? So can you pretty please make friends with him?"

He was giving me the same pitiful eyes that he gave me when he convinced me to do this maid job.

I finally gave in. "Yes sir.." I smiled.

"Thanks. Now, the optometrist is here. Can you show him to Daniel's room?" Mr. Crawford gestured at the man holding a briefcase. I nodded and waved for the man to follow me.


"Excuse me, the optometrist is here!" I knocked on Prince's door. When I was permitted to come in, I opened the door and stepped in with the man right behind me.

"Hello. Please sit." Prince gestured to the sofas. Both men sat down on the couch opposite from each other. The optometrist placed his briefcase on the coffee table, and unlocked it, revealing many different glasses frames.

"The glasses just got a little bent, but thanks for coming." The prince acted like a polite little boy. I swear, he could win an acting award for being a two-faced jerk.

"It's alright. Well, let me take a look at those glasses for a moment." The man neared towards the prince and took his glasses off.

What the hell? He didn't blush.

"Excuse me," I said, "I'll be downstairs if you need anything." I escaped from the room and wondered about what just happened. He didn't blush when the optometrist took his glasses off. So, maybe he doesn't get affected when guys do it? Hmm.. I don't get him at all.

"Alex, c'mere for a second." Mr. Crawford waved for me to approach him in the living room, "I have a favor to ask you."


"You're working at the Crawford's even on the weekends!?" James yelled in his protesting voice.

"It's only this weekend. Plus, mr. Crawford asked personally so I couldn't say no." I shrugged. For some reason, when mr. Crawford asks I can't decline. Maybe it's because of his goodhearted nature?

"What about visiting mom!?" My brother reasoned.

"I'm sorry James, you'll have to go by yourself."

"FINE. I'll lend you to them just this once," James had a mischievous look in his eyes, "On one condition."

"What is it?" I chuckled, expecting him to request to sneak some fancy food home.

"Let's take a bath together.." He batted his eyes at me.

"No! What the hell James!" I hit him with a pillow.

"But..But I saw this thing on TV that siblings often take baths together!" He yelled behind his arms that he was using to protect himself.

"Yeah, when they're like 4 or 5 years old!" I began laughing, continuing to beat him with the pillow.

"Okay, okay!" He gave up his little fantasy, "Never mind then." Both of us started laughing for no reason. Probably because James asked for such a bizarre thing.

"So what's going on this weekend that's so important?" He asked when we were through with our laugh attacks.

"The Prince's birthday party."

* * *

The party...


I stood at the edge of the doorway of the Crawford ballroom. They're mansion really is like a palace! As I held a tray with drinks in my hand, I looked around the fancy room filled with fancy people. The room was professionally decorated with many golden bows hung everywhere, the tables were all dressed in a pearl white cloth with a magnificent bouquet in the center, one corner of the room was occupied by the musicians who played classical music, the food tables were covered in so many kinds of delicious food that were refilled every five or so minutes. I couldn't believe that people in the world actually celebrated their birthdays like this. There are even some celebrities here!

I found the prince somewhere near the large windows, socializing with a bunch of older-looking ladies. He seemed sort of.. Distant.

Pft, who cares if he's distant!

"Drinks! Get your drinks here!" I turned away and did my job.


I saw a few people from our school enter the room. Crap, I can't let anyone know I'm working here. So, I advanced to the nearest wall and stuck to it. I slowly made my way to the kitchen, attempting to be unnoticed. "I'm a wall.. I'm a wall.. I'm a wall.."

"Oh, there you are Alex!" Someone tapped my shoulder. It was mr. Crawford, "Why're you wearing those clothes?"

"Why wouldn't I? I'm a maid here.." I chuckled dryly.

"No, no. I invited you here as Daniel's friend" he shook his finger at me, "I want you two to get along."

"But I don't have any clothes.." I informed him.

"Well, I'll just have to use my magic on you!" He smile warmly, taking my arm and leading me to another room. He snapped his fingers, and out popped three people. "Make her a princess!" Mr. Crawford ordered the three people.

I was pulled to a chair and wrapped with some kind of cloth. Later on did I realize that they were the in-house stylist, hairdresser and make-up artist. The make up artist began drawing on my face while the hairdresser simultaneously worked on my hair. This felt so.. Weird. No one's ever done this to me. Except my mom I guess. But she was no good at it.

After about 10 minutes of being stuck on the chair, the two people working on me clapped their hands at their masterpiece. I didn't know what I looked like yet, but I was a little scared to see. Then, the stylist came rushing into the room excitedly. She had a dress in her hands, but I couldn't see it since it was wrapped underneath a black cloth.

The hairdresser took my hand and helped me onto a platform where I had to stand still. The stylist began stripping me of my maid uniform, and began clothing me with the dress. I felt kind of embarrassed because the hairdresser was a man. But after a while, I wasn't so shy because he assured me that he was gay.

When I was all done, the stylist, hairdresser, and make up artist stepped back and examined my look. Seconds later, they were cheering and giving each other high fives. "Can I see myself now?" I inquired, stepping off the platform. They all said "yes" in unison and pushed me in front of a mirror.

Oh my gosh.

I looked beautiful. Not to brag, but the girl in the mirror didn't look like Alex Hunt. She looked like a foreign princess. I had to cover my jaw-dropped mouth using my hands to prevent any screaming from coming out.

I was wearing a watermelon pink dress. It was strapless and ended just under my knees. The upper body part of the dress was sprinkled with tiny little crystals that made me glimmer when light struck me. The shoes were a sparkly silver that matched the jewelry I was wearing. My hair had a silky soft texture. It was all straightened, except for the ends that were neatly curled. To top it off, my make-up looked natural. The only things that stood out so much was the watermelon pink lipstick that defined my lips so well, making them look perfectly kissable. Lastly, my cheeks had a slight blush that made me seem like a shy and innocent person.

All of a sudden, mr. Crawford walked into the room. "Oh my, how cute! This suits you, Alex!" He acclaimed. Then, he linked arms with me and escorted me back to the ballroom. The moment we entered, I felt countless eyes on me. I think even some people from my school were checking me out. I tried to look as calm as possible while mr. Crawford and I walked to the food tables.

"I've always wanted a daughter to doll up and show off like you!" He laughed gleefully, making me smile.

"Haha, thank you."

"No problem. One must have cake at a birthday party, right?" He raised his eyebrows, handing me a small plate with a slice of cake on it, "Will you bring this to Daniel?"

Mr. Crawford was snatched away by some businessmen. I searched the room for Prince, but couldn't find him. As I walked passed numerous people, I heard them complimenting my appearance. It made me giggle inside my head.

After a while of trying to find the Prince, I was on the verge of giving up. Until I noticed that the door leading to the back garden was slightly open. Of course, being my curious self, I went to take a look.

I slipped through the door, and went out. The breeze felt good. I noticed someone sitting near a bush. Prince? He ran his hands through his hair and laid back on the grass. "What's the birthday celebrant doing here?" I asked as I approached him.

He was startled when he noticed me. Then he sighed and said, "It's a boring party. Everyone's all too serious."

I sat down next to him, and held the plate of cake right in front of his face. "It's cake. From your dad." He looked kind of irritated when I was trying to push the cake in his face.

"Are those clothes also from my old man? They're nice. Easy to take off too." He smirked at me.

"Idiot, I have no intentions in..-" I tried to speak, but was cut off. The Crawfords sure like to cut me off when I want to talk, huh.

"So what sort of present did you bring me?" He asked sarcastically, pulling me closer to him, causing me to drop the cake. "It can't be that you came empty handed?"

"Err.. Um.." I stammered.

"Well, no matter. I'll make my own present.." He was slowly nearing towards my neck.

"Wai-Wait! I-I'll do it!" I shouted, making him pause of interest, "Since I'm doing it, it'll only be a French kiss or something.."

"Hmm.. French kiss. That'll be good enough." Prince smiled.

"So, um.. Close your eyes." I pursed my lips. He did so, and waited for me to make my move. I held his cheeks, and just smirked evilly. As I pretended to get near to his face, my hands slowly shifted up. And then, I held his glasses and swiftly pulled them off.

There it is again. That flustered expression, and overwhelming blush.

Prince immediately got pissed, and charged for my mouth. I dropped his glasses on the grass, and fell back. He kissed me vigorously, playing with my tongue and gently biting my lower lip. I could hardly breathe. I couldn't move, because he had pinned my wrists down and my legs weren't reacting at all. Why is my body accepting this?

When he was tired of my lips, he lowered down to my neck. He didn't even lick it, he just pecked it once and sucked it in one spot. Hard. At the same time, he was holding one of my breasts. Not playing with it at all, just cupping it in his hands. My neck and face felt so hot.

After more than ten seconds of sucking on the one spot, he finally let go. "Don't do such rash things, idiot." His face was back to normal again. He picked up his glasses and slid them back on. I sat up and held the part of my neck that he hurt.

"That's a French kiss tongue mark," He stood up, "Be glad I only gave you one." Prince turned away, shoved his hands in his pockets and walked back into the mansion. The scene was exactly like the time he left me after we first met.

Urgh, it burns where the prince touched me. After straightening out my hair and clothes, I walked back into the building too, hastily making my way to the bathroom.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. There was bits of grass sticking out of my hair. I pulled those out, and checked my neck. "Crap, he left a mark.." I muttered to myself. I got closer to the mirror to see it better. It was red and seemed to be throbbing. Is this what they call.. A hickey?

I was startled when two of my fellow maids barged in. "Hey newcomer, what're you dawdling in here for?" One of them crossed her arms.

"And where'd you get those clothes!?" The other one carped.

"Well, I was told that I was invited here to today as one of the Prince's classmates.."

"So what? The party's over now." The maid that had her arms crossed snapped.

"Yeah. Since you've been slacking off, you clean the ballroom all by yourself." After that, both of them walked away. I sighed, and went to change back into my uniform.


I switched the lights on in the ballroom. The sight made my heart drop. How the hell was I supposed to clean all this mess by myself? I took a deep breath and stepped in. "I guess this is gonna be an all-nighter." I told myself after tying my hair up.

While I was collecting empty plates, one of them slipped out of my grip. Luckily, I'm an epic ninja who caught it right before it hit the ground. "What are you doing?" A voice echoed around the humungous room. It was the Prince. He wasn't wearing his glasses.

"What does it look like?" I responded with a hint of sass in my voice, "I'm working."

"Working?" He repeated, walking closer towards me. I began moving away from him as quick as possible without making it obvious.

"Yeah, I'm cleaning up after your birthday party all by myself. Because I was slacking off." I told him angrily.


"HEY!" I groaned. The prince purposefully dropped a glass on to the marble floor.

"Just leave it for the professionals coming in tomorrow, so something like this doesn't happen. If you broke something, you wouldn't get paid." He mocked.

Then, he turned and began walking towards the exit. "C'mon, I'll take you home." I carefully placed the stack of plates in my hand on a random table, and followed after the prince.

Before we left the mansion, he let me get back into my regular clothes. After this, I was a little worried when he lead me through the back garden, into the miniature woods.

[A/N: Remember in Ch. 1, I mentioned that their houses are just separated by a miniature woods? Yeah, it's like secret route. Cool, right?]

"Why're we going this way?" I quizzed, pushing branches away.

"It's faster."

"I guess, but.." I decided not to complain because we had reached a small clearing. I saw that there was a small pathway going through the tall grass. An animal's path? For some reason, I'm getting this odd feeling. I'm not sure but.. Have I been here before?

Nah. Impossible.

"Do you come here often?" I asked.

"Once in a while," Prince replied casually, "When I'm bored or when the world becomes too noisy."

"Do you come here to do 'suspicious' things?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Maybe." He chortled.

"Filthy guy." I rolled my eyes.

"Watch your mouth." He pulled me in by my waist and began stroking my cheek, "If you've followed me in here, you should've expected something to happen."

"Wha.. No.." I attempted to push away. No matter how much I tried to escape using my own physical power, this guy was just too strong!

"Shall we?" He whispered into my ear.

"NO!" I shoved a branch full of leaves into his face, causing him to back away, "Why do you do these things to me!? I hate you!" I cried, pointing at the hickey on my neck. I hate him. He's the worst. Trying to do those things even though he has no feelings towards me. It's disgusting.

"It's fine if you hate me," Prince was smiling, but his eyes were telling me something completely different, "But you're mine until that mark disappears."

That was the last thing he said that night before turning around and walking away. I think my words hurt him. But then again, he deserved it! The only thing I'm guilty about is that I didn't even get to greet him on his special day. "Happy 18th Birthday, Prince.." I merely whispered to his back that was quickly getting farther and father away.

- - -

HEY! So, thanks for reading chapter four! I'm sincerely thankful to all you guys who read and like my story! Please leave a comment with your opinions! Even constructive criticism would be great! Also, remember to like and favorite! Bye, you cute little bunnies!xoxo
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