You're Mine. I Bought You.

Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex, saying "I'll buy you." Who is this mysterious boy that stole Alex's first kiss!?

WARNING: This story contains sexual and mature content. Please read sensibly. Based on a manga.


9. Alex's Bootcamp

"What!?" Charlie exclaimed in surprise, "You quit being a maid!? Where are you going now?"

"Ah, no. I'm not necessarily leaving.." I chuckled, "You see, a long time ago my mother used to be the prince's wet nurse, and now she wants me to take over her job. So, I'm going to be responsible for educating the prince."

"Heh.." Charlie let out an unconvinced laugh, "Educating?"

"Well, I can't teach him regular school studying since I can barely pass school myself. But.." I was cut off.

Charlie's facial expression changed. He didn't seem like the sweet, carefree Charlie anymore. "Can you really educate him?" He snickered, and advanced towards me.

"Char--" I was unable to speak when he pinned me down on the grass.

"Do you want to know how badly sir Daniel really acts?" He smirked, gradually nearing his face towards mine. "Or perhaps, you're going to give him sex ed. lessons?"

"What.." The shock of the moment made it hard for me to breathe.

"If you're going to give him those kind of lessons, then aren't you just making yourself to be a sex slave? Am I right?" His grin grew bigger, and his eyes grew even more evil.

"No!" I denied, trying shake myself out of his grip. It was no use. He had pinned my wrists down above my head, and just like the prince, his weight was too much for my legs.

"Cheap woman." He used his free hand to slide the tip of his fingers up and down my thigh, near my crotch.

I gulped. "Y-Your jokes g-going t-too f-far.."

He exhaled through his nose, and brought his face right in front of mine. "Shall we see if I'm joking or not?" I was rolled over so that I was on my knees, and my elbows were the only things preventing my face from crashing into the grass. All of a sudden, Charlie's cold hand was under my shirt, slowly traveling up. Oh God.. No.

"What's the matter? Don't poor prostitutes like you always do this?"

"No! I'm not.. No, stop!" I begged. Someone.. Please.. Help!

"What the fuck are you doing?" Prince came right on time before Charlie could violate my breasts. He hauled Charlie up by the shoulder of his shirt. I turned over and leaned against the tree behind me.

"Pft, I was just kidding! Did you really think I was serious?" He suddenly returned to his chirpy self, and helped me up, "I guess I just overdid it a bit. Sorry."

I was still speechless and stunned. While on the other hand, the prince kept a straight face, but something in his eyes told me he was thinking about something deeply. And I'm certain it was about Charlie.

Charlie turned away and pushed his hands into his pockets. After taking about four or five steps away from us, he jerked his head back in our direction. "Oh yeah, good luck on the schooling. Bye!" He winked, before continuing to walk away, whistling gleefully.

What a strange guy..

"What'd he do to you!?" Prince turned his a attention to me.

"N-Nothing.." I assured the prince. If I told the prince what Charlie was doing, he's sure to get fired. I can't do that to him, especially since Charlie didn't even really have the chance to do anything. Plus, he was always so nice to me. Except for just that moment.. Besides, he said he was joking. Right?

"Liar. He was touching your boobs, wasn't he?" Prince could read me like I was an open book.

"How would you know!?" I retorted.

"Doesn't matter. Just don't go near Charlie. That's an order!" Prince's eyes were very serious-looking at the moment. I had no choice but to nod obediently like a little girl. He then got up, and said one more thing before leaving, "You better, or I'll have to punish you."

What the hell? He's so demanding, and thinks he can get whatever he wants. That guy needs some discipline!

* * *

"Discipline?" Charlie repeated after I told him that I needed to discipline the prince. It's been two days since that awkwardness that happened between Charlie and I, so I've decided that I'd forgive him. But from now on, I can't leave an opening for him. I need to be extremely cautious.

"Yeah." I nodded, "I'm going to discipline the prince. He thinks way too highly of himself."

"Well, he's always been at the top of the social hierarchy, right?" Charlie announced.

"Yeah!" I cheered.

"So, he obviously doesn't understand the feelings of us, the lowest ranked in that hierarchy, right?"


"So, Alex.. Why don't you show sir Daniel what it's like to live the life of a lowest rank, eh?"

"I see.." I nodded in agreement.

"Mhm.." He chomped on his celery, "Start those lessons already and correct that lousy personality of that tyrant young man."

"Alright, I'll try it!" I clenched my fists, and put my game face on. Charlie drank his coke and made cheering noises in the background.


"Bootcamp at your house?" Prince stared at me like I was a lunatic, "What for?"

"For your education!" I placed my hands on my hips, trying to sound as professional as possible.

"Right now?" He questioned, twirling around on his computer chair.


"Okay, hang on. Let me get ready." He got up from his seat and left the room for a bit. I wasn't really expecting that kind of reaction from him. I thought he was going to act all uppity about it.. After a couple minutes, the prince came back into the room with three Louis Vuitton traveling bags.

"Alright, let's go." He dropped the bags in front of me, beginning to leave the room, "You carry my luggage."

"Wait a second! You don't need all these." I pointed at the bags on the floor, "Just a change of underwear is fine."


Alex's House...

"I'm home!" I sang, entering through the old house door, "James? Are you here? Where in the world did that kid go? Ja--"

"Alex, your house is so puny. It only takes two seconds to tell whether someone's here or not. So forget him and go make me something to drink." The prince had already made himself comfortable on our worn out, old couch.

"Oi, watch your tone." I hissed, "You're on my turf." Either way, I went into the kitchen to pour him some tea. My heart was thumping uncontrollably. It made me nervous to be alone with the prince. I wish James was here so that I'd feel more at ease.


"So, what're you going to teach me?" The prince slurped down his tea. His face afterwards indicated that he probably disliked it, "Since you brought me to this filthy, puny house.. You can't possibly have anything amazing to teach me, right?" He scooted over towards me, and stared at me with his strobe-y blue gems.

All of a sudden, prince's hand was on my lap. I quickly stood up, and gave the whole speech thing that Charlie said earlier. "Y-You've always been at the top of the social hierarchy, right?" I paused, waiting for him to yell 'yeah' the same way I did, but received no response, "You people don't understand the feelings of us lower ranked. So, I challenge you to live the life of the masses!"

"How admirable.." The half-smile on his face showed me that he seemed to be amused.

"Yup, it's your first step to becoming an honest man!" I shifted over to the kitchen which was only like one and half meters away. Opening the fridge, I announced, "The first thing all masses should know is that meals are to be made of whatever is available in the fridge."

The prince came towards me and folded his arms. "But there's nothing in the fridge." He said flatly.

I stared into our small refrigerator, and sighed at the fact that he was right. The only thing in there was butter, yogurt, some cheese, 3 tomatoes, asparagus, a can of coke, and a carton of milk. "Thanks for your kind assistance in pointing that out.." I muttered bitterly.

"I guess it can't be helped. You are poor." He shrugged, pulling his sleeves up, "If you need help, I'll do it."

I tied my hair up and put my apron on. As I took the knife out, I asked the prince to get me the tomatoes and wash them. He placed them on the chopping board and I then began rapidly slicing them.

As I chopped some other vegetables I found in the room, the prince was right behind me, observing my actions. He was acting awfully kind and obedient today. It's kind of suspicious..

When I finally reached my irritation's boiling point, I swiftly turned around with the knife still in my hands to scare him a little, "Quit staring at me!"

"Relax.. I was just thinking that you're really good. You're chopping them so fast." He praised me.

"Oh." I felt dumbfounded, "That's 'cause I have to do this every day for James.. If you're not gonna help, then go over there." I nudged him away a bit.

After I was done with the vegetables, I started looking for spices to add flavor to our meal. The salt was all the way on the top shelf of our cupboard so I had to get on my tip toes to reach the container, but I still couldn't get my hands on it. I suddenly felt a presence behind me, and soon the prince's hand easily took the salt container and handed it to me. "This is what you need, right?" He quizzed.

"Yeah, thanks." I turned away. Damn, my cheeks feel so hot right now.

"Y'know, it's kind of boring that you know how to cook." He stated in a disappointed kind of way, "If you were one of those clumsy, clueless girls, you'd probably cut or burn yourself. Then, I'd get to do this.." He took my wrist and brought it near his face. Subsequently, his tongue was gently gliding over my finger.

"No!" I pulled away, wiping his saliva on my apron.

"I don't mind learning commoner cooking," He slid his glasses off and put them on the counter, "But you have to be hungry first. Right, sensei?"

"Wait.. No!" I backed away. Goodness, just a moment ago he was actually acting like a nice, good boy. But now he's turning into that perverted bad boy! Geez, this guy switches personalities fast.

"I brought you here today to cure you of those bad habits.." I kept backing away. He didn't stop though, he just grinned and charged straight for me. Within seconds, he had planted his lips onto mine. I slipped and we both fell with a thud on the cold kitchen floor, Taking advantage of the fact that he was on top of me, he separated from my lips, and licked me right under my chin. Thereon, his tongue traveled down where he brushed all around my collar bone using his tongue. Concurrently, Prince took off my apron and was now unbuckling my bra.

"Ahh... Nnn.. No.." I moaned. All the while, I wondered why I felt so aroused by this. I wasn't sure anymore if that was the sound of displease or pleasure I was making. It was all so surreal.

He paused and looked up. "I like it when you moan like that." He smirked seductively. I know I was blushing and my heart felt like it was about to pop out of my chest, but I had to find a way to stop him. When the prince continued to eat up my breasts, I extended my arms into the closest cabinet. After taking out my weapon, I smacked the prince right on the head using a frying pan.

"Oww!" The prince hollered in pain, pressing his hands against the back of his head.

I sat up, and scooted away. Still holding the frying pan, I huffed, "That's why I brought you here in the first place! To fix that double personality of yours!" Next I warned him, "If you do that sort of thing in my house again, you'll get more than just a hit with a frying pan!"

"Oh really? What're you going to use, a broomstick?" He looked at me mischievously, making goosebumps pop out on my arms.

"Whatever, I'll overlook this little disturbance," He stood up and put his glasses back on, "Because the night has just begun.."

I gulped. Oh God..

Maybe I didn't think this whole 'commoner bootcamp' idea thoroughly. I remained feeling uneasy after what happened ten minutes ago. I need to find a way to cure him of that kind of behavior.

Anyways, things were alright for now. I was frying the vegetables, while the prince wandered around my tiny kitchen. "Prince, get me some plates please. They're in the top left cabinet."

The prince did as he was told, but instead of giving them to me, he walked straight past me. "These are inferior plates." The next thing I knew, the prince was dumping all of our cups and plates into the garbage can.

"No!" I screeched, rushing towards the trash. Most of the plates were all shattered, but I managed to pull out a few survivors, "Those were our only plates. I can't believe you threw them out!"

"You mean, you actually eat off of those cheap things?" He looked at me with a face of disgust.

"You're not gonna die from eating off low class plates!" I roared.

I wasn't sure if he was dense or just stupid, but he ignored my anger and sniffed the air, "Do you smell something burning?"

My eyes widened, and I snapped my head in the direction of the stove. "No! No! No! No! No!" I repeatedly yelled as I turned off the stove and dropped the burning pan under the water in the sink.

When I had gotten everything back in control, we were left with nothing but a burnt pan. I exhaled air upwards to blow loose hair out of my face. The prince eventually interrupted my moment of silently stressing out, "What's wrong? Fix it already." He gestured at the pan.

That was it. I clenched my fists, glaring at him menacingly, "I don't have anymore ingredients! No more! Nothing! Nada!"

"Then go buy some more." The prince shrugged.

"Haven't you realized, my family is broke!"

"If that's the case, then.." He pulled something out of his back pocket and held it right in front of my face, "Do what you want with it." In his hands was a credit card. Just by it's powerful existence, it seemed to glow in my eyes. But no.

I smacked the card to the floor. "That defeats the whole purpose of this bootcamp." I turned around and took my apron off, "I have a better idea."


Five minutes later, we had snuck into the Crawford territory, and were at the edge of their garden, on top of a high hill. "Erm, why are we sneaking into my own garden?" The prince questioned.

"Listen up. It's around one hundred and fifty meters to Charlie's precious vegetable fields." I pointed at the land below us, "We'll hit there, there, and there. There's booby traps, so be careful."

"Wait, Alex.. Can't we jus--"

For once, I actually cut him off. "Let's go!" The prince and I headed down the hill, and sprinted as fast as we could. While we ran, I jumped, hopped, ducked and dodged all the booby traps.

While on the other hand, prince kept accidentally initiating the traps that hurled hurtful acorns at us. "Why do we have to run through the mud like this!?" The prince complained while running, "Further more, is stealing vegetables part of your so called 'educating'? Why can't you just ask Charlie for some?"

Before answering him, I noticed an upcoming string and forcefully ducked the prince's head down. That was close. If I hadn't done that, the prince and I would've been squished by a humungous log. Finally, I answered him, "But Charlie said I'd have to pay him if I wanted any."

"Then just pay him!" Prince said, out of breath.

"I can't, I don't have any money!" I retorted. After remembering something, I turned my head to tell the prince, "Careful, there's a trap pit right.. There.."

Too late.

He had already fallen into it. I came to a full stop, and walked back over to him. I looked down at a dirty prince, looking up at me with an exhaustedly pissed expression. I couldn't help but laugh. I pulled him out and since the fields we just a few meters away, we fast-walked.

"Now, now.." I crouched down in front of some tomatoes, "No time for resting. We need two tomatoes, three cucumbers. Then we'll get some eggplants! Oh, but don't take too much.. Or we'll get found out."

"How are you so unfazed by this?" The prince asked, not even turning away from the cucumbers he was taking.

"Well we're just borrowing.." I reasoned, scratching the back of my head, "Plus, even if I help him out, Charlie says that the stuff he grows is strictly only for the Crawford family. Isn't he so stingy?" I chuckled.

"You seem to be good friends with Charlie though.." He mumbled.

After I had gathered most of the things we needed, I heard the prince hiss in pain. I approached him, and found out that he was struggling to get an eggplant. I took over for him and instructed, "You okay? The eggplants have thorns on them so you need to take them out like this." I demonstrated what to do, then the prince followed as I did. Except, he didn't see the trigger string.

When he pulled the eggplant out, a string was attached to it, which made an alarm go off. Seconds later, Charlie was running out of his little house, angrily screaming "Who's there!?"

"Run for it!" I warned through my whisper. The both of us held tightly onto our gatherings and dashed away. We didn't stop until we reached my house.

"Ahh.. That was fun." I chuckled dryly as I entered through my front door.

"More like hell." Prince placed the vegetables on the kitchen counter.

"Haha, you look so weird." I laughed, "You're so dirty and all. You almost look like a farmer or something!"

"You made a fool out of me for vegetables.." He brought his hand over his eyes, shaking his head.

"Er.. Nope. I simply taught you how to be ninja." I turned away to wash the vegetables.

"Pft," The prince smiled, then burst into laughter, "I really can't get enough of you! No matter how much of a commoner you are."

I found myself in a daze. He was laughing out loud. I think that was the first time I had ever heard him laugh so freely. It sounded so nice.. I want to see more of the prince's expressions. When he's laughing. When he's sad. When he's stressed. Everything.

I finally snapped out of my trance and returned back to what I was doing. "You can go take a shower. I'll prepare dinner." The prince easily found the bathroom, and clicked the door closed. I could finally breathe normally. At times like these, the prince makes my heart clench tightly. It makes it hard to breathe sometimes.

I wish he was always like that; carefree and always laughing happily.


The prince came out approximately 15 minutes later. While I set the table, I asked, "What do you want to drink? We have water or tea." I turned around waiting for his answer, then I froze when I saw him.

"Water's fine." He said frankly, while he rubbed his hair with a towel. He wasn't wasn't wearing anything except a towel around his waist. His chest and stomach was absolutely exposed, showing off his nicely built muscles.

"Y-You.. P-Put some clothes on!" I ordered as he sat next to me on the sofa.

"I don't have any. You told me to just bring a change of underwear." He continued to dry his hair.

"I did say that but.." I couldn't think right. The prince right now.. He was too distracting.

A smile creeped onto the prince's face, "Don't look at me." He said cheekily, "Pervert." I still couldn't speak. I was now blushing like crazy, my heart was thumping like there was no tomorrow, and butterflies were spurring in my stomach.

"Oh, so you don't object?" Somehow, our positions had made him towering over me, while I just lay there like a mute doll.

When my strict subconscious finally knocked me back into the right mind, I denied his question. "Y-You're wrong! I'm n-not looking at you!"

"But you are." He responded smugly. Ugh, he's enjoying this.. Slowly, his lips were getting closer and closer.

"NO HANKY-PANKY IN MY HOUSE!" I recalled to him.

He sat back up, and looked away embarrassingly, "Okay.. If you really don't want to, then I'll stop."

"Yeah.." I agreed. Although, something about that didn't seem convincing..

"Just kidding!" He grinned, plunging his lips right onto mine. Dammit, this liar!

As he kissed me, I saw his eye looking directly at me. Does he always look at me like that when he kisses me? Just by looking t his eye.. He seemed kind of, you know.. Sexy. I finally admit it to myself. Right at that moment, I found the prince to be utterly sexy.

He quickly made his way down, grazing his tongue on one breast while massaging and squeezing the other. I shivered at the thoughts building up in my head. I'm afraid.. But, the naked prince is so beautiful.. I want to touch him.

If I did touch him, would he laugh again like before? Will he open up to me more? Will he look at me and not anyone else?

My arms moved on their own. They wrapped themselves around the prince's neck and drew him closer. This made the prince stop. He took my hand and gently pulled them away. "Don't be like that.." He was blushing, but the tone of his voice sounded slightly uncomfortable.

He raised his head up and gazed right into my eyes. This face that I used to hate so deeply, why am I finding it so attractive? I mean, he is generally a handsome person.. But this kind of attraction, it's different.

"I just.." I tried to speak.

Right at that moment, the door swung open. "What the hell are you doing!?" James stared at us wide-eyed and angry. Oh no.

- - -

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