This story is about a girl named Logan Taylor Hanson. (p.s. I like the name name Logan) she is a 13yr old girl. She gets bullied every day at school,online,texts,and people take her stuff,and it gets fisicle. Almost every time the school has a popular band come, its the worst of the bullying. But what bad is coming this time? Is it going to be the worst in her bullying history? Is the band going to notice? Read to find it out. Thanks:-) :-P


3. making a solution


"yes" said liam 

"why?" i asked 

"well i think she was the one that was called mole face and getting bullied" louis said looking sad

" well we have to help her, i heard what some of those people said about her, some call her stupid some say she's a hobo, and that she is the ugliest thing ever, but she is not ugly for sure she is very beautiful girl, and shes pretty too. " i said smiling to the thought of her. 

"oooooo, some ones in loooove!" zayn said smiling 

" shut up!" i said chuckling

" are you ok liam?" i asked

he looks up at me and hezitates  " yeah.. why do you ask?" 

"well normally you are coming up with a plan to stop this kind of stuff" 

" yeah..im...fine.."

" wait i know this look" louis said



" what?" i asked 

" your in love i can tell by the look in your eyes, you like tht girl!"

i look back down quickly, "man" i thought "they got me but niall likes her too, ugh what am i going to do!"

i peek at niall i can tell in his eyes he was hurt a little.

" fine i do like her but niall likes her to and i cant take her from him!"

" if she gets you i will be happy for you" he said smiling

" me too, now we can follow the bus to her house and talk to her" 

so thats what we did but it looked like she was home alone so we waited till her mom or dad got home. 

it was like two hours untill we seen a women come out of the car and go into her house so that had to be the girls or i guess logan as we can call her mom. we got out and rang the doorbell. 

" i'll get it mom!" we heard a girls voice say

"ok!" we heard a womens voice

the door opens and the logan was there she was smiling but when she saw us it disappeard. her mom came after logan opened the door. when her mom got next to her she took off, up stairs. 

" well hello" the woman said , she has a lovely voice." come in" she said

" what do you need" she asked closing the door

" well we want to talk to your daughter,please" i said as nicely as i could

" sure, i think she went up to her room"

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