This story is about a girl named Logan Taylor Hanson. (p.s. I like the name name Logan) she is a 13yr old girl. She gets bullied every day at school,online,texts,and people take her stuff,and it gets fisicle. Almost every time the school has a popular band come, its the worst of the bullying. But what bad is coming this time? Is it going to be the worst in her bullying history? Is the band going to notice? Read to find it out. Thanks:-) :-P


6. heading around

"hey guys can we drive by the school?" i asked with a meschievious smile

"wh- ooohh i know why" liam said

"hehe" i laughed wiggling my feet like a four year old.

they all laughed. when we got there we all came out and when we walked in. every one stopped and stared at us. i looked at the boys. they all smilied. 

"hey look, its fatty hanson" ashley said p.s. thats the girl who embarressed mebat the concert here at school. 

"well cant say much better about yourself" i said 

"well at least i dont have dumbness have you seen your grades?" 

" yes i have and they're all A's but at least i dont have to ask and pay someone for the answers on tests"

" no i dont, your crazy"

" yeah i have proof on my phone"



i showed them the video.

"well......uh...um" she said nervously

the pricible saw it and she expelled ashley and she also apauligized for saying the stuff about me. i told her it was alright and hugged her. 

we went back to the bus. yeah i know i said car earlier but whatever.

" i think i did pretty good" i said smiling all sassy like. they all laughed. 

"you sure did" niall said

i smiled proudly. liam just kept staring at me. 

"what?" i asked him

"wha..oh, nothin"

"yeah, there is something"

"why do you say that?" 

"you keep staring at me" 

"oooooooo" louis said smiling

"ooooooo what?" liam asked louis

"you know what"


"yes your in love"

liam was silent and stared at louis but kept glancing at me a couple of times.

" i have no idea what you are talking about" he said then left 



i cant believe it he gave it away. i just hope that she doesnt find out because she looked confused so im good.




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