This story is about a girl named Logan Taylor Hanson. (p.s. I like the name name Logan) she is a 13yr old girl. She gets bullied every day at school,online,texts,and people take her stuff,and it gets fisicle. Almost every time the school has a popular band come, its the worst of the bullying. But what bad is coming this time? Is it going to be the worst in her bullying history? Is the band going to notice? Read to find it out. Thanks:-) :-P


2. embaressment

i walk into class and the students laugh and the teacher tries not to laugh but it doesnt work. i sit all the way in the back where its empty. face it i have no friends i always think. im stupid,ugly, and a no body. i always see people passing notes and when people read it they look at me bevause its about me. in the middle of the class an announcement came on. "students" said the princible "and mole face a.k.a logan taylor hanson, i have an announcement for you" 

every one in the class including the teacher start dieing out laughing. i face my head to the desk and let my hair fall to where no one can see my face. oh.. and by the way i have crystal blue eyes, red/ornge hair, with side bangs and you already know i have freckles. 



 i looked at the boys in shock so were they. 

" can you belive what she just said!" i whispered to the boys

" no! i think what she said was about that girl with the picture on her locker!" whispered niall

the princible handed us the microphone.

"we have something to say" said harry "bullinging is awful we've seen some today how could you call thet poor girl a mole face, what kind of princible are you! we heard that this school was a good place but those were just lies!" 

" see kids we put on this skit for you guys to understand bulling" said the princible

" what?!" i whipered 

" no! this was not a skit, that was real but we cant leave we promised to stay for a week though!" harry said



"wow" i thought that isnt going to help, they are probably making fun of me right now. the bell rang and as im walking to my locker i get pushed into a set of abandoned lockers and of course the boys are there so all my stuff drops and they're staring at me. i hurry up to pick up my stuff and i see them coming twords me, i get up and walk away. 

people have been putting signs on me saying kick me!, im stupid!, watch out the fatty(me) is coming through. but im not fat i only weigh103.  every where it happenes the boys are there, i think they planned this stuff out and want to watch what happens. 

through out the day im getting pushed, having sighns, pictures, writting,etc.. im walking twords my bus trying not to cry or have a tear but a tear or two slips and the boys are only a foot away from me so they see it.



" did you see the tear go down her face" i said 

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