This story is about a girl named Logan Taylor Hanson. (p.s. I like the name name Logan) she is a 13yr old girl. She gets bullied every day at school,online,texts,and people take her stuff,and it gets fisicle. Almost every time the school has a popular band come, its the worst of the bullying. But what bad is coming this time? Is it going to be the worst in her bullying history? Is the band going to notice? Read to find it out. Thanks:-) :-P


5. can you come..please


i cant believe it someone else is helping me for once! my mom came in and said 

"dinner sweetie and would you boys care to join?" 

" no were fine" liam said smiling

" no, you must now come" my mom said and left

i laughed and followed.



" i guess we go?" i said confused 

"yes" logan aid with her head swug around the door

we all laughed and she smilied. she hs one of the most prettiest smile. you'll never see it at school because of what happens to her.

we went down stairs and ate. 

-end of week-

it was the end of the week that we had to stay at that school. and thats when we preform. as we were singing the music stopped and the microphone. 

"hey everybody" said this girl coming out of the backstage area

loganed looked scared i think this girl has made fun of logan for the worst. 

"well as you all know me and i have something to say about logan taylor, she told me that she is homeless she has to go to a food bank, and that she cuts her self and shed wish she would be like me." said the girl

i looked at logan and she was crying and she ran off.

"look at her run like shes a fat hippo" the girl said

i took the micraphone from her and said

" you guys are aweful people! how do you live like this, i thought this school was a good place to be at is what i heard but those were lies,lies! she is the most sweetiest girl ever, shes nice, funny, she has a kind heart. there is nothing wrong with her, if i could date her i would" 

as i was saying it i seen her turn around the door and listening. when i said the last part she looked at me in shock but happy. 

"im glad to leave" i said

the rest of the boys started leaving so i came with. we went out to where logan is. she was smiling. she came and hugged us all. we drove her home. when we got to her house we asked her

"can you come on tour with us?"

" i dont know, my mom will be sad" 

" please please please"louis said on his knees

" you'll have to ask my mom then"

" how about this she can come with us, so you guys wont be sad" harry said

" maybe"



when we got inside i told my mom what happened and that whats been happening at school.

"why didnt you tell me this before?" she asked 

" i dont know" i said sadly 

" well next time when something happens tell me ok"  she said putting her hand on my cheek

i smiled and hugged her.the boys came in. 

"well hello" my mother said to them

" hi " liam said " we were wondering if logan could come on tour with us?"

"well sure that sounds splendid" she said with a smile

i looked at her "can you come with?" i asked

"sorry i cant i have work and this house hold"

"but.. you have to or i will miss you badly and i want to see you you make me smile all the time"

"its ok, i will call you every day"

"ok" i said smiling and hugged her

i went and packed my stuff. and came out with the boys waiting i went and looked at my mom ran to her and hugged her one more time.

"goodbye" i said

"goodbye " she said

and i ran onto the car.

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