This story is about a girl named Logan Taylor Hanson. (p.s. I like the name name Logan) she is a 13yr old girl. She gets bullied every day at school,online,texts,and people take her stuff,and it gets fisicle. Almost every time the school has a popular band come, its the worst of the bullying. But what bad is coming this time? Is it going to be the worst in her bullying history? Is the band going to notice? Read to find it out. Thanks:-) :-P


1. why


i woke up this morning and went down stairs and sat at the table. my mom was making breakfeast. 

"do i have to go to school?" i asked

"yes,you have to" she said 

info about my mom she is the nicest person you'll ever meet she makes me smile every day, she also has a voice of an angel. but she is single no man ever treats her fir and right. i cant blame them she is the prettiest girl ever. 

"why?  cant i get homeschooled?" i asked 

"because i cant i have to go to work and no one can teach you" 

i sighed. she gave me  my breakfeast and i tried to eat it as slow as possible. but it didnt work. im getting ready for school and this is the time of year when it gets the worst. every year the school has a very famous band come and hang out and preform at the school. but the bullying is the worst. all the kids want to embarress me. no band ever helps though they just laugh as well. im always scared because some times i get smacked and get pranked on which means feathers,goop,stains i guess you can call it. i come home crying but good thing my mom is not home. im home alone for about two hours. i try to fit in but it doesnt work. 

i step on the bus and everyone gets quiet and start to whisper. i sit in the front seat. its been about two minutes, then a paper wad hit my head and fell in my lap. i open it up and it says

"haha you are so stupid that outfit doesnt match and your face ha! :-) the freckles look like moles!" 

i throw it back. then every one laughs. i feel someone poke me, i turn a they point at me and laugh.

"what do you want ?" i asked

"hahaha let me see this..." this girl says taking my book bag.

"can i have that back,please." i say having my hand out

"uh..sure sweetie, im sorry" she says handing me it 

"uh..no..haha i cant believe you felt for it!" she said laughing and taking the book bag back. i scoote closer to the window, then we arrived at school i got up took my book bag when they werent noticing and left. 

im at my locker and the announcements came on and said

"the band is here, they will be staying with us for one week now i want you to be better behavied than you already are you good students,the band is walking around now so when you see them say hello, also the band is one direction!"

"holy crap!" i thought. one direction i love them. but they laugh at me also. when i shut my locker they were right there but on my locker it had a picture of me with buck teeth, they replaced my freckles as moles, and they wrote on it this is Logan Taylor Hanson. i looked around and saw that the boys(one direction) were staring at me. i quickly turned tore down the picture and threw it in the garbage can. p.s. i think im a good thrower because the garbage can was at least two and a half feet away from me. then walked away but that wasnt the only picture up, the whole school had them up and the teachers dont do any thing about it, not even the princible they just laugh along. as im walking to class every one is laughing,pointing,and making fun of me. i turn back to the boys but try to make it like im looking around. they are just staring. i bet they're laughing too.

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