Ninja Girl: The Battle Begins

When the ninja can't find Sensei and Nya the check they serpentine HQs. They are able to find Nya but Sensei still remains missing. Meanwhile Pythor has unleashed the rest of the serpent tribes. Now the ninja must keep the tribes from uniting and protect Ninjago. Can they do it?


7. Chapter 6: Too Late

"No way, not a chance, and no. You're not becoming a ninja," Kai said.

"Now wait a minute Kai. She did help save Nya," Jay said.

"We can't trust her," Kai replied.

"Kai don't be such a stick in the mud. Let her join," Nya said.


"Kai, you just hate the fact that girls can be just as good of ninja as boys," I said.

"Well, I," he stuttered.

"Looks like Alex is right," Zane said.

"If everyone agrees but Kai..." Lloyd started.

"Then she's in," Cole finished for him.

We looked at each other and then at Kai. He had no way to argue.

"What color?" I asked.

"I'll be back," she said taking off.

"That didn't really answer my question," I noted.

After about ten minutes of waiting she finally returned in a pale grey ninja suit.

"Where did you get that?" Zane asked.

"I've been wanting to be a ninja since I was little," she replied.

"Great so next we need to find Sensei," Kai said.

"Actually Sensei left before the serpentine attacked. He said he needed to go on a mission," Nya informed us.

"Well that sounds familliar," I mumbled to myself.

"So right now we need to keep the serpentine from reuniting," Cole said.

"Great, but we have nowhere to stay," Jay noted.

"We can split up into two groups, one will spy on the serpentine and the other can look for a new home," Kai said.

"Great. now before someone puts me in the group looking for a home, I would be much better spying on the serpentine," I said.

"What's wrong with looking for a new home?" Zane asked.

"Nothing, just it would just be like asking me to sit around doing nothing," I replied. "I hate it."

We split up into two groups. Tove, Kai, Cole, and I went after the serpentine and the rest went to look for a new home. Kai wasn't too thrilled about Tove coming, but she wanted to prove she was trustworthy. Plus she was the only one who knew where the serpentine were meeting up. We could have guessed where it was, we ended up in the sewers below Ninjago City.

"Are you sure you know where we're going?" Kai asked.

"Of coarse Im sure," she said, then paused. "We take a left here and then there's a huge area where the serpentine are meeting."

"Okay from here we travel by shadows," Cole said.

We all nodded and made our way into the open area. It was crawling with snakes. The five tribes had already unified when we got there. We could tell because they weren't seperated by tribe, they were mixed up. There also was a horrified look on Tove's face. She knew exaclty what happened. I started to draw my weapons, but Cole stopped me. We were already too late.

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