Ninja Girl: The Battle Begins

When the ninja can't find Sensei and Nya the check they serpentine HQs. They are able to find Nya but Sensei still remains missing. Meanwhile Pythor has unleashed the rest of the serpent tribes. Now the ninja must keep the tribes from uniting and protect Ninjago. Can they do it?


5. Chapter 4: Leaving the Hideout

It was silent for a moment. I think they were trying to put together two and two. From what I learned from Jay it was going to take a while.

Eventually Jay said, "How do you expect us to escape, your swords are over there."

"How will her swords even help?" Lloyd askes.

"Wait you don't even know? How long did you keep your powers a secret?" Jay replied.

"What powers?" Lloyd cried out.

"Guys," I interrupted, "I'm not talking about my swords or my powers."

I reached into my ninja mask and grabbed the bobby pin in my hair.

"How will that help?" Jay asked.

"I know how to pick locks," I replied.

"Why?" he questioned.

"Alex use to lock herself out of the house," Lloyd answered before I could.

"One, it wasn't my fault and two, I can't believe you remembered that," I said.

Then I walked over to the door and stuck my pin in the lock. It took a minute but I was able to unlock the door. We walked over to the exit and Jay and I grabbed our weapons.

"Jay, you and Lloyd find the others and continue searching for Nya and Uncle Whu. I'm going after Tove. I'll meet up with you outside the monastary by dawn," I said.

Jay just nodded and headed to the others through the vents. I snuck through the hideout looking for Tove. I found hear down a hall listening for sounds in the vents. She was heading my way so I hid behind the corner. When she walked over I tackled her.

"How did you..." she started.

"I'm street smart," I said, cutting her off.

"You wanna go street smart?" she said going trough me.

I shivered after I go up and turned around. No matter how cool her powers were, they were creepy. I tried knocking her down but everytime I tried I went through her. I even tried using my swords.

"Who's got the street smarts now?" she said.

"Let's find out," I replied.

I closed my eyes and concentrated. I was able to change into a shadow which could probubly take her down. It allows me to make contact with people but they can't touch me. I know I should have mentioned it ealier but it didn't have a point then. I turned into a shadow and Tove looked shocked. I took a fighting stance and so did she. I tackled Tove and pinned her to the ground.

"Why are you working with the serpentine. There's no doubt they will betray you," I informed her.

"You wouldn't understand," she said pinning me to the ground.

"What makes you say that?" I asked throwing her off.

Suddenly the floor opened below us. It was about a five feet drop. I landed on my feet and looked around. The floor closed so I couldn't see. I figured it was a trap set by Tove so I listened closely. I heard her moving closer. Then she just stopped.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"How am I suppose to know? I'm not the one working for the serpentine," I replied.

"Don't sas me," she said.

"I'll sas who ever I wanna sas," I mumble.

My eyes started adjusting to the darkness. I was able to see figures. I slowly moved to Tove when a torch entered the room from another tunnel. It was Skales. I drew my swords and got in a fighting position.

"Where are your friends ninja?" Skales asked.

"Far from here, Skales. What exactly do you want?" I replied.

"Revenge on the surface drellers," he said.

I slowly moved backwards. I hit a button and the place where Tove and I fell in, opened. I jumped out and Tove was close behind. Then I shut the floor and signaled Tove to follow. Then we left the HQ.

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