Ninja Girl: The Battle Begins

When the ninja can't find Sensei and Nya the check they serpentine HQs. They are able to find Nya but Sensei still remains missing. Meanwhile Pythor has unleashed the rest of the serpent tribes. Now the ninja must keep the tribes from uniting and protect Ninjago. Can they do it?


4. Chapter 3: Searching

Cole and I sat in the vents for a moment. We were both speechless. Then Zane and Kai came up to us.

"What's wrong?" Kai asked.

I thought for a moment, then said, "Let me get back to you on that when I know."

"What?" he said.

"Guys, what happened?" Zane repeated Kai's question.

"She just, and then, through the vents..." Cole said.

"English?" Kai asked.

"Tove went through the vents. It was... THE COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!" I quietly shouted.

"I would use the word creepy," Cole added.

"So what?" Zane asked.

"She knows where Jay is..." I replied.

Zane and Kai looked at each other. We decided to split up and look for Tove. I said it was a bad idea but since I was still new, my input didn't count. Kai's words not mine. I went with Zane and Cole went with Kai. Cole had the idea that two of us look for Jay and the other two look for Tove. Zane and I were to look for Tove. We searched for Tove for about an hour before regrouping.

"You guys find Jay?" I asked when we were hidden.

"Nope, you find that Tove girl?" Cole asked.

"Nope," Zane replied.

"Great, first we lose Nya and Sensei and now Jay?" Kai complained.

Then we heard a noise from the air vents. We silently jumped into the vents and headed toward the noise. When we got to a tree way pass we couldn't tell where it was coming from. We split up and I was on my own. I must have gotten lucky because eventually I came to an opening and saw Tove and the snakes.

"How many ninja have you caught?" Sakles, the Hypnobrai General, asked.

"Two. So that would be..." Tove started.

Skales interrupted, "I know how much... Just go get the rest of the ninja."

Skales started to look into the vent but I was able to hide before he saw me.I looked back down and didn't see anything. Then the strangest thing since I joined the ninja happend (trust me weirder has happened). I was pulled right through the vent by Tove! It felt really weird. I don't know how she stands it. When she pulled me down I hit my head and went uncounsious. When I woke I saw Jay and Lloyd. I was still groggy but Lloyd helped me up. I looked around a noticed I was in a cell, and standing at the door was Tove. I reached for my swords but they weren't there.

"Looking for these?" she asked  holding my swords.

I didn't say anything, I just looked her in the eye. She smiled, put my swords on the otherside of the room, and walked to the doorway.


She turned around and said, "Three down, three to go."

Then she walked out the door. I turned to Lloyd and Jay.

"Who is she? I keep asking but she just laughs," Lloyd said.

"Her name is Tove. So far, I don't like her... Except her cool abilities..." I replied.

"You mean going through things?" Jay asked.

"Well ya, isn't that just awesome?" I answered.

Jay just rolled his eyes.

"So now what?" Lloyd asked.

"We escape," I answered with a smile.

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