Ninja Girl: The Battle Begins

When the ninja can't find Sensei and Nya the check they serpentine HQs. They are able to find Nya but Sensei still remains missing. Meanwhile Pythor has unleashed the rest of the serpent tribes. Now the ninja must keep the tribes from uniting and protect Ninjago. Can they do it?


2. Chapter 1: Missing

"We have to keep looking," Cole said when he reched the burned down monistary.

"Cole we've been searching for an hour. They're not here," I said.

We had been searching for Sensei Whu and Nya. We think they left when the fire started but haven't seen them since we got back. I think the serpentine started the fire and kidnapped them. I know Jay and Zane think so too, but right now we needed to look around the monistary.

"Can we go check the serpentine HQs now?" Jay asked.

"Fine, but we can't let them know we're there," Kai said.

"Maybe if we had the right distraction," Zane said looking at Lloyd.

"Wait! You want me to distract the serpentine?" Lloyd questioned.

"You want to do what now?" I asked.

I wasn't going to let them send Lloyd as a distraction. He's my brother.

"Well if Lloyd tough enough to release the serpentine, then he can hendle destracting them," Cole said.

"Fine," Lloyd said.

"Don't I have a saying in this?" I asked.

"No," Kai answered.

We headed to the Hypnobrai HQ first since it was the closest. When we got to the HQ there were guards everywhere. We had went over the plan before we arrived.

"Alright Lloyd, go distract th gaurds so we can get in," Kai said.

"Fine," Lloyd said.

Lloyd snuck over to a bush on the other side of where we were. He shook the bush until the snakes headed over there. Then we snuck inside. When we got inside we went into the vents so we couldn't be caught. There were three paths we could take.

"Same teams as last time," Cole said.

"Can't I go with someone else?" I asked.

"Fine, Alex your coming with me, Kai you're on your own," Cole replied.

"Fine with me," Kai said.

We started through the vents. After a while we came acrossed where I found Nya last time. We looked into the room but it was empty.

"Okay so if Nya isn't here she might be at another HQ," Cole said.

"Yea so let's regroup, get Lloyd, and go find her," I replied.

We all regrouped back where we first entered. Everyone was there except for Jay and Zane. We looked around and Zane was rushing toward us.

"What's wrong? Where's Jay?" Kai asked.

"I do not know. One minute he was there and the next he was gone," Zane said while catching his breath.

"Well then we got to go find him," Cole said.

Zane showed us where he last saw Jay. We went down the vent to look for him. At some point there was a turn and I heard someone. I started down the vent and saw a girl wearing a torn up shirt and torn up blue jeans.

"Who are you?!" she asked shocked to see me.

"I'm Alex... And you are?" I questioned.

"Tove... What are you doing in the vents in a serpentine HQ?" she asked.

"I'm one of the ninja and shouldn't I be asking you that question?" I replied.

"You're a ninja?!" she exclaimed.

Then she started through the vents away from me. I didn't know what was going on so I followed her.

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