Ninja Girl: The Battle Begins

When the ninja can't find Sensei and Nya the check they serpentine HQs. They are able to find Nya but Sensei still remains missing. Meanwhile Pythor has unleashed the rest of the serpent tribes. Now the ninja must keep the tribes from uniting and protect Ninjago. Can they do it?


1. Prologue

My name is Alex and I'm a ninja, but I broke away from the others to help my brother. My brother, Lloyd, has unleashed three of the five serpentine tribes. I set of to stop him but he didn't listen. The last tomb he opened was empty. There was only one snake in there named Pythor. He stole the map to all the tombs from Lloyd. After that Lloyd and I went to get our uncle, Sensei Whu, but when we got to the monistary we saw it was burned down. Now we have to find Uncle and Nya, keep Pythor from opening the othe tombs, and protect Ninjago from the serpentine... My life has just gotten way more complicated.

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