Rock Me

This is Violet's and Harry's love story :) Enjoy!


5. chapter 4

violets p.o.v. 
i broke up with harry for many reasons, because i never saw him, the death threats, and i think im falling for someone else, niall. it was late march. i looked out the window or my room. the trees in my backyard had tiny pink blossoms, i wondered what they looked like where the boys were. niall and i kiked, skyped, texted, and called eachother everyday. i was falling for his personality. i knew it was wrong and harry would be devestated when he came back, the truth was i still had some feeling for harry but they were dissapearing. fast. i kinda stopped talking to niall. ignoring his skype calls, kiks, texts, calls. but istill read them and they were sweet. either complenting me on my instagram selfies with friends or by myself. or random jokes about everything and anything. i still laughed and i hope he knew it. i just didnt answer. he sent me pictures of the fans from balconysand stages and interviews. i loved it. but i couldnt love niall. like harry said, it wasnt fair. i picked up my wreck-this-journal off my vanity. i had absolutely no life today. i scribbled on the pages and stabbed holes to get my feeling out. but it didnt help. i also started ignoring cara. i ignored everyone from school, like the wanna bees that wanted to be friends, even the rest of the girls in my group. i ditched them for better friends, rich, famous ones. eleanor, danielle, perrie, jade, leigh-anne, lou teasdale, cher lloyd. i also talked to louis's sister lottie and zayns sister donyia even though she was a couple years older than me. i felt like a horrible person because of this. but i couldnt care less anymore. taking jets to shop in new york city or l.a. and getting starbucks coffee, bread, ice cream and other stuff. having sleep overs in mansions swimming in huge heated pools in early sping, watching danielle dance with olly murs jessie j and other celeberties. i was living the high life, not because of harry but because of me. just becaus they liked my personality. i knew that every directioner girl in the world would kill to be in my spot. i got up and looked at myself. in the mirror i was wearing a peachy sweatshirt and a pair of jean shorts, it was supprisingly hot this spring. i put on some converse and left. i texted the girls in a group text, the new girls. 
to: el, dan, per, donyia
meet at starbucks?
el texted back immediately.
el: yaaaaaaaaaaa
el always seemed to be in the area even though she lived in manchester and this was chesire i think she said that she had family here. i grabbed my brown coach crossbody bag, a pink wallet from coach, my iphone, keys, a extra tube of lip stain and mascara. i stuffed them all in my bag and walked out. my phone vibrated, i took it out and looked at it.
*new message from niall*
i rolled my eyes and opened it
niall: i know whats going on between us and i feel the same way, but harry is devestated. we need to do something.
i locked my phone. as i climbed into my car i saw cara, tara, felecite, and kacie in caras new red convertable. cara beeped twice. did she want me?
"wanna come with us?" she called out to me before i could close the door.
"coffee with el. sorry!" cara looked annoyed. 
"who are you? i wanted to bring violet with us, not you!" she screamed. i saw grace open her blinds to see what was happening. i didnt even care about cara anymore, she was the past. i backed out of the driveway and turned on the radio. trouble maker by olly murs was on. i opened the compartment in the car and got out my ray bands that el brought me. i put them on. it took 4 min to get to starbucks, i sneezed and sneezed because of allergies. ugh fuck allergies. el was already sitting there picking at a flower cookie. i walked in and waved at her, her expression brightened and she waved back. i walked over to the counter and ordered. 
"grande green tea frapachino please." i said
"you dont know it by now?" 
"haha, violet right?" 
"duh." i turned around and walked towards el's table. 
"yummy cookie?" 
"so the niall thing. this is serious, and louis knows."
"what? why?"
"we tell eachother everythingg." 
"ugh thanks." my phone vibrated in my pocket, harry was calling me. i pressed ignore. 
"violet?" the starbucks person called. i got up and went to the starbucks counter, i paid and sat back down with eleanor. 
"i need your advice, i serouisly dont know what to do." i took a sip of my drink. 
"stop talking to niall and go with harry. you both really love eachother, niall is just a crush and you havent seen harry in a while so your forgetting about him. that happened to me a couple times when lou left. but after all those times i relaized i actually love him and your already half way there with him," she moved her chair next to mine and put her hand on my shoulder.
"dont let niall get in the way." i nodded, i wouldnt let him. ive loved harry for such a long time and i still will and later in life well get married and have a adorable little girl named darcy, right? but things were changing, between me and cara, me and harry, and pretty much everything else in my life. 
"i have to go." i blurted. my phone vibrated agian it said 2 new messages
dan- noo practice sorry!
per- rehersals babe.
i got into my car and drove home. i parked, walked up the stairs and got into my room. i took my sandals off and threw them in my closet and jumped into my bed. i took out my laptop and logged onto skype. harry was online, i tried to remember what time it was in wales. it was 12:30 here so was it 2? i dont care. i just called him. he picked up after 3 rings. 
"hi" his eyes were red.
"so about what happened before, please tell me what i did. please i love you. im sorry." 
"is that her?" zayn said
"its her?" liam said
"oh, you have to go?" my door screetched open. i looked up, it was niall. 
"well we have an interview, what are you looking at?" 
"oh then go. we'll talk later. grace just walked down the wall in a stupid outfit." niall shut the door behind him. he walked onto the carpet.
"SHOES GRACE, SHOES!" i yelled at niall, he started laughing. 
"hi grace! you sound like niall!" 
"hi!" niall said trying to sound like grace. 
"well i have to go. i love you." a frown appeared on his face.
"i will explain to you later. i love you too." he smiled.
"HARRY COMON." harry ended the call and logged off. i closed my laptop.
"what are you doing here?" i asked niall.
"i wanted to see you." 
"because i like you." 
"im really sorry but you have to go. and you got mug all over my carpet, great." 
"wait. you dont like me." 
"i- i dont know. im really in love with harry." 
"oh. then mabye i should leave" 
"yeah, you should." niall frowned. i looked at him simpatically, he walked out of the room. 
"wait." he turned around.
"what channel will the interview be on?" 
"uh, its a show in cardiff, i think its called today." 
"okay. um you wanna watch with me, for the least." 
"yeah sure." i opened my macbook pro. the back round was a black and white picture of harry and i, smiling at the camera. everything was fine then. now this.
"you guys look great together." he forced a smile.
"haha thanks." i double clicked on safari snd typed in today. i clicked on the first one that came up. a webpage poped up. another thing poped up translate to english? i clicked yes. live stream with one direction it read. 
"why are you so happy?" the long brown haired interviewer with green eyes and a low cut top said
"because- because of what just happened." harry said
"andd mr. styles what happened in your FABULOUSS lifee?" 
"my long time girlfriend just called me on skype, we havent talked in a ywhile." 
"oh is she watching!" 
"im not sure. if you give me a second ill check." i texted harry 'yes' 
"oh! she is." 
"now whats her name?" 
"violet." he said confitentally.
"okay, i hope that you too have a good time together. now were off to the other boys."
the rest of the interview was boring. i felt niall look at me a couple of times, but now he wasnt. once the interview was over i sat up and looked at my cuticles i peeled the dark navy blue nail varnish off. flakes landed on the bed. 
"so." niall said i looked up.
"wanna go out and do something?" 
"sure, what though?" 
"no i just had starbucks, sorry." i ruffled his hair. my computer started ringing, i opened skype and harry's face poped up. 
"hi." harry smiled
"hi." i smiled back.
"please tell me why we broke up, let me fix it." 
"i could tell you in person, just wait, only a couple more months." i winked at him. 
"but i thik we should get back together," i quickly added. i looked up, niall wandered into my closet. 
"one sec." i put on mute.
"niall." he came out wearing jimmy choo heals a hermes scarf and juicy coutre sunglasses.
"since im so much like you do you like me now?" 
"niall dont be such a baby." 
 i walked over to him and brought him into a hug. i took the scarf, heels, and glasses and put them in their places. 
"i just have no one, ya know." i loved his accent. 
"yeah." i looked down.
"im sorry i caused you all this trouble, contacting you and everything. i just really missed harry and i knew that we had something an yeah. but im really sorry." i said
"really its okay." he took my hand.
"i loved talking to you, even though you dont like me, in that way." his voice sounded upset.
"oh niall. i just, i dont know if i even love harry or im telling myself too or what. i miss him, but i dont!" i hugged him agian and cried a bit on his white teeshirt, he wrapped his arms around me. 
"its okay violet." 
"no! i lost my virginity to him i-"
"what? you had sex with harry?" i looked up at him, he looked mad. he broke the hug. and stormedout of the room.

Niall's P.O.V. 
i was such a fool. such a fool. i poured my heart into that girl, i left my tour to see her for a week and she tells me that she had sex with my man-whore bestfriend? this is why i dont date girls. theyre idoits. i never had sex with her bestfriend. she completely led me on. she lied to me, in some way. i thought she loved me. i took my phone out of my back pocket and texted harry.
me: your dead. 
harry: wht
i just called him.
"i left the tour for YOUR girlfriend, the one that led me on, the one that broke your heart, the one that said she didnt love you, the one that lost her virginity to you. she proberly ment nothing to you. another girl to bump up then go on tour eh? you and your sick, sick, relantions. all you are is trouble. your dead. how could you bump her like that then go on tour." 
"w-what." he replied i heard liam in the back round
"your with violet?" he quietely asked.
"yeah. i left because i wanted to see her and she wanted to see me, how does it feel when the truth comes out huh?
"my girlfriend?" 
"for the love of sakes dumb mind yes." 
"shes cheating on me with you?" 
"you were never there for her harry." 
there was no answer for a long time. i got into my car and sped to my friend's house, he gave me his keys and everything cause he would be out for a while. i packed all my stuff in the suitcase while on the phone with harry, he still didnt say anything. there were a few quiet sobs. i didnt feel bad. 
"where are you?" i asked harry. 
"im coming." 
"okay." harry finally hung up. 
~niall flys back to the boys~ 

Harrys P.O.V. 
i looked through my phone and the messages with Violet. i watched a video i sent her of me on the set of One Way Or Another. 
"the only letter in the alphabet i adore is U" i was ontop of two bodyguards, they were holding me so i could lie down in their arms. 
"you better wait for me, i cant wait to see you when i come back." i pointed my finger at the camera. 
i replayed the video a couple times. she replied. 'i love you so much you cheeky angel xx.' what if that was fake? 
i cried during that time too. the only one in my room was Louis, cause we had to share it. Liam and Zayn left halfway through Niall's call. 
"mate? your really strung up on this huh?" i simply nodded. louis came over and hugged me.
"you know lets go out on a guy day, just me and you. we have no more things today or tomorrow so we could be out all night." 
"i dont feel up to it." 
"come on! lets go!" louis grabbed my hand and pulled me up. 
"louissss!" i moaned. 
"shutup harry." he nodded at the security guard and we left the hotel. this was louis' stupidest idea ever because fans were camped outside. 
"can we get a taxi?" louis said to the man at the main desk.
"sure mr. tomlinson two seconds please." 
a couple min later a man holding uo a sign that said mr. tomlinson arrived. we went with him to the car. thankfully to the hotel staff tall butlers and wide doorsmen kept the screaming girls away while we went into our taxi.
"where would you like us to go?" the driver said
"oakwood theme park." louis stated firmly.
"lou, the fans." 
"we could take em! LARRY STYLINSON POWER!" 
"lou thats gay." he just winked at me.
i got a text from... Violet.
violet: harry. omg you have to let me explain, please im coming to , just let me see you.
i looked at the text, then up at louis, then at the text. louis relaized what was going on, he shook his head. 
"she cheated on you with niall." 
"i have to, we have to either fix this or end it." i texted her back
me: time? place?
violet: 13:30, airport? 
me: ok
right now it was 12:45 
"drvier, to the airport." he obeyed. 
~finally at the airport.~ 
louis and i sat in a cafe in the airport. we both had starbucks coffee in our hands and fans were coming up like crazy, but i used my height as an advantage to find Violet. i saw her walk out of the shuttle. 
"lou, shes here." 
"go." i pardoned myself from the screaming girls and made my way over to violet. she saw me, she walked over with the duffle bag in her hands.
"hi." i said
"wanna leave this place and go some where else, its really crowded here." 
"your harry styles, wherever you go it'll be crowded." we both laughed awkwardly for a couple seconds 
"cmon." i tried to lead her out of the airport, we were stopped a couple times by fans. asking for autographs and pictures. some older girls came up to us, and asked for pictures. i kept on looking at violet,
"thats your girlfriend?" a short, pretty, black haired girl asked. 
"w-what?" i jumped. 
"go. ill hold them off for you." she winked.
"thank you." i jogged over to violet, 
"lets go." we ran out of the airport and into my car and drove to my hotel. once we got there we were greeted by the hotel staff. we went up to louis and i's room. 
"what?" i asked her. 
"i missed you, and niall and i had something in the past and i thought that i could just go to him. its not like we did anything or anything. harry, i love you and dont hate me or not get back together because i do want to get back together, i really do. i really love you." i looked her up and down. she was wearing a yellow raincoat and rainboots. the heavy rain pattered on the window. 
"okay." she jumped up and hugged me. 
"never let me go." she whispered.
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