Rock Me

This is Violet's and Harry's love story :) Enjoy!


4. chapter 3

to: cara bby
she answered immediately 
cara bby: YES YES YES YES!
i walked back into my closet, i picked out a black tube dress from f21 and Amber Platforms from Nasty gal. i took them into the bathroom, i didnt even take a shower, i just put deoterant, Dot by Marc Jacobs perfum, i shaved my legs quickly and put on smokey eye, Girl Next Door lipstick from mac, the Betty collection(just got it in the mail and i loveeeee ittttt). then i curled the tips of my hair and teased the op with my conair teasing brush for more volume. i put everything on and walked out of the bathroom, to find Louis on my bed. 
"what the hell are you doing here?" i couldnt help but laugh a bit.
"im here to convince you to get together with harry. where are you going?" 
"no, and clubbingggg!" 
"oh god can i come!" 
"and you look better without all that makeup." he said, i blushed. 
 we both walked downstairs. i walked into the kitchen and opened the cabniet under the island. there was a bunch of school supplies in there. i took out postits and a sharpie. i wrote down the adress and hanged it to Louis. 
"thats the adress. bring as many friends as you want." 
"okay." louis said. i was going to go to cara's flat, leave my car there. call a taxi from her house and we'll go in a taxi. once i got to cara's flat i placed my foot on the cement and walked up to her house. the side of her house was covered with vines, it was beautiful. i rang the doorbell, she answered. her long dirty blonde hair was straightened, it went down to her waist. she was wearing a pink nine lives dress from nasty gal and black hathaway platforms also from nasty gal. she was hawwtt. 
"ready?" i asked.
"ya. i already called the cab lets wait in my room." we walked up to her room, i havent been in here in a while. the walls were now painted eletric blue and the ceiling was mirrored. there was a couch, but it wasnt red, it was yellow, and it had a ton of pillows, there was alot of stuff from Pier 1. there was a small white vanity and a lifesize stand of Louis in the corner of her room. there was beeping outside. i looked out the window, a cab was there. 
"cabs here." i said. cara was putting a little more makeup on in her vanity, i grabbed my burgandy michel kors wristlet. 
"come onn!" i said walking across and out of caras room. i loved caras house, even though it was smaller it was better. she had an inground pool, pool house, garden, secret garden and in the house there was glass all over the place reflecting light. it was georgeous. i walked down the stairs. the stairs were inclosed spiral, so you couldnt see what was around the corner. the walls were painted pink. 
"ow!" cara screamed i walked back upstairs. 
"what?" poked myselfin the eye with eyeliner. i grabbed her wrist and her bag and dragged her out of the room, once we got out of the room and down the stairs i grabbed my leather jacket off the rack and cara took hers. we left. i heard the door lock behind cara. i walked towards the cab. my heels were clacking as i approached it. we both slid into the taxi. 
"where to?" the driver said in a deep voice. 
"the tytherington club please." i said. 
"ok." we started driving. 
"louis is coming too." i said
"really?" cara said back.
"your not scared that hes gonna bring harry?" i looked at her, she was pushing back the cuticles on her long, gold painted nails. 
"i never actually thought of that." we sat in silence for the rest of the drive, which was about 10 min. i looked at cara. she was texting Louis. 
me: harrys going right?
Louis: ya. i made him get out of the bed but he dosemt know tht Violets going. 
me: she would make this cab spin around if she kneww. 
Louis: well harry thinks theres gonna be strippersss ;))
me: LOLOLOL! what a messs
Louis: well mabye you could do him the favor, or us. ;)
they were soo flirting. funny thing actually because he had a girlfriend. i continued reading.
me: lol louis your so patheticc. dont you fancy eleanor. 
Louis: yeah so? 
cara looked up. 
"umm." she looked at me. 
"what?" i pretended i was peeling the navy blue nail polish off my fingers
"were you reading my texts?"
"no." i lied
the taxi cab stopped
"£15.95" the driver said. i took out 20 pounds. 
"keep the change." we both got out of the cab and walked towards the club. girls were walking in, more than usual, and there were security guards everywhere. harry and louis were in there. we walked pass the line. 
"hey larry." i said. 
"oh violet, cara, go on in." larry had a funny southern accent. girls in the back of the line were screaming out slut and whore. but at least we were in. some weird song was playing, so we didnt dance right away, we decided we would find the boys first which isnt really that hard. there was a large group of girls by the bar. we walked over. 
"move out of my way!" i yelled. a couple girls moved, we pushed the rest. 
"oh hey guys." louis said. harry was just staring at me. i waved. 
"hi lou." i said. Thriftshop by Macklemore came on. 
"wanna go dance?" harry asked. we all agreed. we walked to the v.i.p. area, because we really didnt want the other girls annoying us. we danced got drunk, i remembered harry screaming "WHY DOSENT SHE LOVE ME? I KNOW SHES TOO GOOD FOR ME BUT WHATS WRONG WITH ME." and i magically woke up in harrys bed. what. i sat up and pushed the pink duvet off of me. the shades were drawn, the door was closed, and there was water running. i got sat on the side of the bed. my dress and shoes were still on. i looked in his mirror, i looked like shit. the bathroom door opened.
"oh your awake." harry said. 
"no im not." i fell back on the bed. harry chuckled. 
"you were so drunk i didnt know what to do with you, and my mum wasnt home. i knew how mad your mum gets-" 
"its fine harry, really, thank you." 
"your welcome. gemmas away with my mum, do you want some trousers and trainers?" 
"yes. thank you." harry left the room. i took the shoes off and tossed them on the floor. gemma was two years older than me. but i think her stuff would fit. harry came back with a pair of gray sweats and white converse. i changed and walked out. 

Harry's P.O.V.
even in my sisters trousers and a tank top she looked like a godess. 
"come sit, i have something for you." i patted the bed next to me. she took a seat. 
"i wrote you a song."
"oh really? play me it."
do you remember summer 09
wanna go back there every night
just cant lie it was the best time of my life
lying on the beach as the sun blew out
playin this guitar by the fire too loud
oh mymy they could never shut us down

i used to think that i was better alone
why did i ever want to let you go
under the moonlight as we stare at the sea
the words you whispered i will always believe

i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah
i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah
i want you to hit the petal heavy metal show me you care
i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah

yeah we were together summer 09 
wanna roll back like pressing rewind
you were mine and we never said goodbye 

i used to think that i was better alone (better alone)
why did i ever want to let you go (let you go)
under the moonlight as we stare at the sea (stare at the sea)
the words you whispered i will always believe

i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah
i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah
i want you to hit the petal heavy metal show me you care
i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah

R-O-C-K me agian R-O-C-K me agian R-O-C-K agian 
i want you to rock me
R-O-C-K me agian R-O-C-K me agian R-O-C-K agian

i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah
i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah
i want you to hit the petal heavy metal show me you care
i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah" i smiled at her.
"harry that was beautiful! inapproite, but beautiful. you better put it in your next album." she smiled
"Violet, you dont understand. i really am in love with you. why dont you love me back?" she leaned in and kissed me. it was passionate, and slow, and loving. she loved me back, i could tell.
"those three words mean more than the world to me. YOU dont understand. your love is like quicksand. once i get in, i cant get out. history cant repeat itself, mistakesare for learning not redoing. after our last breakup i was devestated, ask cara. i cant put myself through that agian." 
"i love you. and i wont let anything hurt you. fall into me love." she smiled. that smile ment 'more than the world to me' it said yes. it said i love you, and i trust you. she just handed me her heart, and it was like clay. but i couldnt ruin the masterpiece it was. 

~a couple days later Violet and Harrys birthday party~ 
Violet and I decided to have a joint party, since we had the same friends and we were so close. we were going to finally tell everyone, includding paparazzi we fell back in love. our party was in a club, but it was a fancier one with a lot of tables and chairs for the family that joined. mine, violets, and louis mum dad and sisters were coming. and violets remaining brother. Violet and I got to the club early she was wearing a Red Lace Flippy Dress i brought her a while ago. and she was wearing black heels. her hair was straightened and she looked amazing. 
"your beautiful." i said.
"i love you." she said
i kissed her then her mom walked in.
"Viole- oh. um Zayn and the rest of the boys are outside." she quickly left and we just laughed. the boys walked in. all of themwere wearing polos
"Did ya tell er mate?" Niall asked me my stomach dropped. i dared niall with my eyes to keep talking.
"tell me what?" she asked Niall
"that were leaving on tour tomorrow." niall said blankly.
"what the fuck lad?" louis asked
"yeah what the fuck niall." i was interupted with a slap in the face.
"wait. you guys are..?" niall asked
"shutup niall." Violet snapped. her eyes turned dark. 
"you had this whole time to tell me but you just played me. and when you left what were you going to do? text me and skype me. fuck yourself harry." she stormed off.
"honestly mate what the fuck was that?" i ran after Violet. she was crying in the womans toilets. i walked in.
"love? why are you crying?"
"because i dont want you to leave." 
"babe. ill call you every night and morning. ill tuck you in and be your wake up call. ill tell you about every interview and every girl that hits on me and ill tell you how ugly they are." she opened the stall.
"i just.. i.. ugh. i just."
"i love you so much i dont want to let you go." she mumbled. 
"love i cant hear you if you mumble." i tilted her chin up to my face. 
"i love you so much i dont want to let you go." 
"i love you too baby." i kissed her.
"now we have guests." she smiled and grabbed my hand
"lets go" she said. 
there were abunch of people running around and talking. Lottie was talking to Grace, Violets sister. have they met before? Music started playing and people started dancing. 
Violet and I walked up stage. 
"hey everyone." i got everyones attention 
"we have an announcement. were in love." everyone was silent. smiles grew on faces. people clapped. it was nice. we walked off stage. the night ended fast. we ended up in my room. 
"ill help you pack." Violet offered. 
"already done." i smiled.
"well we have all night what do you want to do?" she put a hand on my theigh and squeezed. 
"come with me." i took her hand and brought her outside into the cold. i felt goosebumps form on her arms. i ran with her to my little house. i opened the door and turned on the light. the heat was already on. 
"oh god harry. what is this?" she asked. 
"its my house. whenever i got mad at my mum i stormed out and got drunk. she got annoyed with that so she made me this house. whenever i get mad i come here." i ended with a cupcake smile. 
"thats cute." she wanted something more. 
"well.." i said she turned around. 
"mhmm." she picked at her cuticles and sat on the queen bed in the middle of the room. 
"do you love me?" she asked
"then take a hint and show it." i walked over next to her and kissed her with passion, i could feel her start to smile and pull away but i wouldnt let her. i pushed her down on the bed and climbed on top of her. hair fanned out all over the place. i kissed her agian, i could feel her smiling. she stood up, i unzipped the side of her dress and slipped it off. then she took my blazer and top off. everything was thrown on the floor. we kissed agian, we were both bare except for bra, underwear, and boxers. we just kissed each other for a while, our hands laced together. 
"ready?" i broke the kiss,
"mhmm." i unhooked the back of her bra and threw it across the room. then her under wear. then my boxers left our party then we had it, sex. she seemed completely fine with it, but it was obvesely her first time. she moaned my name a couple times but she was worn out quickly. she was lying in my arms andi smiled, she was completely asleep. a angel. 
~the next morning.~ 
i woke up, violet was in my arms. my head hurt, i sat up. i forgot all about last night, that we went to the club, that we came to the tiny house, that we had sex. i nudged Violet. 
"love wake up." Violets eyes fluttered open and she smiled. she was so beautiful. 
"i have to go." her smile vanished. a single tear dropped down her perfectly bare cheek. i pushed it to the side with my thumb. i smiled a pianful smile.
"ill miss you." she got up and put her trousers and tank top on and walked out. i ran after her. 
"thats it? thats all i get? im leaving for 6 months. more tears streamed down her face.
"stop! i dont want to think like that. i just want to think that ill see you everynight and talk to you everymorning, and text between concerts and interviews. and ill visit you in america since were going to pennsyvania in july. and you have a concert there. and im just going to miss you too much. i dont want it to sink in infront of you." i gave her a huge hug.
"every night and everymorning ill call you and text ou and skype you, and if you cant text we'll kik. and if something comes up. text anyother one of the boys. because they know how much i love you too." i laced our fingers together. her phone started ringing. she looked at it.
"i have to go. ill miss you. i love you." she kissed me. then she broke the kiss
"i love you too." she dropped her hand and walked out. then i got a text. 
zayn: when are you coming to the airport? it leaves in 20.
me: shit ill be there soon.
i ran up to my room, i was already packed so i brought my suitcases downstairs and ran into the my car. i drove to the airport.
*call form louis;)* i answered it
"lad where are you?" 
"im 5 min away."
"hurry up." 
i got to the airport. the boys were sitting in v.i.p. there waspaparazzi everywhere. 
"WHY DIDNT YOU BRING VIOLET WITH YOU? DID YOU GUYS BREAKUP ALREADY? WOMANIZER." i was discusted with everyone and everything they were all so gross. how dould they say that stuff about me and my love? 

louis p.o.v.
i looked out the window for harry,
"are you okay baby?" eleanor's sweet voice asked.
"yeah im fine." i continued to look out the window, despite the rumors about 'larry' i really did love eleanor and wanted to marry her, but the band was first. harry caught my eye. i watched him walk up tothe doors. a pap yelled at him and he stopped. what was going on. harry turned aroung and punched the guy in the face. i got up to get a better look. i heard girls screaming even though they were a mile away. 
"lads. come with me." the guys looked at me and stood up. Perrie, Eleanor and Danille looked at me too. 
"harrys in a fist fight." the boys' eyes darkened because we all knew how harry could be. we rushed out of the room and outside. the yelling shattered my eardrum. the clicking of cameras was heard from all the way by the doors where we were. then we heard a bullet. (oh godd) camera clicks and girls stopped making noise. quietness took over the front of the airport. liam zayn and i told our girlfriends to stay back and we ran towards harry. he was lying on the floor. blood came out of his arm. my hand was over my mouth. i crouched down and felt for a pulse. there was one. 
"CAN WE GET AN AMBULENCE OVER HERE NOW?" i screamed. and right in that moment an ambulence sped into our direction and rushed to bring harry to the hospital. i called Violet.
"hello? lou? whats up?" i heard her say.
"violet.. harry got into a fight and then someone shot him." 
"haha lou your kidding." i heard her voice crack.
"no- no im not. just come to the hospital by the airport love."
"is he going to be okay?" she was crying.
"i dont know." she hung up with out saying another word. the ambulence was gone and we all were standing next to a puddle of blood. there were police asking questions but that was the only noise you could hear. we were all staring at the blood. everything was at a stand still. i grabbed eleanors hand. 
"come on were going to the hospital." she nodded her head. the other boys went back to tell paul and the other security what happened, they would meet us all later. while el and i were driving i was thinking about what happened. mabye if security came faster mabye if i ran quicker. i thought abut anne and gemma and how they might lose a son and brother. all those girls that might lose an idol or inspiration. and then finally i thought about me and how i might lose my bestfriend. at a stop light i looked at el. she was peeling off some of her creme nail varnish. 
"eleanor calder i never want to lose you. i love you. promise you wont get into any fights?" 
"louis tomlinson i love you too. and your worrying about me darling? lets worry about harry for now." the light turned green and we drove until we reached the hospital. we both ran inside. the sky changed froma bright blue to a gloomy gray. 
"um is harry styles here?" 
"who is asking?" 
"louis tomlinson." 
"oh, you lads are mates?" 
"okay hes in surgery right now, the bullet hit an artery." 
"is he going to be okay." 
"im sorry baby but im not sure. youll just have to wait." 

violets p.o.v. 
i freaked out after louis's call. i cried for about 5 min before rushing out of the house to go to the hospital. harrys causeing me all this stress and we just started dating agian. i ran down the stairs.
"honey! whats wrong?" my mum cooed. i ignored her, grabbed my jacket and left. the hospital nearest to the airport was 5 min away so it took me 5 min to get there. once i arrived i saw lou and el sitting in the waiting room. they turned around and saw me. they both got up and hugged me, i could tell by louis' face that hes been crying. 
"is he okay?" 
"i dont know." 
"how about you ask her." 
"already did."
"what did she say?" 
"it hit an artery and hes in surgery she dosnt know what will happen." 
"oh god." i cried a bit in louis' arms. 
"friends of harry styles?" we looked towards a white door with a small round window. a chubby african woman with a light blue nurse's outfit on was looking back at us.
"come in here." we walked towards the door. harry was in a stretcher, he was pale and lifeless his eyes were closed. was he dead?
"oh my.." harry opened his eyes. they were the palest green ive ever seen. harry tried to stretch out his hand, he nearly touched mine but it sank down.
"well hes gonna need some rest, alot. but otha den dat. he gonna be fine." i smiled at harry. he smiled. i put my hand onto his and squeezed it abit. 
"lou? can you call the boys, grimmy and my mum and tell them that im fine?" he nearly said
"sure lad." louis and eleanor stepped out of the hall. 
"what happened?" i stated firmly. 
"i- i got into a fight." 
"no duh harry." i kissed him on the cheek and turned to the nurse.
"can i stay with him for the night?" the nurse smiled
"sure honey. hes going to be in room 458B." 
"okay." i turned back to harry.
"want me to get you anything? anything at all. ill go to the shops or your flat." 
"no.. its okay." 
"nah itll be best if you get some food in that tum. youll need it." the nurse said.
harry chuckled and i giggled.
"ill bring nandos." 
"no stay." i smiled 
"fine." i kissed him on the cheek.
"honey i gotta bring him to his room. you could follow."
"i will." 
we went up to harrys room i texted louis the room number. it was sunset and harrys room was in the west. i opeded the blinds. it was beautiful. i didnt actually relaize that the whole building was one way glass. i sat on a chair and stared at harry. he flexed his arms and put his hands behind his back, then he closed his eyes. i continued to stare at him. he opened his eyes and looked at me, his eyes were greener now and his face was gaining color.
"what?" he asked.
"your just so beautiful, even when your near death." 
"look in a mirror love." 
"i have, but your just flawless." he chuckled
"love, you and i know that im far from that." 
"your a amazing singer, brilliant personality, beautiful face. want me to continue?" 
"no. but i could go on fora week for you." 
"your beautiful, amazing. every time i see you i wanna shag. from your hair to your hooter to your mouth your face is flawless. your funny and full of light. my mum and dad would adopt you. your smart, brillant actually. your caring towards me and everyone else in the world. YOUR the amazing singer, and wonderful dancer. you are amazing at photography and making funny faces. your neat and organized. and your hair is always perfect. if you commit yourself to something you fall through with it. your a great artist, remember that painting of us that you made. i dont know what else to say but bottom line your a lovely, beautiful, girl and i love you." 

harrys p.o.v.
all she did was smile and look at her feet. 
"and when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell. you dont know. oh oh. you dont know your beautiful." she cracked up. 
"why is it so funny?" i asked
"your hilarious. your saying that song is about me?" 
"well your the only girl i know that actually smiles at the ground." 
"haha! are you serious. im the only one that does that?" 
"yeah!" then louis and eleanor walked in. 
"Hey! we could hear you guys laughing down the hall! whats so funny?" 
"haha nothing mate." i said eleanor picked off her creme nail varnish, it fell to the floor in small flakes. did she not like me, why wasnt she saying anything?
"el? is there something you wanted to say?" louis said. eleanor rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. louis followed her.
"what was that?" Violet asked. 
"dont know dont care. she hates me because of the larry rumors." 
"but your both dating girls."
"haha yeah. i dont know what her problem is then." 
"haha okay." louis and eleanor walked back into the room.
"hey violet? wanna go out and shop or something? i need girl time. haha." i looked at harry, but he was already looking at me. i lookeddown at my outfit.  a knited back zip jumper in a light blue from top shop, black leggings and combat boots. eleanor proberly didnt want to go with me, her friends proberly declined. but why throw away this oppertunity?
"yeah, sure." 
"great." she clapped twice. 
"lets get some starbucks first then well go to the shops." she kissed louis on the lips.
"bye babe." she said, i waved goodbye at harry and then we walked out. 

~a momth and a half later~ 
harrys p.o.v.
we were a little bit into the tour. violet saw the first one in london with danille, perrie, and eleanor. theyve bonded alot. the band was in germany, i looked out the hotel window, the trees were starting to get buds and it was raining alot. i missed violet so much i couldnt think of anything else. louis was in the shower so i sat on the big bed. i put my pair of ray bands n so louis couldnt see my eyes. i dialed violets phone.
"hello?" she answered almost immediately. 
"hi love." 
"please dont call me that." what? 
"whats wrong?" 
"we need to break up, or atleast a break. i wish you the best with your tour and everything. goodbye harry." the other line went blank. what just happened? was this a joke? was this a taste of my own medicine? was she cheating on me? i texted eleanor
me: what happened between me nad violet. why did she dump me. 
eleanor c: i cant talk to you.
then i texted danille
me: why did she dump me?
danille p: i cant talk to you. im really sorry harry.
what the fuck was going on? louis came out of thebathroom in only a towel, his high but low voice broke my thoughts.
"harry? you okay lad?" i threw my phone at him and his towel fell." 
"haha what the fuck lou pick that up!" lou laughed.
"serouisly mate whats bothering your hair." he put his hand in my hair and messed it up.
"louiss!" lou and i were extremely close, not even like brothers but something closer. we were bestfriends, extremely close, we loved eachother, but only as bestfriends.
"violet broke up with me i mumbled." a tear fell past my glasses.
"what? why?" 
"i dont know. no one will tell me." louis frowned. 
"let me get dressed then i call el, then we have that interview so get ready." i was sitting on the bed with my grey lover tee shirt nd black pants. 
"i am ready." i texted violet.
me: babe, why? i still love you. its not fair!
violet: im really sorry, when you come back ill explain, please stop messaging me.
that wasnt like violet, she wasnt that nice, or caring, or anything. i loved her because she was rude at times, she was funny. she was a real person, but i wouldnt be back home in 4 months. 
me: please babe, just come visit me, were in germany.
violet: harry no.
that was her. louis came out of the bathroom wearing white jeans an a bluey purpley jumper.
"she said she would explain when we come back." louis had a nervous look on his face. 
"what?" he looked down.
"lou. what." he didnt amswer.
"louis william tomlinson what happened?" 
"shes not going to explain." lou finally mummbled.
"why?" i asked
"it would break your heart if i told you." he walked out of the suite. zayn and liam were in the hallway sitting on the floor talking with paul but where was niall? they looked at us as we walked out.
"louis." he ignored me.
"LOUIS." i said louder. he walked down the hall.
"LOUIS STOP." he nodded at the security guard at the end of the wall and  got into an elevator. i went back into the the room and slammed the door. 
someone knocked i opened the door. liam and niall were standing there. 
they both just walked in and sat on the huge bed. 
"whats wrong mate." zayn said
i shut the door and slumped down agianst it. when i sat flat on the phone i put my face in my hands. 
"she broke up with me shes gone and i dont know what i did." there was silence.
"you guys dont know how it feels to love someone so much and-"
"i love danille." liam interupted.
"well she loves you back." 
i felt a hand on my arm, i looked up it was zayn.
"its okay. you were too good for her anyway." 
"stop, no. we all know she was too good for me. i might be rich and sing but she is beautiful, smart, talented. shes everything we could ever want. shes an angel. and i lost her. im so stupid!" i threw my phone across the room, it shattered. 
"do yiu know how hard its going to be to pick that up?" liam questioned.
"shutup. its not the time." 
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