Rock Me

This is Violet's and Harry's love story :) Enjoy!


3. chapter 2

Violet's P.O.V.
my sister came home about a hour later. she attended a 2 day sleepover the night before so i havent seen her since shes came home. i walked into her room.
"grace?" she emirged out of her walk in closet.
"can we talk?" 
"sure. sit." even though i was older than grace it was only by a year, and grace had way more expirence with boys than me. they practically melted them in her fingers. i was jelous. i was a little prettier than her but she was better in a couple ways. she was better with boys, she had bigger boobs, and she had a bigger group of friends, but i was fine with all of that.
"harry came back today." i sat on her bed. her duvet was red with gold beads. she had about athousand pillows with colorful beads that reminded me of the circus. her walls were plain white. she had a large wall piece that said LONDON on top of her bed and a vanity at the other side of the room. then she had a wall of pictures of her, her and her friends, her with her family, and her photography. then she had her name spelled out in huge Marquee red light up letters that i saw in Urban Outfitters for $150 each. her room was the typical room of girls in our neighborhood, glitz and glam with a dash of down to earth girl. she was redoing her closet, since the seasons were changing from winter to midspring.
"i like one direction too. i know that." she stated quite rudely
"he came by, and said he still loved me." she turned around and walked out of thecloset and sat on a purple beanbag.
"continue." she said
"then i told him i had a boyfriend an-"
"yeah i know. so then he told me to go over his house to take care of him, because his parents werent home and his stomach 'hurt'." i airquoted hurt
"but he actually wanted to make a move on me. but it didnt work and i regected him. i left and he followed me when my 'boyfriend' came over and he kissed me and harry saw. now what?" 
"dinner." my mum said over the intercom we both got up and left grace's room. down the now darker hallway, down the narrow staircase, across the family room and into the doubled door dining room. 
Gosia, the family maid made chicken cutlets, greens, mashed potatos, and hamburgers. (for my dad and Ben (my brother) who only liked beef.) i took a chicken cutlet and some greens. mash potatos were fattening and weird. they were like mountains of mushy carbs, expecially if you put butter on it. dad ate everything except for the chicken cutlets, grace only ate greens and mashed potatos, since she was a vegetarian, and my mom ate a chicken cutlet, greens, and potatoes.
"may i be excused?" i asked once i finished. my mum and dad looked at eachother and then nodded.
"i second that." i heard grace say as i was walking across the family room she ran up behind me. 
"my room?" she asked
"no, if you want you could come to mine. but dont you have homework?" 
"ok and i finished at school." 
"how do you even do that? advanced classes in collage, boys, and sister probs, and your still completely sane." 
"everythings so easy to me.. so yeah." 
"oh." i said
we walked into my room, its so much neater compared to hers. 
"please. if your dirty do not sit on the bed, or dont scuff the floor." Grace sat on the beanbag, i turned the fairy lights i had on. we wsat there in silence for a couple min.
"i cant appoligize." i sparked the convosation.
"i cant love him. i dont love him." 
"why not? what did he do the last time."
"you already know what he did." 
"but what happened after?" 
"oh okay." i thought.
a week after harry and i broke up school started. i nearly finished my summer project. i went to school in sweatpants, a teeshirt, and a topknot on my head. i was wearing converse. kids were staring at me in disbelief. 
"what are you wearing?" cara broke my daze
"i dont know." i mumbled. i looked at caras outfit. jeans, toms, slutty shirt. like usual. then my other friends tara, was wearing a abercrombie skirt and a sugarlip tucked in. kacie, knited white short sleave top with a white bandeau underneath, with dark jeans. felicite, a navy top with birds and a rusty colored loose cardigan and a top knot, id proberly wear that. 
"here." cara handed me some clothes, 
"go change." i took them amd walked to the bathroom slowly. kacie was coming to help me with makeup, and felicite with hair. i ended up wearing the cream colored Sparkle and Fade Extreme Dolman cropped sweater from urban outfitters, a pink pendant on a necklace, my hair was in a pony tail, and my mascara perfectly held my now dark and glassy brown eyes. 
"perf." cara said. 
i blocked everyone out all day, it felt like the longest day ever. i just wanted to go home. once the final bell rang i walked outside and waited for tara to give us all a ride home. girls passed me and envy stared, but i did the same to them. oh how i wish i could be someone else. finally i spot tara. she had the best hair out of all of us. it bounced and shined. i was jelous. i got into the backseat of her bmw minivan. i sat in the corner ofmthe back, this was now my spot for the rest of the year. they gossiped and gossiped. felicite tried to be nice and ask what new kid i thought was hot but then i told her to shut her fucking mouth and i started to cry a little on cara's shoulder. once i got out of the car i texted cara.
to: cara bby 
come back later and ill give you clothes. 

cara bby: okok.

i went upstairs to my room. the floor had pictures of harry and i covered all over it. i told Gosia that if she stepped into my room to clean id slit her throat. i sat down and cried again. i felt a cold coming on, and i was dizzy. i was a hot mess. all because of this hot boy. i went to sleep at 5 amd woke up at 7 because Gosia was screaming breakfast. i went back to sleep. i didnt go back to school for two weeks. on the first day of the third week i went back. i straightened my hair, put a white v neck top on, and a watercolor floral scarf from urban outfitters. i slipped on some dark jeans. thankfully kacie was in all my classes, so i had her for moral support and she gave me all the work, which i did. my bag was tugging down on my shoulder and it hurt. i was carrying the tote i brought at louis vitton, we all used louis vittons as our bookbags. i dumped everything out and put it into an old 'le sports sack' they were like $300 each and everyone already knew i had louis vitton bags so, who cares? Gosia drove me to school. i was pulling the metalic string coming off of the bag, but gosia didnt notice, it drove her crazy. 
"that cant happen agian."
"mm. um. tell him how you feel, and if he cant meet your needs tell him that you really cant do it." 
"im so beat." i looked at the clock. 11:46
"im gonna hit the hay." 
"okay. good night." she left my room. i changed into pajamas and fell asleep.

~next morning.
i groaned at the light flooding my room. i looked at the clock 8. i got out of my bed and walked to the wardrobe. the light wood floor was cold, so i put on a pair of emrald slippers i kept under my bed. i put on a gray wool knit sweater with studs on the shoulders. i was cold, i felt like i was getting the flu. i slipped on a pair of jeans, got my tote and walked out of my room. i had classes til 4 so i decided not to go to harry's today, id go on Friday. i got into my black toyota RAV4 and i was off to the collage campus. i lived about 20 min away from the campus, and it took my 10 min to actually drive through and get to my building. i looked at the clock 9:18, Wedensday, January 30th. i was really early. i had to be in the campus at 11:45 so i decided to get some starbucks. i parked my car in the busy shopping center. the cold wind tangled my hair and creeped down my spine. my jacket wasnt doing enough. so i took my iphone out of the pocket, unlocked it, and texted Gosia
to: Gosia
will you please get me a good winter jacket. i dont care about the cost, ill pay you back. make sure its black. 
Gosia: kk. 
there were a bunch of girls giggling, coming out of forever21, they were carrying coach bags. this shopping center had coach? i walked into starbucks. i saw a couple kids from my class, but none of them bothered to say hi. i walked up to the counter. 
"one grande Vanilla Spice Latte please." i told the waitress. the green apron matched her eyes.
"ok. we call you pay." 
"ive been here before." i grabbed a Strawberry, Blueberry yogurt parfait and handed it to her. 
"and this." 
"ok. 1.99 for that, and 3.99 for the lattee." 
"okay." i handed her $1.99
i sat down at a stool and ate my yogurt. i loved the blueberrys and strawberrys. i threw the granola out. 
i walked up to the counter and a blonde chic was there. she looked so familiar. 
"can you write harry on the other one?" 
"sure." the peppy lady said.
"OH MY GODD!" she screamed looking at me. 
"yeah. and you are?" 
"IM KATIE! REMEMBER WHEN YOU AND HARRY BROKE UPP? HE WENT OUT WITH ME AFTER, WELL WHILE." she talked to me like i was 5. i didnt like it. i slammed a $5 bill on the counter, took my stuff and stormed out.  what the hell was this boy doing to my life? i got into my car and drove, as fast as i could to harry's flat. when i got there i knocked firmly on the door. when it finally opened Anne answered. 
"oh my goodness! Violet! long time no see, oh god you look beautiful!" 
"thanks, may i speak with harry." 
"sure honey. hes been locked in his room since yesterday. please cheer him up." she gave me a smile, then a small hug. i stormpmed up to harrys room. i knocked harshly on the door.
"MOM. GO AWAY!" he yelled
"its not your mother harry. open the door you wailing baby." i heard footsteps and he opened the door. i held my breath as i examined harry's face. his face was swollen, red, and puffy. his eyes were watery and swollen. his rough curls didnt look any better either. 
"do you enjoy seeing people that care about you getting hurt?" he said angirly
i stared at him blankly, what should i say? he sighed, and pulled me in his room. he sat on his bed. 
"it really hurts me to see your heart is taken by someone else. it also hurts that i was your first love, and you were mine, and you keep pushing me away." he cries abit agian. i sat next to him on the bed wiping away his tears. 
"i-i just want you to love me." he leaned in to kiss me, it was full of sparks. i was over harry, well i think i am. 
"im sorry harry, i dont have feelings for you anymore." another tear slipped out of his eye. 
"harry, im just, im really, im sorry." i got off his bed and started walking towards the door. 
"what can i do to make you fall in love with me?" 
"nothing harry, im sorry." i walked out of his room, then out of his flat. i walked down the staircase leading to my car. i drove home, i got into my room. there was a corner of my room, that had a basket, in the basket were love letters, from niall. i wasnt in love with niall, i didnt even like him, but i knew if i had to date one of them it would be niall, i think. i needed to get my mind off harry. i was falling for him agian. i unlocked my phone and composed a message
to: niall
hii :) 
i walked over to the corner with the baskets, i opened them up and read them 
Dear Violet, 
Your Big Brown Eyes
Your Soft Brown Hair
I Get A Scare
When Im Not There
I Told You I Loved You
I Really Do
But Ill Say It Agian.
I Love You. 
love Niall
there were screaming girls all around me, a stage was infront of me, Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie were to my sides. I looked down at my outfit, a black leather bustier, skinniest and hot pink doc martins. I looked slutty. I looked at the stage. Harry appeared and sat on a couch. te girls around me screamed louder. i could tell i was at a concert,front row, but i couldnt remember anything else.. was i drunk? the rest of the boys poped out of side stage and started singing WMYB. i was yelling too. trying to get their attention, i started dancing with Perrie. we were drunkk. Niall and Harry was watching me the whole time, i could feel it. i never looked at them. just louis and liam and zayn. i knew there was too much tension between the three of us. since harry dumped me and niall liked me (louis told me). after the concert i went with the girls to a resterant. 
we all checked ohr phones. 
"its mine." i said
i checked it. 
from niall.
niall: wanna meet up :D
me: okok where? 
niall: nandos? 
me: fine.
so we met up at nandos at 11:45 we talked ate got drunk made out and he asked me out. i said yes. they went on their world tour a couple days later, we barly saw eachother, but we wrote.
i read a bunch of others then i got to the bottom if the basket, there was a piece of crumpled pink pastel paper. i uncrumbled it.
Dear Violet,
remember when we watched Romeo & Juliet together? and you said it was boring, but you thought Romeo was hot? and i didnt get mad, but when i said Juliet was beautiful you freaked. but your more beautiful, your a better actress, more beautiful, more loving, more passionate, i dont know what i would do without you. 
'If your a bird, im a bird.' - the notebook
i love you.
-love harry :)
i actually remember when he gave that to me. we were in a fight because, well, he said that Juliet was beautiful, and he said it to me a while ago. 
i needed to ask Louis if Harry actually had feelings for me. because i felt like i mightve had feelings for him. even though i would never admit it. i called Louis
"hey i need to talk to you. wanna meet up?" 
"ya sure. where when." Louis lived in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK. and i lived in Chesire. so we decided we'd meet in Padfield. i told him we could meet more halfway but he said that he needed to visit harry anyway. 
~the next day~
so he came down and we met at a little cáfe. i walked in and he was drinking some yorkshire tea. i walked up to him. 
"hi" i directed his attention away from his phone and towards me. 
"oh hey." louis said. 
"hows it going?" i asked 
"good. you?" 
"thats actually what i want to talk to you about." louis scrunched his face and tilted his head a bit. 
"anything georgeous." i sat down.
"a couple days ago harry came to my flat and told me i was the one and we should get back together. i said no." 
"oh yeah. he really likes you." louis smiled. 
"your love kinda reminds me of el and i's so in love we cant think straight." he looked up to the ceiling. 
"well…" louis looked back at me
"i dont like him, well i dont think i do. well i like him, alot, well i dont know. i cant figure it out Louis, i dont know who to go to. i dont know what to do. tell me he loves me. tell me what he says about me and i'll be sure. i also had an affair with niall. i didnt tell anyone. Louis, please help me." i put my head on the table, and my arms around me head. Louis's hand stroked my hair.
"he loves you. he talks about how he missed you during the tour. he broke up with you because he didnt want to break your heart long distance, he thought it would be better that way. that girl kissed him, he didnt kiss her. an-"
"he kissed her back though." i said quietely.
"i cant date him agian. im sorry i made you come all the way out here." 
"no please. you have to. he'll start being depressed, and he wont be the same." 
"im sorry but no." i walked out, it was a 45 min drive. i turned on the radio.
Try by P!nk was on but i put my One Direction CD like usual. i turned up One Thing. when the song ended i turned the radio back on. once i got home i went into my room. i sat at my desk. i looked at the crumpled up papers, and i wondered why Gosia didnt clean that up. i walked into my closet, then out. i jumped into my bed and grabbed my phone, unlocked it, and texted Cara
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