Rock Me

This is Violet's and Harry's love story :) Enjoy!


2. chapter 1

Violet's p.o.v.
I sat in my room, the walls, like my name were violet and the ceiling was white. i had posters of everyone and everything covering the ceiling, to cover the white blankness. which i hated. i looked at Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran, to Britney Spears. there was a big white spot though, which held my One Direction poster, which is gone now, since harry broke up with me. i lived in the nice part of Chesire, and i am 18 about to turn 19. Harry and i have dated for 3 years but the end was horrible and he just broke him. i wonder if he still thinks of me.. he prob has a bunch of other sluts all over him, so he proberly forgot about me. I think of him often, but even though i think of him, im over him. completely over him. i like other people, but it never compared to the spark between me and harry. i got off my fluffy white duvet and smoothed it out. i walked over the big room to the full length mirror. i looked at myself, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, porcilin skin, i was a little bit more beautiful then normal, but not much. i walked back to my bed and sat down, i picked up the January edition of Teen Vouge and drank a bit of my mum's warm tea. I looked out the window, it started snowing. 
*text message from Twitter*
i unlocked my iphone and went to the message
Twitter: @1Dupdates - BOYS ARE HOME uk and ireland are so lucky while im here in america fangirling. #happydays  @harrystyles @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson @NiallOfficial @zaynmalik
i locked my phone and went back to reading my Teen Vouge. 
*text message from cara bby*
cara bby: yo harrys backkk ;)))
i loved cara, she was my bestfriend, we told eachother everything. she was the only one i told about harry. when i wasnt at school for a week because i was heart broken she told everyone i had the swine flu. she was popular, we both were, but she was annoying, sometimes.
i texted back
me: ive noticed. 
i locked my phone agian. my mac book air kept dinging, people that i didnt care about that tried to talk to me. i loved everyone, but i wasnt in the mood right now. i decided that i was going to take a shower, since it was 11 a.m. on a saturday, i had no plans, and i was in my pajamas. i put my tea on the bedside table and walked into my bathroom. the walls were painted light pink, the shower curtain was white with rainbow dots. there were lavender candles all around. i love lavender, so relaxing. after i shampooed, conditioned, repeated, and used body wash i brushed my teeth and left the bathroom. i walked to my wardrobe in my towel and picked out an outfit. leggings, Harry's big navy sweater that he left me (by accident), a pink bra, underwear and socks. i threw them all on my bed and closed the blinds and locked the door, i hate being even the littlest exposed when im changing, it creeps me out. i got dressed and put on my combat boots. i unlocked my phone and tapped the imessage icon
to: cara bby
im coming over
she replied 
cara bby: okok.
i was just about to grab my Louis Vitton bag. oh Louis, oh Harry, but then the bell rang. i walked down the semi spiral staircase, into the narrow red hallway leading to the door. i looked in the mirror, my light brown eyes appeared lighter, like a dirty blonde's hair color. out of all my features my eyes were my best. 
i opened the door. it was harry. 
"hey, Violet, you werent going out were you?" 
"um.. yeah i was but, yeah? what do you need?"
"i know its been a while, i have something to tell you." 
"i know you told everyone that you hated me and you broke up with me, and thats fine." i blushed and looked at him unsure, where was he going with this.
"i was really stupid for letting you go, but your the one.. you might've moved on but you should know that your still the one." 
i slammed the door in his face.
i unlocked my iPhone and texted cara agian.
to: cara bby 
come over. now.
5 min later cara knocked on my door, harry had left.  
"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" cara yelled. cara was beautifull. she had blonde/brown hair with blue eyes. she should totally be a model. 
"harry. he just came here. to.d me. that. i. was. the. one." i said between sobs on my bed.
"what chu crying about baby?" 
"he. he. just. broke. my. heart. and. hes. gonna. get. me. back. now." 
"not nessicilary." 
i looked up at cara, she did this weird thing with her eyes that made me laugh. one eye was crossed while the other was straight. then a thought poped into my mind. cara was wearing stuff from outside on my white duvet.
"your dirty! off off off!" i pushed heroff my bed and onto the floor, she walked across the room, to the mint green beanbag under my window. i loved pastels. 
*new text from harry*
"he just texted me." cara looked up from her own phone.
"wa he say?"
"let me check?"
i unlocked my phone and went to the messages. 
harry: violet! please just look out your window. 
then i heard Love Story by Taylor Swift playing
~we were both young when i first saw you, i closed my eyes and the flashback starts, im standing there. on the balcony in summer air. see the lights see the party the ball gowns, see you make your way through the crowd and say hello little did i know, oh, oh oh.~
i opened the doors to the small Juliet balcony that viewed my backyard. harry was standing there. 
"please come talk to me." his voice was deeper. it was soo hot. i shook my head no and went back inside, shutting the door and closing the blinds in the process. Love Story was out song. from the first night we went from friends to more at prom.
harry and i were dancing together, bestfriends always got eachothers backs right? both of our dates left us for eachother, which was pretty awkward. i shouldve known i shouldve taken someone elses offer. a jock with me and a cheerleader with harry? what a bad idea. well we were dancing like idoits and harry was singing, i told him he should audition for XFACTOR. we laughed. then Love Story by Taylor Swift came on. the disco lights in the ballroom by the lake dimmed into blue. it looked perfect with my saphire dress and my curled hair. but i had no one to show it off to, my date left me and everyone else was taken. couples went on to the dancefloor and harry and i were standing there, unsure of what would happen next.
"Violet?" harry looked down at me, his height always dominate to mine
"yeah?" i asked back, i was hoping he would ask me to dance. 
"would you like to dance?" he blushed a bit, which i thought was extremely adorable.
"of corse." while on the inside i was doing cartwheels. when the song ended he brought me with him outside. 
"lets leave this place." i nodded, i couldnt agree more. the night ive dreamed about my entire life, spent $200 on hair and makeup, and had such high expetations for ended up being a drag. once we got outside i stopped and looked at harry, he looked at me. the moonlight flodding our faces, the crickets could be heard in the back. i smiled, i tiptoed and kissed him. and that was the beginning of Varry. 
cara looked at me, 
"why dont you go out there?" cara stood up
"i just dont wanna." cara started walking out of the room. 
"where are you going?" i followed her to the blue hallway full of light that held my older brother, my parents, and younger sisters room. as cara kept on walking i passed my parents room, then my sisters room. my brothers was at the very end of the room. 
"can you calm yourself? im getting some food." i continued to follow her down the stairs 
"cara? the kitchens that way?" i pointed towards the kitchen, she continued walking to the sunroom, where harry was right outside of. i never had the time to appreciate the sun room. the glass pannels extended out so it was like having a porch but covered with glass. the glass overhead was tinted yellow, giving the illusion that it was always sunny. by now harry saw us. cara opened the door, a cool gust of Winter wind blew in, Chesire was a bitch in winter. 
"come in harry!" harry walked in and gave cara a look, cara was the cheerleader that ditched him the night of the prom. i still hadnt thanked her for that night. harry looked at me. 
"well.. what do you say? wanna get back together?"
"nopee." i said
"well looks like your missing me." he gave me a cheeky smile, slmething ive always liked about him. 
"your, or should i say MY jumper." he pointed to my top. oh.
i took it off and threw at him, only remembering that i had a bright pink bra on. harry's eyes widened and cara broke into hysterics. 
"oh my godddd!" i yelled and ran upstairs. 
i put on an cream abercrombie tank top, not caring if it was covering my bum, i was kicking harry out anyway. i stomped back into the sun room. 
"out." i practically yelled. 
"VIOLET? ARE YOU OKAY? WHOS THERE?" Gosia, the maid called.
she never answered 
"violet, please can we just start over." 
"no, we cant start over." 
"why. i miss you. the whole time i was on tour with the boys i thought about you. the boys miss you too."
"really? didnt you go out with taylor swift though?" 
"only to get my mind off you. which didnt work." 
"ok come in." he smiled cara checked her phone,
"oops. better get going. dont want to be late!" 
"late for what?" she was already out the back door.
"so.." i said
"so." he said.
"were turning 19 soon!" i nudged him. 
"yeahh. 4 more days!"
"mhmm so tell me how youve missed me." i smiled shyly
"i love how i still make you shy. nikki i miss you. i really do.. a day hasnt gone by where i dont think of you." 
"harry you broke up with me, i missed a week of classes because i was mourning over you! what makes me think your not going to do that agian." 
"because if you take me back, ill take you on tour with me. well be together, formthe world to know." he smiled and tried to grab my hand, i pulled it away. 
"im sorry harry, but we can be friends for right now, i cant have a relanship with you, and i have a boyfriend." i lied to harry, i felt so evil. 
"oh. uh yeah, then ill go then." 
"here."he tossed me the navy jumper i was wearing earlier,
"you look better in it." then he left. i took off the tank top and put the jumper back on. i went back upstairs, down the blue hallway to my room. i sat on the mint green beanbag under the window and turned the lights off, then i turned my fairy lights on. i texted Jake, a kid in my class that has had a crush on me forever.
to: Jake
do me a favor? xx.
he replied about a second later
Jake: depends wht is it? 
me: pretend to be my boyfriend. harrys back and i just cant go out with him. im completely over him. he'll stop if he thinks im going out with you.
Jake: okok.
me: great see you later! 
he never texted me back after that, but harry did.
harry: my mum and dad arent home and my tummy hurts. can you comfort me:)
me: nope.
harry: please
me: fine. 
i picked up my coach wristlet and keys and i left. i walked down the steep staircase leading to my car. i pressed the button and the lights of my (well my brothers) bmw turned on. i slid into the front and put the keys in. i turned on the radio, and of corse, one direction was on. 
~and i wont let these little things, slip out, of my mouth. but if its true, its you, its you, they add up to, and im in love with you, and all your little things. you cant go to bed, without a cup of tea, and mabye thats the reason that you talk in your sleep and all those convosations are the secrets that i keep though it makes no sense to me.~ i turned the volume lower on harrys part, i was in love with his voice. i drove to harry's house, he lived about 3 blocks away from me. i parked my brothers car infront of his big house and knocked on his door. 
"harry!" i heard a moan and he opened the door.
"took your time didnt you?" 
"yup." i smiled and let myself in. 
i sat on the big leather couch. harry lied down and put his head in my lap. i laughed. 
"oh harry! you know i have a boyfriend." he chuckled and took my hand, he let it go on his stomach.
"rub." he demanded, i did.
~an hour went by~
"it hurtsss." he moaned. i continue rubbing.
"you know he expected me to be at his place a half hour ago."
"who gives a fuck? hes not calling is he?" 
"actually he is." i showed him my phone, jake was calling.
harry took the phone out of my hand and clicked the decline button. then he texted him
to Jake
im busy with harry right now, sorry bye.
"HARRY!" i gasped he snorted i poked his stomach. he laughed.
"stop that tickles." he started 
"i knew you werent mourning." i sat him up. 
"noo stayy." 
"harry. i really have to go." he got up and blocked the door.
"ugh harry! i really lo-"
"BUT MABYE I LIKE YOU." i knew he liked me before, but he was never this desperate for a girl before. 
"why do you want me so bad?" i asked silently he took the phone out of his back pocket. unlocked it, and dialed Louis's number
"hey baby." louis said into the phone
"hey. im really upset, violet kept rejecting me." he said. 
"har-" i attempted to say
"shh." he gushed
"tell her how you really feel. you love her dont you?" harry hung up the phone looking a little embarassed. 
"you love me? weve been apart for so long, i-" his lips crashed into mine. once i broke the kiss harry brought me into a hug. i tried to break free agian
"where are you going?" 
"harry. i have to go home your better and its getting late."
"no," he held me tighter,
"your staying here with me." his hand sipped down to my fingers and enlaced them together. 
i looked up into his eyes, then to our hands. this has already happened, weve already fallen in love. there was nothing i could do about it. i couldnt go back to what happened before. 
it was summer, the warm wind brushed by my freshly dark pink ombred hair. i was sitting on the park bench waiting for my boyfriend, harry. i played with the crochet on the bottom of my white crocheted shorts then stood up. i smoothed my black sugar lip tank into the shorts. harry wasnt usally late. so i texted him.
to: harry xx.
hey babe where are you. xx.
i looked up and i saw harry, with another girl. thats not harry. i thought, but it was. i didnt mind them, i looked away. until i heard harrys phone.
he checked it. i saw his glistening emrald eyes flash my way. he took the girls hand and walked my direction. was this a joke? 
"im breaking up with you." harry firmly stated. 
"haha w-what?" 
"im breaking up with you." he repeated. no emotion in his voice.
i turned around. this wasnt happening. i looked back. harry was still staring at me. 
this had to be a joke. we both stood there, staring at eachother, like, i dont even know what it was like. all i know was that it was horrible, and heart breaking. the girl tugged at his arm
"come on baby." she kissed his cheek. he turned around and walked away with her. i kept watching him, but he never turned back. i cried and ran home. there was a girl, my age riding her bike while i was running the other way. she stopped me.
"are you okay?" 
"does it LOOK like im okay?" i screamed
"aww baby." the stranger said. i cried into her shoulder, and hugged her.
"calm down baby, calm down. whats your name?"
"V-violet." i muttered
"im cara. my house is around the corner. come come. no pretty girl like you should be out like this." she brought me to her house. hers was a bit smaller than mine, but it didnt even matter. she brought me up to her room. it was painted yellow, and the ceiling was zebra printed. there was a king sized bed under the big window with a yellow duvet. there was a red couch with a glass coffee table with a tiny china set on it.
"now baby tell me whats wrong." 
"m-my b-boyf-friend h-ha-harry dumped me. w-w-hile h-he was with a-a-a-another g-girl ad they they were kissing!" 
"oh. harry styles?" i nodded
"you shouldve known better! i went to prom with him. but he liked another girl and i left him for her date." i pointed to myself
"what? that was you? you guys have been going out since you were 15!" i nodded agian
"im so sorry!" would she ever stop talking i thought. she picked up the tiny china and made me a cup of tea. 
"one or two sugar cubes?" i held up 2 fingers she handed me the tea, it was still warm. it reminded me of harry. we drank our tea and talked a bit. i felt like we were becoming really good friends, and thats what i needed right now.
"are you okay?" harry looked at me. 
"i just have to go." before he could react i was jogging down the steep staircase. (we all lived on this awkwardly big hill) i was in the bmw when he came out of the house. i drove away. down the roads, up the streets. the sun was setting, and the sky was pink and orange. it was beautiful. 
*new text from harry*
once i parked the car in the driveway i went up to my room. the light violet looked lighter with the sun coming through. there was a knock on the door. i couldnt see the front door because my windows faced the back yard. i walked down the hallway and down the stairs. i was hoping it would my brother, mom, or my sister. but no. it was jake. 
"w-we were supposed to meet at my house." he said
"im so sorry. harry took my phone and i think he told you not to call back and yeah. sorry i was really busy." the lightposts turned on. 
"oh, uh, yeah, okay." 
"im really sorry." there was a car slowly coming down my street. they were proberly lost. i wrapped my arms around Jake in a hug, then he kissed me. it lasted for about two seconds. sadly, there were no sparks. the car that was slowly strolling zoomed past, like a lightning bolt on wheels.
"goodnight." he said. and he left. 
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