Rock Me

This is Violet's and Harry's love story :) Enjoy!


1. Prolouge

ok so hi guys! im nikki :) ok so this is a harry fanfiction. im a harry girl :) and um yeah. ill tell you the back story in 2 secs. you guys should follow me on instagram! @nikki5726 ok and like throughout the story there are flashbacks so you really gotta like, how do i explain it, like if you dont understand, keep on reading theres an explanition for everything.  now ill get to the back story

dear reader,
My name is Violet. I have dark brown hair, and light brown eyes that like harry's in dark change with the weather, or what im feeling. im not telepathic or anything but yeah. in the beginning of this story were in the late month in our 18th year, but then we begin the third chapter in our 19th year. I live in the rich part of Chesire, the town where Harry Styles's family lives. Harry and I have been friends for years, then weve been more than friends for years then it went downhill right before touring. I love music, surfing, my friends, and long walks in the park. This is our story, from the second he got back from touring to - i dont want to ruin the ending. Well here you go, i hope you love our love story. 
love, Violet. xx.
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