One Way Or Another

Caitlin a fun, summer lovin, energetic girl, who is in love with Niall, has tickets to see one direction live. All she ever wanted. A day before the concert, she bumps into Niall Horan, who basically has a big crush on her the moment he sees her. He gives her a backstage pass for the concert! Caitlin is astonished. She has a amazing time at the concert, but was 100x more thrilled to go backstage and meet ONE DIRECTION!!! untill, she starts to crush on all 5 boys...... Will they like her back? Will things get out of hand? Could this be the end for 1D? :0 read to find out (;


1. Is that... NIALL???!!

I was walking down Bart avenue, going to the local Starbucks. I sported a navy ruffle tank with white studded shorts, and my converse. This was my favorite outfit, because it showed how tan I was, and highlited my brown eyes. My phone had rang in my back pocket. *baby say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and let me kiss you...* "hello?" I answered "hey!" Nicole yelled. "Where are you? I ordered you some hot chocolate..' "Thanks nick. (What everyone called her,) "ill be there in about 5 minutes k?" "UGH." And she hung up. That's my best friend haha. I then saw a text from jake, my ex, saying he has a new girlfriend. Like I cared? Whatever he was a bad bf anyways. He always seemed to try to make me upset; but I didn't care. I clicked out of his text and went to check twitter. I had all of one directions tweets send to my phone.. I'm not a stalker! So Niall just tweeted @niallofficial: what a beautiful day! Walking around! Concert tomorrow! " I can't believe I was going ro that concert. AHHHH!!! *BOOM* I fall to the ground, landing on top of someone. "Sorry love wasn't watching where I walked" hollllld up. That Irish accent... I suddenly regain my vision after it being blury and see me, laying on too of NIALL HORAN. I'm not dreaming right? "So sorry..." He said and rolled over and helped me up. I stood there like a frozen fish. "Um u alright love?" He looked worried. I still stood there . Wtf am I supposed to say his accent is like heaven.
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