my so called life

when sixteen year old Blair eliot gets into truoble in every private school she attends she gets kicked out of the first one for talking to much the secound one kicked out for being a rebel but when she gets into way to much trouble at her new schools her parents decied to force her to move to England with her granparents to attend a strict school but what if nothing changes will she stay rebelious or meet one hot hunk and hei four best lads will she be a angel shes meant to be or to find out (harry fan fiction) my first ever fanfic so be nice and tell me some good feed back.


3. school

After sewing my cloths i took a hot shower the shower felt great while i was in the shower i got a call i stepped out i was finished anyways i wrapped a twoel around me hello i said hello who is this the other person said yeah is this nia no sorry this is blair i think you have the wrong number oh sorry he said with his english accent i hung up put pjs on and went to bed. In the morining a maid had waken me up for school i didnt take a shower cause i took one last night i brushed my teeth and hair out my skirt on then a white button up shirt with a cute blazer i wore boots with i did my makeup and did my eyelashes extra long i went downstairs on the counter in the kicthen was a note here are some keys and a map to the school so i took the keys and went outside i found the car that went the key and it was a pink punch buggie conferiable black i got in and started driving to school I stoped and parked for a mintue to get out and get some coffe in a near by coffe shop i order my coffe and sat down for a little bit looking at the map exscume love are you lost no um well yeah his voice sounds so femilar i make eye contact with him until he sat down in front of me i looked in his eyes so love were you trying to go well to school not that i wont its my first day and i dont even know where it is well what school do you go to london highschool oh well i go there i can bring you there how about we go in my car he said i said sure i didnt really feel like driving we left the coffe shop and got in his car we started talking as he puts his hand on my upper thigh i

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