my so called life

when sixteen year old Blair eliot gets into truoble in every private school she attends she gets kicked out of the first one for talking to much the secound one kicked out for being a rebel but when she gets into way to much trouble at her new schools her parents decied to force her to move to England with her granparents to attend a strict school but what if nothing changes will she stay rebelious or meet one hot hunk and hei four best lads will she be a angel shes meant to be or to find out (harry fan fiction) my first ever fanfic so be nice and tell me some good feed back.


1. moving

Boop Boop Boop Boop uggh my stupid alarm clock was ringing i hit snoozed and went to my dreeser brushing through my long blonde wavy hair i just relized that im moving to london.I already packed everything so i put on my high wasted shorts with some heels and a ruffled tanktop that was pink and some high heals i know what i were to a airport. Blair are you awake? Yes Mom well come down stairs when your ready. walking down stairs my mother looked at me anoyyed What! your wearing that to a airport Yeah mom go every where in style.We arrived at the airport and i was ready to get on my flight flight 246 london jetblue thats me by mom by sweetie please be good try not to get into trouble please for me i will okay by mom i gave her one last hug tel dad i love him and bring him some flowers k by love you love you too be safe.

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