my so called life

when sixteen year old Blair eliot gets into truoble in every private school she attends she gets kicked out of the first one for talking to much the secound one kicked out for being a rebel but when she gets into way to much trouble at her new schools her parents decied to force her to move to England with her granparents to attend a strict school but what if nothing changes will she stay rebelious or meet one hot hunk and hei four best lads will she be a angel shes meant to be or to find out (harry fan fiction) my first ever fanfic so be nice and tell me some good feed back.


2. london

exscume miss wake up we are here in london Oh my goodness i cant believe i slept through the whole flight wow. I got off the plain to look for my luggage i was supposed to get into a car that said miss eliot instead of a car it was a limo my mother never told my grandparents had some money to spend (at granparents house) Blair granddad nana how are you great here lets get you inside you must be freezing. Your room is on the left up staris Wow i was speach less there house was beutiful i cant believe ill be living here okay well Blair my grandmother said get unpacked cause tomarrow your going to school get pleanty of rest well have a serveant bring you some dinner in your room. I went to my room witch was very boring no color just white walls wood flooring There was a couple uniforms laying on my bed i closed the door and went to try them on cant believe i just got here and im going to school tomarrow Holy shit this looks horrible a plaid skirt that went to my knees and some uniform shirts that werent to bad just got to improvise Hello miss Eliot oh hi you dont have to call me that then what do you want me to call you miss Eliot ,Blair Oaky Miss Blair wait hold that though do you have a sewing machine yes miss Blair please just call me blair yes blair the maid showed me the sewing machine i raised the hem of the skirt and made it go tight around my belly and then loose and stop a inch above my knee ..........................

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