A dream come true

Taryn was just an ordinary teen. Then one day she went to go meet there new neighbors that lived down the street. She was shocked because it was Harry Styles. Then what she doesn't know is that Harry falls in love with her. He finally gets the nerve to ask her out.


2. The gathering

Taryn's P.O.V.

My mom told me to head down to the end of our street because the greeting with the new family was about to start. When I walked outside i could see everyone sitting down there and I could smell the foods that everyone made. I wish they were for me but they were for the new family. Once i got down there i could hear everyone talking then off to the side i saw Madison my best friend. So i walked over to her. "Hey Madison."

"Hey Taryn did you meet the new family yet," Madison said.

"No did you," I asked.

"No because i was waiting for you i don't want to go alone i can barely talk to my teachers so how am going to talk to a new family who i have never met before," she said. Madison is really shy except around me she is like a one of those annoying people who won't shut up and then you just wanna slap em. That's really nice that she waited for me but I was going to try to skip talking to our new neighbors but i guess i have to go now.

"Ok then when do you want to go meet them," I said.

"We can go now,"she said. We went over and we saw a woman who looked like a mother and a girl who looked a little older than us. I went over and Madison was close behind i introduced myself and then Madison."Hello it's nice to meet both of you my name is Erin and this is my daughter Vanessa," the mother said. Then Vanessa said,"Hello." There family seemed very nice. Then Erin said,"I wish my son was here you both look around the same age." I think she wanted us to be a couple when i don't even know him. Erin told me to go and meet her son so i walked over to her and rang the doorbell.

Harry's P.O.V.

I heard the doorbell ring so i got up then opened the door. There was the most prettiest girl standing there that i have ever seen." Hello I'm Taryn your mom told me to come and meet you,wait you look familiar.......your Harry Styles," she said. "Yes I am but how come your not freaking out like everyone else." Because your not my favorite and i am not crazy about you but my friend is."

"Ok because I hate crazy people," I said. " Oh we actually might be able to be friends because we have a lot in common," she said. Yes! A pretty girl who likes me. We went outside so that i could meet the rest of the neighbors. They were all really nice and didn't care that i was in 1D except for Taryn's friend Madison. She couldn't believe it was me and it was crazy.

Why do people have to be crazy i am just a guy. A little bit later me and Taryn were hanging out at my house. Then the boys came over they said that Louis was still in the hospital and that the doctor got the thing off his vocal cords but he still can't sing. I started freaking out but then everyone calmed me down.

"Oh yeah boys this is Taryn,"I said.

"Hello I am Niall this is Liam and this is Zayn,"Niall said.

"Hi it's nice to meet you,"she said.

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