A dream come true

Taryn was just an ordinary teen. Then one day she went to go meet there new neighbors that lived down the street. She was shocked because it was Harry Styles. Then what she doesn't know is that Harry falls in love with her. He finally gets the nerve to ask her out.


3. The First Day

Harry's P.O.V.

Today was my first day at Dune Berry High and i was kinda nervous. I was afraid that everyone was going to be like omg Harry Styles. But I found out that Taryn is in a lot of my classes . That made me happy. On the bus i sat next to Taryn and Madison sat behind us. I sat next to them since i didnt know anyone else. When everyone saw me they gasped then started whispering to each other. I could hear one person saying omg is that Harry Styles. When I heard that i just wanted to punch them.

We finally got to school and i heard a guy yell hey Taryn. I turned and saw a guy hugging Taryn. I felt anger growing. I asked Taryn who he was. She said," Oh ya Harry this is Bret , Bret this is Harry and Bret is my boyfriend."

"Hi Harry you and me we can be buds but if i catch you checking out Taryn you won't be my bud anymore,"Bret said.

"Hello Bret and don't worry i won't shes just my friend," I said nicely. But in my mind i though Taryn has a boyfriend i had her first i want her. When we walked into school i just stared at the school it was beautiful. The floor was all carpeted and the outside was all stone. I went to my first period the only person i knew was Madison so i sat next to her. When the teacher walked in she told me to stand up since u was the new student. She introduced herself and told the class that my name is Harry Styles then all the girls started freaking out she told me that her name is Mrs. Carse. Then when the bell rang everyone ran out to second period my teacher there was Mr. Lakota , then in third period my teacher was Mrs. Shel. After that we had lunch. I sat with Bret and he introduced me to his friends. Now in this whole school i only have six friends. That's pethetic i thought in my mind. A few of the guys i saw in my classes but never talked to them.

After lunch was over we went to fourth period. My teacher was Mr. Hasbedle. Aparently he didn't like me because i am famous and i think that i am all that. He was giving me an attitude the whole period. Fourth was finally over and i went to fifth as fast as i could because of Mr. Hasbedle. Fifth and sixth were just a blur to me because those were my classes with Taryn. I basically stared at her for both periods. When the bell rang at the en of sixth i went out to my locker got my stuff then went out to the bus loop. It didnt take me that long to find the bus since it was the last one. I got on and sat next to Taryn. "How was first day here," Taryn asked me. "Good. I really like it here."

When we got home walked off the bus and waved good by to Taryn. When I got home my mom asked me how my day was and i said the same thing that i said to Taryn. Then i went upstairs and started my homework.
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