A dream come true

Taryn was just an ordinary teen. Then one day she went to go meet there new neighbors that lived down the street. She was shocked because it was Harry Styles. Then what she doesn't know is that Harry falls in love with her. He finally gets the nerve to ask her out.


1. Baking and moving

Taryn's P.O.V.

"Good morning Taryn how did you sleep," my mom said.

"Good morning and good," I said.

"Did you know that a new family moved in down the street and do you want to go to the gathering that all of our neighbors are planning and i was wondering if you wanted to help me bake some cookies for the greeting," my mom said.

" Sure," I said. It seemed like fun so thats why i agreed. Once we started making the dough i was completely covered with flour , sugar , and parts of eggs. While they were cooking i went to go change my clothes , i changed into a t-shirt and blue jeans. When I walked down stairs the cookies were almost done cooking. So i sat on the couch and turned on the news it was talking about One Direction i turned the channel because i don't care for them.

Harry's P.O.V.

I just got back from my tour in America and my house that i haven't been to in like 2 years is being sold and were moving. I had to help my mom load the truck and pack. I really didnt want to move i loved that house. I was moving to a neighborhood named emerald estates and going to a public high school called Dune Berry High. Ok I know i might have a little attitude but when I am mad i am mad. That's why my friends never make me angry because if they do they will regret it. "Mom do we really have to move."

She was talking to the moving truck guy then turned around. "Yes we do Harry dont worry you will like the new house it is way bigger than this one and maybe you will make friends or even get a girlfriend."

"Fine," I said angrily. That night i had to help my mom unpack and then the boys came over and helped a little too. Niall said," we need to talk."

"Why and where's Louis," I asked.

"Yeah it's about Louis he is in the hospital he has something on his vocal cords and the doctor is going to try to fix it but the doctor also said he may never be able to sing again," Liam said. What? What? Louis in the hospital thats unlike him. I would expect this from anyone but Louis. He may be stupid and act childish but when it comes to singing he loves it and never wants to stop.
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