Get Me Back

**Sequel to Hanging On (A.K.A. read Hanging On first)** It's now six months after the eight month tour begins and Katie can't help but feel her relationship with Louis falling apart. When she discovers the secret he'd been trying to hide from her, she's devastated; how could she ever trust again, especially after the one who promised to never hurt her went against his word? As Katie tries to build herself back up, a new set of arms help pick her back up, showing her something she hasn't felt for a long time. Katie finds herself in a troubling situation, especially when the truth is ultimately revealed to her. Will she try and rebuild what she once had, or will she embrace the new future presenting itself to her?


20. Epilogue


    “No Niall, it goes the other way! No, stop I’ll get it. Damn, who taught you to decorate a Christmas tree?” Kara snatched away the ornament from Niall’s hand and waltzed up to the tree, placing it on the proper way.

    “Since when are you so bossy?” Niall laughed, pulling her into his arms.

    “Since you decided you can’t decorate a tree properly,” Kara shot back, pecking his lips lightly. I giggled from my seat on my couch, watching them battle back and forth on decorating styles. It seemed to be a tradition since Thanksgiving to hold holidays at my apartment.

    “Katie, your apartment is so tiny! How can you even live here?” Liam joked.

    “It only seems tiny because there are so many people here! Besides, I like it this way. It seems full now, it has life,” I smiled, standing up to get closer to the tree. My happiness seemed to be infectious as Louis came up from behind me, pulling me against him.

    “You know, my boss is STILL talking about your guys’ wedding, Katie. It was so beautiful!” Kara gushed.

    “You mean YOU were so beautiful,” I smirked.

    “Well I WAS the Maid of Honor,” Kara winked. She sat down on Niall’s lap, letting Harry put the finishing touches on the tree.

    “Uh, since when was Harry recruited to decorating committee?” I questioned.

    “Since Niall and I quit,” Kara laughed. We all joined in, enjoying the humor. I watched as everyone gathered close, waiting for the tree to finally light up.

    “Are you sure you want to tell everyone now?” Louis asked quietly. I looked back at him with a smile and pecked his lips.

    “I’m positive,” I whispered back. He wrapped his arms around my midsection and kissed my cheek. The tree finally lit up and twinkled. Everyone clapped and cheered for Harry as he stepped out from behind the tree with a smile.

    “Well, now that we have you all here with us, Katie and I have an announcement to make to you all,” Louis began. He looked down at me to continue as everyone focused their attention on us.

    I looked around at the faces of Kara, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and my mother. “We’re having a baby,” I smiled. My mother began tearing up, her hands going to her mouth as everyone began to cheer again. Kara pulled me into a huge hug, whispering her sincerest congratulations to me. “I couldn’t ask for a better friend than you,” I whispered back. My mother was next, kissing me on the cheek and hugging me tighter.

    “Well, how about some names!” Harry suggested. I met his eyes, feeling the warmth coming from his. It was amazing how long a friendship like ours could last, even with everything we had gone through together.

    “Now, we just found out five days ago! We haven’t even discussed a name yet,” Louis argued.

    “Elena Karalyn Tomlinson,” I called out, making the room go silent. “If it’s a girl, I want her name to be Elena Karalyn Tomlinson.” My mom smiled brightly at me, thanking me silently. Kara bit her lip, trying not to tear up.

    “What about a boy?” Niall asked. I looked up to Louis for this one. He met my eyes.

    “Jace Gregory Tomlinson,” he finally answered. I smiled, almost tearing up. Louis knew how important Jace had been to me in the short time we had known each other.

    “Little miss pop star is going to be a mom!” Kara squealed. “How does it feel to have the best selling album of the season, five Grammy nominations in just your first year, and a beautiful little baby on the way?”

    “It doesn’t feel like my life. I mean, where’s the drama?” I joked, earning laughs. “But to be honest, I can’t describe how amazing this feels. I have you guys, I have my career, and I have my family. I couldn’t ask for anything more.” As soon as I finished, the lights went out. “Except for power; power would be nice.”

    “Harry, you blew a fuse with all your lights!”

    “What the hell are you talking about, Niall? It wasn’t my fault!”

    “Just fix it! I can’t see a damn thing!”

    “Language, Kara!”

    “Shut it, Zayn!” As the lights were soon fixed, I turned around and kissed Louis. My life was turning into something I could have only dreamed about one year ago. One year ago, I was in Paris trying to forget everything. I was meeting the boys outside of my hotel and getting past the security guards. I was out drinking and watching my life fall apart. Now, I was watching my life create something new, something better for me.

    “Thank you, Louis.” I kissed him again, my arms going around his neck.

    “What for?” He asked me. I smiled as I pulled him closer so only he could hear me.

    “For getting me back.” I closed my eyes and rested my head against his chest, letting him rock me back and forth. I let myself go back to when we had first met.


    "Open the door, please."
"I'm busy."
"I said open the door now." I angrily swung the door open.
"Who the fuck do you think you are!" I found myself face to face with an angry looking Louis Tomlinson.
"Why did you blow him off like that?" He asked me angrily. "What the hell did he do to you?"
"Who, Deni? I didn't blow him off, he was the one making a scene so I shut the door," I retorted.
"He wanted to see you and you blew him off!" He began gesturing angrily and running his fingers through his hair. "Why are women like you always so damn insensitive? Seriously!"
Now he had drawn the attention of all the boys down the hall now and they began walking over.
"Women like me? Who's women like me? Eleanor? Is that who?" He looked up at me, his eyes filled with emotions I couldn't place.


    "Mr. Reddis, I presume?" I returned the gesture.
"Please, call me Jack. I hope you don't mind I invited my most profitable clients as of now," Jack said, giving me a wink. "This is-"
"I know. We've met," I said, trying to disguise the edge that had entered my voice.
"Well that's good! Hopefully they've made your time comfortable so far." I took the offered chair, looking at the faces that were intently focused on Jack's face.
"Well, they've certainly made it...interesting," I managed to say. "But I could be lying. After all, that's what girls like me do. We lie and break commitments we didn't even know about." Harry failed to hide his smile. Louis shot me daggers.


    Suddenly, his weight disappeared from my lap. I looked to see Louis shove him away, his arm ready to throw a punch. Trent was holding his nose, so I could only guess Louis had thrown a punch already.
"Stay the fuck away from her, you piece of shit!" Louis snarled at him.
I was pissed. I walked up to him and spun him to face me. "What the hell was that for?" I demanded.
He looked at me for a moment, his eyes conveying emotions I couldn't read. Suddenly he walked off, out of the house. I didn't know what to do. So I followed him.


    “Katie, I’m sorry.” I crept closer to the door, listening. “I haven’t exactly been on good terms with anybody lately and that’s my fault. I never meant to snap at you the other day, it was a bad day for me. I guess I’ve been having them a lot lately.”

    “It’s okay, I understand,” I answered. “I get those too so you don’t have to apologize. It just comes out.”

    “Like you want everyone to suffer as much as you…”

    “And you just want more than anything for them to feel what you’re feeling…”

    “Like they can understand why you’re acting that way.” I smiled through my tears, amazed at how well he understood.

    I opened the door. “And you wish you could take back just one day to spend with them, never wanting it to end, holding them in your arms forever.” Louis half smiled, his eyes beginning to water.

    “You just miss them so much and you can’t help but feel so guilty for letting them leave you,” his voice cracked. I choked back the sob trying to make its way up my throat.

    “Louis I’m so sorry.” I ran forward and hugged him fiercely, feeling his arms wrap around me, pulling me into him. My face was buried into his chest as I cried. I felt his warm breath on my neck as he sobbed into me. There we stood in the hallway of some hotel in Paris, finally understanding each other.


    “Open!” I yelled. Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around me, forcing the bottle to fall on the counter and out of my restricted reach. “What are you doing?!” I began panicking.

    “Katie, calm down. You’ll be fine,” Louis said quietly into my ear. I tried to wriggle free but it was no use.

    “I need those now! Louis let me go I need them!” I screamed. He began pulling me away from the counter. I started thrashing, kicking him. I felt him stumble slightly as I nailed his shin, giving me an opportunity to free my left arm. I swung it back, connecting with his shoulder, pulling myself back to the counter. “Louis I need them now!”

    Suddenly I was tackled onto the floor, my arms pinned again. I was dragged back again, still thrashing. “Katie, stop it!” I screamed at his order and scratched his arm. I heard him yell in pain slightly, but he didn’t let go. He picked me up and shoved me into a wall. Cold water suddenly fell on me. My eyes shot open and I gasped as he held me against the shower wall, never breaking his gaze with mine. I felt myself stop thrashing and relax, shivers beginning to run through me.

    “Why did you do that, Louis?” I heard myself hoarsely ask. I was slowly calming down.

    “You don’t need those pills, Kat,” he whispered.

    “Don’t call me that. Only Toby calls me that. I need those pills.”

    “No you don’t!”

    “You don’t know what I need!” I screamed.

    “You need me!” I stopped. “Kat you need me.”

    “Stop calling me that! You aren’t Toby!” I slapped him.
    “Your damn right I’m not!” Louis yelled. “I am not Toby! Toby is dead! He’s never going to come back and save you, Kat. He will never save you again! He’s never going to hold you or kiss you ever again because he is dead!” He let go of me and I slid down the wall, a sob escaping. He looked down at me. “Katie, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.”

    I stood up, shoving him away from me. “You sick bastard. You stupid, sick bastard. Leave me alone. Get out of here! I don’t need anybody! I don’t need you to save me! You aren’t supposed to save me!” I started pounding on his chest. He backed into the door, letting me go. “You aren’t supposed to be able to save me! You hate me, just like they all did. You hate me, Louis.” I kept hitting him.

    I felt myself slow down, my fists loosening. Louis gently grabbed my wrists and pulled me into him, our wet bodies connecting. “I want to save you, Kat.”


    “Louis.” Hearing my name pass her lips in the sweet, gentle voice she had said it in so many times made me go weak. I made it to her bedside, collapsing next to her. I grabbed her hand and kissed it so many times, not able to stop my tears. I felt her free hand run through my hair gently, trying to calm me. In that moment, I realized how truly happy she made me. She was my everything now.

    I looked up into her eyes. “Katie, I love you.” It was the first time I had ever said it to her while she could hear me and I couldn’t explain how perfect it felt to hear it roll off of my tongue, almost as though her name belonged there.

    “Louis, I…”

    “You don’t have to say anything. I understand if you aren’t ready to say it and that’s fine. I can wait for you, I promise. I told you I’d never leave you again no matter what and I meant it. I meant every last word.” A small smile played at the edge of her lips as she took my face in her hands, tilting my vision up to her face.

    “Louis, I love you too.”


    10…our first encounter in the hallway after I’d exploded on the security. I’d vowed to hate him after that.

    9…seeing him cry for the first time after the unexpected encounter at dinner. That was the first time I actually felt something again.

    8…watching him stare at me the first time we all went out together and wanting him to be the one dancing with me.

    7…watching in amazement as he defended me in the club against Trent; seeing what he was capable of.

    6…connecting with him for the first time and realizing he understood me.

    5…confiding everything I had inside of me to him and trusting him with my heart.

    4…letting him knock down my walls, knowing for the first time I wanted to give myself to him.

    3…Telling the world about my story and having him being a part of it.

    2…Realizing I never wanted to be apart from him.

    1…Letting him save me.


    I wiped my eyes and looked down at my ring finger; more specifically, my engagement ring from Toby. I had never taken it off because I couldn’t stop hanging on. I walked to the bathroom and opened the last drawer, taking out a small, black velvet box covered in dust. I gently removed my promise ring, followed by the engagement ring. I placed it into its box, shutting it. I placed the promise ring in its new proper place. This was me moving on, letting go. This was me falling in love again.


    And fall in love again I did. xx


Ahhhh I'm so sad this had to end! It's 1:40 in the morning, and I just finished writing the best (and so far only) series I've ever far. Katie was a great character to have. In some ways, I based her off of me. Of course, I don't have an ex-fiance who died but actually didn't die and turned stalker; I'm only 17. But, mostly emotions and how she felt about thing that happened to her. I want sooo badly to write a prequel about how her and Toby met and their relationship and everything. What do you think? Would you read it? HUH?! Hahaa. Kara was based off of my friend Jaden Poole, who just so happens to have an account on Movellas. WHAAAAT?! You don't BELIEVE me?! You think I'm LYING?! Her username is Mrs_horan2013 :) :) So let me know what you think about me writing a prequel and thank you all so so so so so much for reading and commenting. I'm giving a huge major shoutout to Blueandpurple16 for being a very active commenter and supporter and such :) you are a doll. Thank you all xxx Alex

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