Get Me Back

**Sequel to Hanging On (A.K.A. read Hanging On first)** It's now six months after the eight month tour begins and Katie can't help but feel her relationship with Louis falling apart. When she discovers the secret he'd been trying to hide from her, she's devastated; how could she ever trust again, especially after the one who promised to never hurt her went against his word? As Katie tries to build herself back up, a new set of arms help pick her back up, showing her something she hasn't felt for a long time. Katie finds herself in a troubling situation, especially when the truth is ultimately revealed to her. Will she try and rebuild what she once had, or will she embrace the new future presenting itself to her?


10. Chapter Ten

    I don’t remember much after the elevator; I know Harry carried me out to his car and drove me back to his hotel. He lay me down in his bed, pulling the covers over me before sitting on the edge of the bed, his hand running up and down the length of my side gently. I was exhausted after crying so much; it was like Toby all over again. Harry leaned down, resting his head against my rib cage as his arm wrapped around my back. I rested my hand on his head, gently massaging his scalp. My eyes were closed, the tears drying them shut.

    “Harry, I have to go to work soon,” I said in broken whisper, my voice raspy.

    “You can’t go in this condition, Katie,” Harry answered. “I’ll call off for you.”

    “I can’t afford not to go. Please, just help me get ready.” All I wanted to do was work; get my mind off of this for a moment. I’d be able to mope around later.

    I heard Harry sigh as he sat up, taking my hand in his. “Come on, let’s get you ready.” I opened my eyes slightly and let him lead me to the bathroom, his arm wrapped around my shoulders. He stopped me in front of the sink, letting the water warm up. “Wait here, I’ll get a towel.” I stepped in front of the mirror, not looking up. I hated seeing myself this weak, this vulnerable. I rubbed the hot water into my tired face, loosening the muscles enough for me to open my eyes completely. I felt my hair pull back as Harry held it out of the water for me.

    I pushed my face into the towel, letting it soak in the moisture. I leaned back into the counter, feeling myself lean forward as I started crying again. I walked forward into Harry as he embraced me, whispering softly in my ear, telling me everything would be okay. I took a deep, shaky breath and stepped back, removing my face from the towel. I wiped the extra moisture away and turned to the mirror, fixing my messy hair. Harry stood behind me, his eyes sad.

    “Do I really look that pitiful?” I weakly joked. Harry frowned and wrapped his arms around my waist, his head falling onto my shoulder. I closed my eyes, feeling us rock back and forth gently. “Harry,” I whispered.

    “Let’s get you to work,” he mumbled against my neck. His hand found mine as he led me from the bathroom. I watched him walking ahead of me and I couldn’t feel any more grateful to have him there for me. We stopped at the door as he grabbed his jacket and keys.

    The drive was silent as I listened to the rain slowly falling on the car. I stared out the window, holding back the tears I wanted to release so badly. My forehead rested on the cold window, giving me a slight chill against the warm summer air. I sighed, hugging my sides. “Are you cold?” Harry asked as he reached for the heat. I stopped him, shaking my head. He gave me a look before returning his eyes to the road. We pulled up in front of the café and Harry put the car in park, shutting it off.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked as I put my hand on the door handle.

    “You just figured out that Louis cheated on you and were crying your eyes out as I held you and you’re asking me what’s wrong?” Harry snorted. “You shouldn’t be at work, Katie.”

    “Why, because I’m in a weak state right now? That just gives me all the reason more to go to work. If I’m by myself or not doing anything I’ll think about it; that’s not what I need to do. At least for a little while.” I looked over at him, trying to explain my reasoning.

    “I’m picking you up,” Harry stated. “Where do you want to stay tonight?”

    “At Kara’s…where else would I stay?” I asked. Harry turned away, mumbling something I couldn’t make out. “What was that?”

    “Nothing, it’s nothing. Come on, I’ll walk you in.” Harry exited the car and ran over to help me down onto the sidewalk. He didn’t hold me, but he stayed close enough to me to allow our hands to brush every few steps. He was so protective.

    “Katie! You’re earlier today,” Erin greeted me. “And who is this…Harry Styles?” She asked in shock.

    “Hello, it’s nice to meet you,” Harry smiled, offering his hand. Erin took it generously before blushing and turning back to me.

    “I was wondering if you’d feel up to singing by yourself tonight; Jace lost his voice and the people really liked you last night,” Erin admitted.

    “That’s amazing, but I’m not really up f-“

    “She’d love to,” Harry cut in smoothly. I looked up at him with a hardened glare. What was he doing?

    “Great! You only have to do one song since we have another guest tonight, but we’re putting you up last so you’ll have plenty of time to figure out what you want to do!” Erin chirped before turning around to the kitchen.

    “What are you doing?” I demanded as soon as she was out of earshot.

    “Trust me; this will help get the emotions out,” Harry said.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “You’re scaring me, Katie; you aren’t acting like a normal person would if they’ve just had their heart broken. You don’t always need to be so strong,” Harry pleaded.

    “I do when it comes to love,” I answered. “You should go now; I’ll be fine.”

    “I’ll be back at eleven to pick you up,” Harry promised, giving my hand a squeeze. I turned around and walked into the kitchen towards my locker. I pulled out my uniform and shoes with a heavy sigh, slamming the cold metal door shut. I looked around, making sure no one was watching. I pulled off my clothes, exposing my bra and panties. My shoes and socks came off and I slowly pulled the dress on over my head. It got caught on my hair and I hastily tried to yank it down to no avail. I hissed in frustration and childishly stomped my foot against the tile, listening in anger at the weak slapping sound it created. Was everything I did weak now?

    “Could you use some help?” I jumped at his voice; the absolute last person I wanted to see at work. I didn’t answer but he walked forward anyway, pulling my dress down gently as he unhooked my hair from it. His hands rested on my hips and I quickly swatted them away, cringing away from his touch.

    “What do you want, Jace?” I snapped as I tugged my shoes on.

    “A simple ‘thank you’ would be nice,” he joked. “Or a kiss would work too.”

    “Good luck with that,” I muttered. I gasped as his arms came around my waist, his lips dangerously close to my neck.

    “I don’t need luck,” he growled. I brought my elbow back into him before spinning around and slapping him across the face.

    “You’re a sick bastard,” I yelled. “I don’t know what you want from me but stay the hell away from me.”

    Jace met my eyes, holding an emotion I couldn’t place. “What, don’t want your boyfriend to catch you being an unfaithful slut?”

    It was like taking a bullet; the wind knocked from my lungs as I took an uneven step backwards. I closed my eyes and placed a hand on my stomach to prevent the turbulent sobs from rising in my throat. I pulled my top lip in between my teeth, biting down hard as a single tear escaped down my cheek. I finally met his eyes, expelling all my anger and hatred towards him. “You don’t know a damn thing about what’s going on with me; don’t act like you give a shit about my life.” My voice was low and sinister, filled with every raw emotion from that day.

    Something in Jace changed as he suddenly became concerned. “What happened?” He sounded protective, wanting to help me.

    “Just leave me alone,” I whispered as I turned away. I felt him take my wrist, pulling me to a stop.

    “No, please I’m sorry; just talk to me.”

    “I don’t want to talk.” I pulled myself free with ease, stepping back out to the floor. People had started arriving already and I was glad to start working, the buzz of voices around me clouding out all other senses and thoughts.

    I don’t know how many times I crossed back and forth between the floor and the kitchen, but I eventually stopped to take a breather, listening as Erin announced the guest singer of the night. “I’m very excited to have you all listen to the ever rare version of Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by the man himself, John Mayer!” As he stepped out onto the stage, I felt my stomach drop; that song…

    He took the guitar in his hands, strumming the familiar heartbreaking tune. I stood there listening to him, letting myself fall apart on the inside.

    “It's not a silly little moment
It's not the storm before the calm
This is the deep and dying breath of
This love that we've been working on.

Can't seem to hold you like I want to
So I can feel you in my arms.
Nobody's gonna come and save you
We pulled too many false alarms.
We're going down
And you can see it, too.
We're going down
And you know that we're doomed.
My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room.

I was the one you always dreamed of
You were the one I tried to draw
How dare you say it's nothing to me
Baby, you're the only light I ever saw.

I'll make the most of all the sadness
You'll be a bitch because you can.
You'll try to hit me just hurt me
And you leave me feeling dirty
Cause you can't understand.
We're going down
And you can see it, too.
We're going down
And you know that we're doomed.
My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room.”


    I hadn’t realized I started crying until I felt the moisture make contact with my hand. I quickly wiped them away and made my way back to the kitchen, collapsing against a wall. I took my face in my hands, sobbing violently into them. I was glad to be alone for a minute, giving me time to pull back together. I let my head fall against the wall, staring up at the ceiling. “What am I becoming?” I asked. I stood up, brushing myself off and wiping away any evidence of my meltdown. Harry was right; I needed to sing it out.

    I waited until it was eleven, ready for my performance. I signaled the band once I hit the stage, taking the mic in my hands. I was putting my soul into this one.

    “Time on my hands
Since you been away boy
I ain't got no plans
No no no no
And the sound of the rain
Against my windowpane
Is slowly, is slowly drivin' me insane, boy
I'm goin' down
I'm goin' down
Cause you ain't around baby
My whole world's upside down

Sleep don't come easy
Boy please believe me
Since you been gone
Everything's goin' wrong
Why'd you have to say goodbye
Look what you've done to me
I can't stop these tears from fallin' from my eyes
Ooh baby


I'm goin' down
I'm goin' down
Cause you ain't around baby
My whole world's upside down


Ooh, goin' down
Goin' down
Oh, I don't know what to do
If I ever lose you
I'll be goin' down
I said I'll be goin' down
Oh, please forgive me baby
I'm so sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
What did I do wrong?
I said, what did I do wrong?
Please forgive me baby
And come on home.”

    I felt as though the whole crowd in front of me suddenly knew what I was going through after I finished, their claps deafening me. I looked to the back to see Harry leaning against the railing, his arms crossed against his chest, his eyes meeting mine intensely. All I could do was nod to him as I walked off the stage with a bow, waving my goodbyes. Erin met me at the stairs, hugging me excitedly.

    “Oh goodness, you sounded so much like Mary J Blige you have no idea!” She gasped. “Are you signed anywhere?”

    “Yeah, I’ve been with a record company for a little while now,” I answered, taking a long drink of the water she offered me. “I’m going to head out now, okay? I’m not feeling too well.”

    “Of course! Just make sure you feel better tomorrow, okay?” Erin offered a warm smile as she squeezed my arm. “You were fantastic tonight.”

    I followed her back to the kitchen, breaking rank as I bolted to the lockers, grabbing my clothes. I walked out to the crowd, passing people as they congratulated me. I picked up speed as my eyes started stinging again. I grabbed Harry’s hand and dragged him outside to his car. “Katie, slow down!” I shook my head and kept moving, climbing into the car. Harry got to the driver’s seat, starting the car before turning towards me.

    “Katie,” he started, waiting for me to answer. “Katie, tell me what to do,” Harry pleaded desperately.

    “Just take me to Kara’s,” I whispered. He started driving without another word, realizing I needed silence. We finally reached the apartment and I noticed Kara’s figure sitting on the step waiting for us. She stood up as the car pulled to the curb. I looked over at Harry in surprise.

    He shrugged at me. “I figured you could use someone.” I gave him a broken smile before undoing my belt and leaning in to kiss his cheek.

    I lingered a moment longer. “Thank you, Harry,” I whispered. I got out of the car without another word, running into Kara’s arms before breaking down into sobs. For the rest of the night, she held me until I fell asleep in her arms. I don’t know what I’d do without her there to help me.


**Promise this is short my lovelies! I just wanted to say you all should check out the songs from this chapter, they’ll really help you understand why they were brought up. The first was Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer. Find the acoustic version which is what he sang on stage at the café, but the actual version is also very good (confession-I have both on my iPod! heehee). The second song was I’m Going Down by Mary J. Blige. Now, I highly recommend, no, ORDER, that you look that one up. It really expresses how Katie felt. New and improved updated cover too! Did you notice? Do you like? Ehh, do ya?? I do! I’m so proud of the boys; they brought home the KCA for favorite group AND favorite song! Ahhh!! Feel free to find me on Twitter as well! @Alex_Kat23 mmmmkkk?? I’ll try and update soon, but it’s about 1 in the morning right now…and I need sleep. Muah, I love you! xxx**

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