Get Me Back

**Sequel to Hanging On (A.K.A. read Hanging On first)** It's now six months after the eight month tour begins and Katie can't help but feel her relationship with Louis falling apart. When she discovers the secret he'd been trying to hide from her, she's devastated; how could she ever trust again, especially after the one who promised to never hurt her went against his word? As Katie tries to build herself back up, a new set of arms help pick her back up, showing her something she hasn't felt for a long time. Katie finds herself in a troubling situation, especially when the truth is ultimately revealed to her. Will she try and rebuild what she once had, or will she embrace the new future presenting itself to her?


6. Chapter Six


    When we returned to Kara’s apartment, she was going insane; she was concerned about the condition of her apartment now that Louis was here.

    “You couldn’t have texted me that he was coming?” Kara yelled as she furiously began running around the kitchen, throwing the dishes in their proper places. It was chaotic to watch, but order came out of it so I let her go. “I could have at least tried to spiff the place up a little more!”

    “Don’t worry about it he has a hotel room,” I chuckled. “Besides, I might be staying the night with him anyway so don’t worry.”

    Kara managed to stop long enough to wiggle her eyebrow suggestively at me. “Oh, staying the night are we? Why would you want to do that?”

    I rolled my eyes. “We’re going to catch up, Kara. He has been gone for six months,” I reminded her.

    “Yeah…catching up alright,” she muttered. I gave her a look, causing a giggle to break out from her. I felt myself start laughing along with her; I wasn’t going to deny it; I missed Louis a lot. It’s not like we were going to just talk all night. “Don’t have too much fun Katie; you have work tomorrow evening.”

    “You don’t say,” I came back sarcastically.

    Kara slapped me with a dish towel. “Where is Louis anyway?” I pointed to the front door that was opened a small crack, Louis’s voice hardly audible.

    “Harry called him a few moments ago; it must be serious because Louis looked upset when he picked up.” I frowned at this. “I hope everything’s okay.”

    “Of course it’s not okay! Louis just left the tour, Katie! What are they supposed to do now?” I nodded in agreement.

    “He’ll probably ask me to come with him,” I whispered, looking up at Kara. Her face fell a little. “I’m not sure though! It’s just a possibility,” I consoled her.

    “Katie, can I talk to you out here?” Louis was calling for me from the door. I got out of my chair and squeezed Kara’s shoulder comfortingly as I walked out. I couldn’t leave her after she just had her heart broken; maybe I could convince Louis to have her come with us.

    Louis motioned for me to shut the door behind me. When I did, he turned to me nervously. “So as you can imagine, they aren’t exactly thrilled with me leaving.” I laughed nervously as he took my hand in his. “They’ve given me two days before I have to meet them in Los Angeles. I promise I’ll spend every moment with you until I leave.”

    I smirked. “You’re going to follow me around the café?” I joked. Louis smiled a little and pulled me into a warm hug. “I don’t have a problem with that,” I continued.

    “Maybe I can get a temporary job there with you,” Louis laughed. “Be the bus boy or something.”

    I laughed against his chest. “It’s a café Louis not a diner. We don’t have any bus boys. Have you ever seen a bus boy at Starbucks? Honestly, use your common sense,” I joked. I felt him squeeze my ribcage, making me flinch away as he tried to tickle me. “Louis stop! I hate being tickled!”

    “That’s what makes it so much fun,” Louis answered with a dangerous tone. I yelped as he went for me again, pressing me against the wall next to the door. I couldn’t stop my laughing as I tried to weakly pry his hands away from me. “You aren’t getting off that easy, Kat.”

    “Seriously you need to quit before I kick you!” I tried pushing him again.

    Louis masked his face with hurt. “You’d actually kick me?”

    “No, but my body would; it’s just a common reflex,” I giggled. Louis ignored my warnings and continued to tickle me. I purposely swung my leg forward, landing a strong blow to his shin. He immediately grabbed it, giving me a chance to tackle him to the ground. We both ended up laughing as I sat on top of him.

    “That really hurt, Katie,” Louis groaned through his laughing fit.

    I leaned down near his lips. “I warned you,” I whispered, planting a soft kiss on his lips. His hands pulled my head closer to his as I tried to pull away. I giggled against his kiss, rubbing my hands down his chest. Our kisses deepened as one of his arms held my legs in place, encouraging me to continue straddling him. I moved my kisses in a soft trail down his neck, pushing his t-shirt out of the way to expose his left collarbone. Here I focused my attention, trying to get a reaction from him. I let my left hand trace small circles down his chest as my right held his head in place. I kissed him hard, forcing blood to the surface of his skin. It was then that he moaned, setting me off. I was intent on allowing my lips to become re-accustomed to his body, my hands roaming freely. I felt his hands go up my shirt as he held my hips in place, rubbing small circles against them with his fingers. I felt his hips readjust beneath me and I aided him by widening my stance. I felt his hips rock upward against me gently at first, then becoming more forceful. I couldn’t help the small moan that escaped my own lips as I went back to his, allowing his tongue to gain entrance. I felt his weight shift again as he gently rolled us over, him now on top of me. I felt him begin to harden as he continued rocking into me, his breathes becoming slightly uneven. I began to pull his shirt off before realization hit me.

    “Louis,” I breathed. His lips moved to my jaw line, stopping where it met my neck. “Louis, we’re on the floor in the hall of an apartment complex.”

    “Dammit, I want a bed,” he sighed. I felt his arms shaking, showing how bad he wanted to go on.

    “Let’s go find one,” I whispered playfully, kissing him one last time. “You better just go down to the car, Louis.” He gave me a confused look. “I don’t think Kara would want to see you all…you know.”

    I saw the realization in his eyes. “Oh, right. Just make it quick; I don’t think I can wait much longer,” he answered, pulling me up with him. I rubbed his chest, leaving a kiss on his cheek.

    “You don’t have to tell me twice.” I skipped off, looking back at Louis with a wink. I heard him curse softly under his breath, making me giggle as I walked into the apartment. I found Kara in the living room, trying to focus on the TV. “What are you doing?”

    “Oh, so you’re finished out there already? That was quick,” Kara muttered. I blushed.

    “We didn’t do anything Kara,” I laughed.

    “But you were close?” I nodded, making Kara nod in return. “So that’s why Louis isn’t in here.”

    I swatted her arm and walked back to my room. “I’m going to grab some things and then I’m gone!” I called back to her. I didn’t hear her answer; only a muffled shout. I got a few things together in a small bag and walked out, leaving a small kiss on Kara’s head as I walked out. I was going to have some fun tonight.

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