Get Me Back

**Sequel to Hanging On (A.K.A. read Hanging On first)** It's now six months after the eight month tour begins and Katie can't help but feel her relationship with Louis falling apart. When she discovers the secret he'd been trying to hide from her, she's devastated; how could she ever trust again, especially after the one who promised to never hurt her went against his word? As Katie tries to build herself back up, a new set of arms help pick her back up, showing her something she hasn't felt for a long time. Katie finds herself in a troubling situation, especially when the truth is ultimately revealed to her. Will she try and rebuild what she once had, or will she embrace the new future presenting itself to her?


1. Chapter One


    “Welcome to New York Ms. Willows.” I looked up from Louis’s text to see the customs officer smiling at me.

    “Thank you,” I gave back, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear. I grabbed my bags and headed out to the terminal, taking a moment to sit down and breathe for what seemed like the first time in months. I looked back down at the text, actually reading it this time.

>I’m sorry I couldn’t call last night there was a party after the show L I miss you and love you so much! Xx

    I sighed, locking my phone. It was always the same excuse just like the months before; “the party ran late”, “they wanted an encore”, “the boys hid my phone”, or my personal favorite, “I was so exhausted I completely forgot.” It hurt, but I never told him that. I knew how stressful this was for him and I didn’t want to add to it. All the same, I felt a void growing and it scared me to death.

    It wasn’t always like this though. When he left six months ago, we called each other every day like we’d promised. We talked about the stupidest things for hours at a time, falling asleep mid-conversation. Once I had started my career up again though, things started changing. I was spending a lot of time in the studio and didn’t have the free time I once had. I would call whenever I had a spare minute but the majority of the time I had free he happened to be busy. Whenever we did find time to talk, we were both so tired the conversations only lasted about five minutes. When I was told I was moving to Shira’s main building in New York (the new upcoming recording studio I was signed to), I was also told I would have more free time. This made me happy, knowing I could talk to Louis more often, or so I thought. I did talk to Harry often though; we’d grown closer. He was someone I deeply trusted now and I was glad to have someone like that, especially when he was with me through everything.

    My phone buzzed again, this time with a text from my close friend, Kara. We had met briefly in Paris during New Years, promising to meet up after that. We ended up going out for some coffee after I saw Louis off at the airport and have been inseparable ever since. I smiled at the thought as I read her message.

>I’m outside, bitch! Get out to my car now!

    I rolled my eyes stood up, wheeling my suitcases behind me. When I stepped outside, I was hit with a massive heat wave. For New York in June, it was extremely hot. I felt sweat starting to build on my palms against the handles of my suitcases as I roamed the sidewalk looking for Kara. I finally spotted her leaning against the passenger door of her car, sunglasses glinting in the sunlight. When she saw me waving at her, a beaming smile lit up her face and she ran towards me, tearing her sunglasses off before wrapping me in a giant hug.

    “Katie, I missed the shit out of you for the past month! Don’t ever leave me for that long ever again!” She pulled back, her hazel blue eyes giving me a stern look, making me laugh.

    “If only I could get that kind of greeting out of Louis whenever he calls,” I said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes and shook her long blonde hair out of her eyes. “Where are we staying?”

    “I have a place here now so you’re staying with me!” Kara replied, getting suddenly excited. I groaned instead.

    “Please tell me your boyfriend isn’t staying there too,” I pleaded. She dragged me to her car and we threw my suitcases into the trunk.

    “Actually, Jason and I broke up a few days ago,” Kara mumbled. I looked over at her suddenly depressed face. I immediately felt bad.

    “Oh, sweetie I’m so sorry I didn’t know.” I hugged her, trying to make her feel better. “I’ll tell you what; we’ll do something fun tonight to take your mind off of it, okay?” Kara looked up at me and nodded, a small smile on her face. Her and Jason had been dating for almost a year; it made me wonder what broke them up.

    We got in the car and started driving. We were silent for a few moments before I looked over at her smiling. “I really did miss you, Kara.”

    Kara sighed, smiling back at me. “I missed you too, Katie. Sorry I just made this the most depressing homecoming of your life,” she joked.

    “No, it’s alright. I’m curious though; why did you two split? You both seemed so happy.”

    Kara ran a hand through her hair before placing it back on the steering wheel. “I hadn’t spoken to him in a few weeks because of the fight. I told you about that, right?”

    I looked over at her. “Yeah, the one about him in that picture with the slutty girl, right?”

    Kara nodded. “Exactly. So, when I did finally decide to talk to him, I called him and told him I was sorry and he said to come over to his house. So I did.” Her voice sounded strained as she began speaking through her teeth. “When I opened the door, he was fucking that fucking slut in his fucking bed. What the fuck was he trying to do?!” Kara was screaming now. I looked at her in disbelief.

    “What a douche! Honey, I’m so sorry about that. The next time I see him I swear my foot is going straight up his anal cavity,” I promised. Kara laughed; it was good to hear her laugh. I hated seeing her so upset. She always had trouble with boys and I tried my best to help her, but I was scared for her; I didn’t want something bad to happen to her. She had no family now; just me. Both of her parents were serving their life sentences in jail and her siblings had all been sent away through foster care. She’d always been extremely mature for her age, seeing as how she went through so much and had to learn how to take care of herself and her siblings at such a young age; even now that she’s only a year under me, she doesn’t act eighteen; sometimes, she’s as wise as a 35 year old mother. I looked to her for advice too when I didn’t know what to say to Louis. It was odd how our roles sometimes became flip-flopped, but I went with it; after all, Kara and I were practically sisters and I loved her.

    We finally arrived at her apartment in Manhattan. It wasn’t huge, but it was nice; even the bathroom wasn’t too bad. The downside was the fact that she lived on the floor third from the top and the elevator was almost always out of order, but that just meant we could gain our daily exercise easier. We would be sharing a queen sized bed and she had cleared out half of her dresser for me to use. Of course, I wasn’t about to expect her to pay the bills for both of us; I knew not to use any of the money from my studio time, so I was planning to look for a job nearby. After all, it was about time I got a real job.

    “So, are there any clubs you feel like going to tonight?” I asked as soon as we set my suitcases inside the door.

    “Actually, there was this one place I was looking at,” Kara said with a mischievous glint in her eye. “I hope you’re up for it.”

    “Hey, I have my fake I.D. and everything; the only one who wouldn’t be prepared is you,” I taunted.

    “Oh, trust me I’m ready; look at this bad boy!” Kara whipped out her own fake I.D., waving it in front of my face. “Suck on that!”

    “Not bad,” I laughed. We unpacked my things and ended up on the couch, updating our Twitters and such. I hadn’t gotten on in a while, so I was surprised when I realized how many notifications I had received. “Damn, I’m popular,” I muttered.

    “Keep telling yourself that,” Kara joked. I kicked her in the shin, making her yelp and kick back. I lived for these moments with her. She made me feel better when I was upset. Funny, it seemed she could be the perfect Louis for me.

    By the time seven rolled around, we had just started getting ready. I wasn’t in the mood to be flashy, much to the disappointment of Kara. “You’ve been alone for about six months now; it’s time you went out there and flirted a little!”

    “I don’t want Louis to find pictures of me in some slutty dress surrounded by guys. How bad do you think that would look to him? Or anyone for that matter?” Kara rolled her eyes, but I knew she understood. Louis and I were rocky at the moment and I didn’t want to ruin it for good just because of some stupid picture.

    I decided on a simple black dress that stopped just above my knees. It hugged my curves, but it was modest in the way that it didn’t show too much. I slid on my three inch pumps and made my way to the bathroom to freshen up.

    “Don’t take too long, Katie! We leave in about a half hour!” Kara called after me. I closed the door and looked into the mirror, admiring myself for a moment.

    I wasn’t giving myself enough credit anymore; I looked amazing now. My skin actually had color, darkened by me spending time on the beaches in California for a month. I had dyed my hair to a sandy blonde, showing my transformation from dark to light. I felt better now; I wasn’t in the dark place that I was, so why look like it? My eyes still had their silvery look, but recently a tint of blue had snuck its way in. It was a good change for me; I was happy with myself now. I had achieved so much and haven’t thought once about self abusing since my hospital trip back in December. My new therapist, Dr. Montalvo, was also impressed with my extensive progress. It wasn’t mandatory to go see him now, so I just had a calling card in case of emergencies, which I was sure I wouldn’t have. After all, my life was looking up now and that was the most amazing feeling ever.

    I decided to go for a lighter look on my make-up, only using a small amount of eye shadow. As for mascara and lipstick, I absolutely loved them. My eyelashes were already naturally really long, but the mascara gave them the extra length and volume I needed to emphasize my eyes. I put on a small amount of red tinted lipstick to add a little more color. To top it off, I added small curls to the ends of my hair, spraying it to hold it in place. I back away from the mirror taking one final look. I was feeling dangerous now and I was ready to embrace it. What the hell, right? Kara was right; I needed to have some fun tonight.

    I let Kara have the bathroom for the last fifteen minutes, pacing the living room slowly. My phone started buzzing, indicating a call. I trotted over and looked at the name; Harry. I smiled and answered immediately.

    “Harry! I missed you!”

    I heard him laugh on the other line. “Hello, Katie. I wanted to call and see how you were since Louis won’t tell me. I swear he gets so defensive sometimes.”

    I brushed that off. “Yeah I’m sure he does,” I answered sarcastically.

    “So there is something going on between you two! No wonder Lou has been edgy.” Harry was beginning to probe for answers. “What happened? Are you two going to be okay?”

    “Harry I honestly don’t have any answers and now is really not the time to get into it. I’m going to be going out in a few minutes and-“

    “Where are you going?” Harry cut me off.

    “Uh, me and my friend Kara are going to a party. Is that alright with you?” I retorted.

    “Hey, I’m just curious. Why don’t you call me soon and we can talk, okay? I miss hearing your voice.” Harry sounded upset now.

    I sighed. “I know, I miss you too Harry. I’ll try and call when I can.”

    “Sounds like a plan.” I could feel him smiling through the phone, making me smile in return. “I won’t keep you from your party then. Talk to you later, alright?”

    “Okay Harry.” I thought for a minute. “Oh and Harry, could you do me a favor?”

    “What’s that?”                                             

    “Could you tell Louis I love him? He never answers his phone anymore and I just…you know what never mind. Forget it. I’ll talk to you later, okay?” I hung up the phone and turned it off, throwing it into my bag. What was I thinking? I was stupid for trying to ask that of him. I shook my head and looked up to see Kara walking out of the bathroom, ready to go.

    “Look at me; hot and dangerous!” She did a twirl, showing off her short but flowing red dress, her strapped red heels adding emphasis to her toned calves. I smirked and took her hand in mine.

    “Come on; let’s go have a great fucking time.”

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