Get Me Back

**Sequel to Hanging On (A.K.A. read Hanging On first)** It's now six months after the eight month tour begins and Katie can't help but feel her relationship with Louis falling apart. When she discovers the secret he'd been trying to hide from her, she's devastated; how could she ever trust again, especially after the one who promised to never hurt her went against his word? As Katie tries to build herself back up, a new set of arms help pick her back up, showing her something she hasn't felt for a long time. Katie finds herself in a troubling situation, especially when the truth is ultimately revealed to her. Will she try and rebuild what she once had, or will she embrace the new future presenting itself to her?


5. Chapter Five

    Wait what. No. Just…”I’m sorry who?” I looked over to Erin, blinking a few times, and then returning my focus back to Jace. He gave me a smirk, trying to hold back the cocky joy that was beginning to cloud around him.

    “Don’t worry; Jace is one of our most experienced workers. You’ll be handled very gently,” Erin comforted.

    You just had to say it that way…The look on Jace’s face said exactly what I was thinking. I suppressed my groan and rolled my eyes at him. This would be nothing less than interesting.

    “Erin, why don’t I show her around and get her settled before the doors open,” Jace offered as he extended his hand to me.

    “That’s a great idea! Katie, you’ll be alright. Now the rest of you go and make your own preparations,” Erin continued as she walked away.

    I watched her walk away with a desperate look. When she disappeared around the corner, I slowly turned around and faced Jace, crossing my arms. “What the hell.”

    Jace chuckled. “You honestly didn’t see something like this coming? Come on; I figured you’d know better.” He grabbed my forearm and led me back to the bathrooms. “Here, you can change in here. Just come out to the main floor when you’re done and I’ll start your ‘training’ for tonight.” Jace walked off the same way Erin had gone. I took a deep breath and walked into the bathroom.

    On the sink was my uniform; it was a simple black dress with sleeves that stopped just above my elbows. Thank God the shoulders don’t pop out, I thought. I slid it over my head and smoothed it over me with my hands. The dress stopped about two inches above my knees. And thank God I shaved. I slid on the shoes (3 inch pumps that surprisingly fit) and tied on the small white pocket apron. I looked at myself in the mirror, surprised at how I didn’t look like some rich man’s maid. The open neckline allowed the dress to have a more risqué, sexy edge and the curve-hugging close cut stitching gave it the slight sophisticated air I needed to boost my confidence. I didn’t look like some blonde bimbo looking for some sexy waitress position to seduce married men, but I didn’t look like Sister Katherine from the local nun house either; it was the “I’m just the good looking, self confident girl next door” kind of look. I picked at my hair a little, trying to tame some of the hairs that were trying to peek out of place. I finally took a step back and admired myself. Erin was right; I was certainly pleasing to the eye.

    I walked back out of the bathroom and onto the main floor as Jace had instructed. I spotted him talking to the one Erin had introduced as Shane. They seemed deep in conversation; I felt slightly uncomfortable standing there waiting for them to finish. I began looking around, admiring the cool, sophisticated vibe the place gave off. I made my way to the stage, running my hand against the edge of it. I climbed up the short flight of stairs and walked over to the microphone. I ran my hands down the stand, closing my eyes. My thoughts wandered to when I first started performing; local cafes, bars, hang outs. The thrill of performing in front of a crowd, hearing them clap and cheer, begging for an encore.

    “Who’s gonna save the world tonight? Who’s gonna bring you back to life? We’re gonna make it you and I. We’re gonna save the world tonight,” I sang silently. “Into the streets, we’re coming down. We never sleep, never get tired. Through urban fields and suburban life.” I hadn’t realized I had started singing; I was caught up in the moment. “Turn the crowd up now, we’ll never back down. Shoot down a skyline, watch it in primetime. Turn up the love now, listen up now, turn up the love.”

    “Who’s gonna save the world tonight?” My eyes shot open to see Jace standing in front of the stage, continuing the song with me. “Who’s gonna bring you back to life?”

    A small smile played at the edge of my lips. My instincts taking control, I began harmonizing with his voice. “We’re gonna make it you and I. We’re gonna save the world tonight.” We stopped, staring at each other. What was I doing?

    Jace opened his mouth as if to speak, but Erin beat him. “Oh my gosh that was amazing! You have an amazing voice, Katie!”

    I looked down, feeling my face get hot. I met her intense gaze. “I would sure hope so; that’s my career,” I explained. Erin’s eyes got wider.

    “I can’t believe I didn’t recognize you sooner! This is amazing! You’re such an amazing singer! I remember you recorded a duet with Toby DeRimes and OH,” Erin shivered. “I just melted with the way your voices blended together. You two should have been a couple,” she winked.

    I blushed and looked down. Nobody had mentioned me and Toby together in a while; now that I wasn’t always depressed or hopped up on pills, I didn’t know how to react. “They were engaged, Erin.” I looked up to see Jace giving her a stern look. “Then Toby died and she became an insane, depressed pill popping whore,” he shrugged. My mouth fell open. Erin looked at me wide-eyed, breaking my gaze when I looked at her.

    “Oh, I had no idea…I um…I’m sorry,” she mumbled, a guilty look in her eyes.

    “What the hell is wrong with you?” I yelled at Jace. “What gives you the right to say anything like that about me?”

    Jace just chuckled. “Tell me what part of this you’re actually finding to be funny,” I snapped.

    “All of it; you’re really cute when you’re angry Katie.” I rolled my eyes at him; what an ass.

    “Well, actually I got a call about five minutes ago from our scheduled performer for tonight saying she couldn’t make it. Why don’t you two sing something?” Erin suggested. I gave her a look. “It would be really good to show off our new staff.”

    “I don’t have a problem,” Jace shrugged. “You up for it, Katie?”

    No, you douche. “Of course; I’d just love to,” I smiled. “Now, weren’t you supposed to show me around?”

    “Right, follow me; I’ll take you through the ins and outs of this place.” I stepped off of the stage and took my stride next to Jace. “By the way, I had no idea you knew Swedish House Mafia music.”

    I looked over at him. “What, do you think I live under a rock?” I smirked. Jace turned to me.

    “Actually no; you live in a quaint little apartment about ten minutes away.” I shivered internally at his words.

    We walked silently for a few minutes as he took me back to the kitchen. I finally summoned enough courage to ask him. “How do you know where I live?” I blurted.

    “I did drive you home this morning,” Jace replied slowly.

    “You know what I mean!” I stepped in front of him, preventing him from walking farther. “I never told you where I lived. I’m not a secret spiller when I’m drunk either. How did you find out where I lived?” I wanted an answer and I wasn’t going to move without one. Jace must have known that because he sighed and ran his hand through his hair, almost nervously.

    “Trust me, you told me when you were drunk. I didn’t want to say anything and have you embarrassed but that’s the truth.” I stared him down. “I’m serious, Katie that’s what happened.”

    “And what if I didn’t believe you?” I challenged. Jace took a step towards me, his face centimeters from mine. I felt the warmth rolling off of his body. I realized I had stopped him in a corner near the kitchen behind the stage. We were completely out of sight. I almost felt threatened; he could do whatever he wanted in that moment.

    Jace walked into me, pushing me slowly against the wall. It was cool against my back, contrasting with how impossibly warm my front was. His hands found their way to my neck, turning it to the side. My breath hitched in my throat as his lips grazed the side, slowly trailing up to my ear where he planted a soft kiss. He moved higher, his hands running down to my waist, pulling me close; I was paralyzed. “I guess you’ll just have to be content with disappointment,” he whispered before releasing me. He walked into the kitchen, leaving me to collapse against the wall, panting for air. Who on Earth was this guy?


    I had given myself my own personal tour, not wanting to be alone with Jace again. Something about him made me uncomfortable; he held this air around him that almost seemed dark. But next to that was a lust; an uncontrollable lust that I saw a flicker of when he held me against the wall. I shook my head, trying to clear out the haze that was threatening to set in again. I wasn’t going to let him distract me, especially if Louis was coming soon.

    Louis…I couldn’t even begin to understand what was going on with him now. He was acting so strange and all of a sudden he’s decided to come to New York to talk to me. What’s so urgent he suddenly decides to leave the tour to come talk to me about?

    “Katie, we need you on the floor soon,” Shane called, interrupting my thoughts. I walked out from my hiding spot in the bathroom and met Shane at the kitchen’s entrance. “Now, it’s pretty packed out there, but don’t feel intimidated; this is your first night so only take a couple tables and let us take the majority. We don’t want you to be scared off on your first night here,” he joked.

    “No worries; I’ll be alright,” I smiled. I walked out behind Shane, feeling completely confident. That is, until I realized what ‘pretty packed’ really meant.

    People, everywhere; sitting, standing, walking, laughing, eating, sipping coffee, watching Jace perform, talking, smiling and waiting. I felt myself become slightly dizzy. “This isn’t going to be good,” I mumbled. I did as Shane suggested and started out with a couple tables, trying not to swamp myself. It worked for a good fifteen minutes until Janelle dropped a tray in the kitchen and I had to take out her orders for five tables. Then Erin had me take on two more to help even it out as Janelle cleaned up. In essence, I was swamped.

    I finally got the hang of it once Janelle jumped back into the mix. I was dropped down to four tables that thankfully hadn’t wanted much to begin with. I finally had a spare moment and decided to watch Jace as he performed. His voice was deep and carried with it multiple emotions as he sang, his eyes closed as he strummed the acoustic guitar in his hands. I couldn’t help but admire him for a moment, realizing that behind the cold and creepy exterior he put off there was a half decent man inside.

    I hadn’t realized Jace was finished until the clapping started and he looked at me expectantly. Did that mean I was supposed to go up?

    “Now, for our last performance tonight, I will be singing alongside one of our newest waitresses, Ms. Katerine Willows.” I blushed and gave a small wave as I scurried my way up to the stage and took my place seated next to Jace. “What are we doing?”

    I thought for a moment. “You know Greg Holden, right?” Jace smiled.

    “She’s Got Something?” I nodded and he turned back to his guitar, beginning the song. I tried not to pay attention to the hundreds of eyes pinned to us; I couldn’t let nerves get the best of me. Jace began singing.

    “Well it all started out in a wonderful city we all know, but on streets that few have seen.

    I couldn’t figure whereabouts all of our moves were meant to go, but I knew that I was keen.

    And from that moment on my life would never be the same.” Jace gave me a small smirk as he went into the next verse, encouraging me to jump in as well.

    “I flew to see her twice a year, but all that did was make it worse. My days grew longer back at home.

    Then suddenly I saw so clear; this town just doesn’t quench my thirst. Oh no, no, no.

    And from that moment on my life would never be the same.

    She was a tough one to restrain, she was the one that got away.” As we made our way into the chorus, I found myself lost in the song.

    “Get me back; get me back to New York.

    She’s got something I’m looking for.

    Get me back; get me back to New York.

    She’s got something I’m looking for.”

    We finally finished the song feeling more alive than when we had started. I smiled as the crowd erupted in claps and a few cheers. I gave a slight bow and made my way off stage through the back, the adrenaline still pumping through me. I heard Jace wish everybody off and then make his way to where I was standing.

    “Katie, that was amazing!” Erin ran up to me and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me into a strong embrace. “They all loved you so much!” I pulled back and gave her a smile, still shaking slightly.

    Jace grabbed my waist from behind. “That truly was an honor; thank you for doing that,” he whispered. Without warning, I turned around and wrapped my arms around his waist, hugging him tightly. He seemed shocked at first but soon went along with it, wrapping his arms around me.

    “No, thank you for making me sing,” I whispered. I got lost in the hug, getting enveloped by his presence.

    “Kat?” I froze. Was that…? I turned around, getting out of Jace’s arms. There he stood about ten feet away; his hands shoved awkwardly into his pockets, his brown hair slightly covering his scared eyes. I couldn’t breathe; I couldn’t move. I hadn’t seen him in so long I almost forgot what he did to me.

    “Louis?” My voice was breathy, almost shaken. I felt a tear roll down the side of my face. “Louis,” I whispered. I ran forward without thinking and crashed into him, my arms wrapping around his neck. I felt his strong arms take their place around my waist, pulling me closer into him as my feet went on top of his. I never wanted to let go again; I never wanted him to leave for so long ever again. I wasn’t ever going to lose him like that again. I needed Louis and he needed me; we were each other’s missing half. I cried into him, feeling his lips leave small kisses on my head and trail down to my neck right by my ear.

    “I missed you so much,” he whispered, leaving a kiss afterwards. “Katie, I missed you so much.” I took my head out of the crook in his neck and drew our faces close.

    “Don’t you ever leave me like that again Louis.” I pulled his lips to mine, pressing them firmly together. I felt a wave of longing run through me; I missed his lips so much. I wanted him; all of him. I attempted to deepen the kiss, but Louis gently pulled back, still keeping us close.

    “Not here, Kat,” Louis whispered, his voice husky. Instead of answering, I kissed his neck and pulled myself closer to him, taking in his familiar scent, the feeling of his arms around me, never letting me go.

    I looked up into his eyes. “I love you Louis.”

    His eyes became engulfed in guilt and sadness. “Katie, I love you too.” Then why do you look so guilty?

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