One Direction Tickets

Two girls (Samantha & Sarah) go a long way just to get One Direction tickets and then to find out there is no tickets left and so they find a way to sneak into the concert without getting caught.


11. We Made It!

Samantha: There she is!

Sarah: How much did they cost? *pulling out wallet*

Samantha: $100

Sarah: Ouch that just killed most of my souvenir money....

Samantha: I'm sorry Sarah.. Maybe we can trade tickets!

Sarah: Yeah maybe......

Samantha: Well I'll go get the tickets and see if she'll trade!

Sarah: Okay

Samantha: *walks to the lady who are selling the tickets* Hey um I ask if you could hold me and my friend 2 tickets? Do you still have them?

Ticket Lady: Oh yes I remember!

Samantha: So you have the Tickets?

Ticket Lady: Oh no honey I had to sell them because you were late......

Samantha: We are late we are 10 minutes early.....

Ticket Lady: No I told you to be here in 10 minutes....

Samantha: I'm not threatening you or anything but I can show you the message you told us to be here in 30 minutes because right after that you are leaving.

Ticket Lady: I sure as hell did not say that!

Samantha: Yeah the hell you did! Because here is the message! *shoving her phone into lady's face* see right there you told me! so where the hell are my tickets!!

Ticket Lady: *trying to get something out* I sold them.... I'm sorry I thought I had said 10 minutes I'm so sorry...

Samantha: *Starts to walk away* Fuck you! *looking back at the lady* Check your god damn messages every once in a while bitch! *walks back to Sarah's car*

Sarah: So did she hold the tickets?

Samantha: Fuck NO! *slams car door*

Sarah: Well okay then *starts engine*

Samantha: I'm sorry the lady just made me so pissed!

Sarah: I can tell lets just think of a plan for now.... *drives to a parking lot for arena*



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