One Direction Tickets

Two girls (Samantha & Sarah) go a long way just to get One Direction tickets and then to find out there is no tickets left and so they find a way to sneak into the concert without getting caught.


12. The Signing

Sarah: Hey at least the signing is free *talking to Samantha*

Samantha: Yeah, at least... *rolling her eyes*

Body Guard: Next!

Sarah: Hey we're finally moving!!

Samantha: Yay whoopee *she said sarcastically*

Body Guard: Next!

Sarah: Hey just think about it before you know it we will have their autographs then we can go looking for more tickets!

Samantha: Sarah we are already here in New York lets just go look at the famous attractions we don't have to go to the show.. *looking depressed*

Sarah: No Samantha we will find some tickets even if it kills us!

Samantha: Okay

Body Guard: Next

Samantha: UGGGGG we are going to be in this line forever!

Sarah: I know I'm sorry I'm such a slow driver......

*25 minutes later*

Samantha: OMG we're next!!

Sarah: I know!!

Body Guard: Next!

Sarah & Samantha: *walks forward to get autographs*

One Direction: Hello ladies!

Sarah & Samantha: Hi!

Louis: Will you be  coming to our show tonight?

Sarah: Uhhh, we hope...

Harry: Why do you say that?

Samantha: We accidentally bought the wrong the wrong One Direction tickets.....

Zayn: Oh well that sucks

Sarah: Yeah so we are going to go into the city to see if anybody's selling their tickets...

Niall: Well I hope you seem like very nice ladies

Samantha: Thanks *starting to blush*

Liam: Well thanks for coming and I hope you find some tickets for sale!

Sarah & Samantha: Thanks *grabs autographed stuff and gets a picture taken with One Direction*

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