One Direction Tickets

Two girls (Samantha & Sarah) go a long way just to get One Direction tickets and then to find out there is no tickets left and so they find a way to sneak into the concert without getting caught.


6. Operation Steal the Tickets!

Samantha: Okay I can't handle working for Bill anymore lets just get the hell out of here *talking to Sarah*

Sarah: But we are close to almost getting the tickets I can feel it!

Bill: *talking to one of his guest* Yeah this is an all-nighter party!

Samantha: Yeah I'm not staying here and working for him if this is an all-nighter Sarah.......

Sarah: But Samantha I know where the tickets are.............

Samantha: Why are you now telling this to me? *getting excited* Lets go get them!!! *searching around the room* well where are they??

Sarah: If you would calm down I could tell you! *holding down Samantha*

Samantha: Just tell me already..... *talking quietly*

Sarah: They are in his car in the glove box because I wasn't fully knocked out when he shot us....

Samantha: So we just need a reason to go outside.

Sarah: More like you need a reason to go outside.......

Samantha: What are YOU going to do while I'm making a reason to go outside to get the tickets?

Sarah: I'm going to grab his car keys DUHHHHHHHH!!!!

Samantha: How exactly are you going to do that?

Sarah: Well the keys are over there hanging on that hook....... *pointing at the keys from across the room*

Samantha: Why do you get to do the easy part!?!?!?!?!

Sarah: Because it was YOUR idea to steal the tickets from them!

Samantha: True but we won't even have one for Zoey!

Sarah: Well is Zoey here right now helping us???? NO! So I don't think she gets one..... Unless her mom can get her the last one right now because they are selling the last ticket for $130......

Samantha: I hope so.......

Sarah: Now go make up an excuse to go outside!

Samantha: Okay let's do this!

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