One Direction Tickets

Two girls (Samantha & Sarah) go a long way just to get One Direction tickets and then to find out there is no tickets left and so they find a way to sneak into the concert without getting caught.


13. New York City

Samantha: We need to Instagram this! *pulling out her iPhone*

Sarah: Okay I guess....

Samantha: *takes picture*

Sarah: What are you putting in the caption?

Samantha: *typing while saying it* In New York City with my BEST FRIEND looking for somebody who is selling 1D tickets!

Sarah: Haha nice.... *pulls out iPhone* well the concert starts at 8 but they are opening the gates at 7;30 so everybody can find and get to their seats....

Samantha: Well *looking at her phone* it's 5 o'clock right now......

Sarah: HEY! Maybe our hotel does that deal with if you buy a room they'll give a ticket to the band that's in town for only $50 extra!

Samantha: Maybe let's go check!

*15 minutes later Sarah and Samantha arrive at the hotel*

Sarah: *walks up to the front desk* Hi I made a reservation for this hotel on the internet and I also have the reservation papers if you need to see those too.

Manager: Last Name please?

Sarah: Webber...

Manager: The King Sweet right?

Sarah: Yes

Manager: Okay just a moment.

Sarah: ummm ok..

*10 minutes pass by*

Samantha: What's taking so long?

Sarah: I don't know?

Manager: *walks up* we have people in that part in the hotel who have reserved them that entire floor so please do not be noisy or bother them.

Sarah: Okay will do

Manager: *hands Sarah the key* enjoy your stay!

Sarah: Um thanks *gets into elevator*

Samantha: Wow you must be rich to be able to stay here!

Sarah: Dad sent in some late Birthday money.....

Samantha: Oh.....

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