One Direction Tickets

Two girls (Samantha & Sarah) go a long way just to get One Direction tickets and then to find out there is no tickets left and so they find a way to sneak into the concert without getting caught.


3. Getting the Tickets

Sarah: Okay this is where Courtney and Iris were suppose to meet the "guy" *pulling into an old vacant lot*

Samantha: Wow he must love dark and spooky places

Sarah: Yeah, I know right.

Samantha: So what's the name of the guy we are suppose to meet?

Sarah: His name is Bill... Bill Haney

Samantha: Please say it's not that Bill

Sarah: Let's just hope it's not okay

Samantha: Bill is sex offender!

Sarah: But don't you think it will be worth it if we survive?

Samantha: Surviving isn't the answer the answer is get us the hell out of here and I mean it Sarah!

Bill: *suddenly shows up at car door window*

Sarah: Ahh! Oh uh hi Bill we are here to get those tickets for Courtney and Iris they got sick and asked us if we would go get them for them

Samantha: More like forced us to!

Bill: Yeah, yeah, yeah how do I know you're just playing me?

Sarah: Trust me we would never do that to you Bill

Bill: For some reason I don't trust you so *pulls out a gun*

Samantha: Are you serious we haven't don't anything for you to do this to us

Sarah: All we wanted were One Direction tickets!

Bill: You will get your stupid tickets *shoots Sarah & Samantha*

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