The Crazy,Stupid,Love Story

The Crazy,Stupid,Love Story is about a girl Named Adilene Ortiz and a guy named Zayn Malik who fall in love, but Adilene is afraid to fall inlove With Zayn because Zayn has a girlfriend named Perrie Edwards and Adilene has a boyfriend named Andrew Gonzalez.
Zayn wants Adilene but he has Perrie and both Adilene and Zayn Dont know what to do will they end up together? well lets find out.


5. Our First Music Video


When we got back to the club i sat down crying looking down.Then everyone comes and rebecca hugs me. Rebecca:" Its alright." Danielle looks at me. Danielle:" Things Will get better for you." Eleanor:" you just got to believe." I look at everyone and nodd. Adilene:" he disscuses me so much. Rebecca:" i know, i know." my phone starts ringing, i look at it and it said andrew on it. Adilene:"its him." Eleanor grabs the phone out of my hand quickly. Eleanor:" WHY ARE CALLING YOU PATHETIC JERK." Then i hear her say something then she hung up on him and looked directly at me. Eleanor:" boys can you go for second we need to talk to adilene." Louis:" yeah." while there leaving i see Zayn look at me, then looked away and walk away. Eleanor:"how come you didnt tell us." Rebecca:" tell us what.?" Danielle:"Eleanor whats going on?" Eleanor grabs my hand.Eleanor:" he did this to you did'nt he?" i nodd. Adilene:" but i faced my fear i went and beat the crap out of him." rebecca had watery eyes and so did Eleanor but Danielle was crying. Danielle:" you let him do this to you." Adilene:"i couldnt control him." Rebecca:" what else has he done to you adilene?" i shake my head crying. Eleanor:" tell us." Adilene:" one night  i- i um,i was eating dinner with him and he asked me if i wanted to go to his house and i said no and he kept begging and begging and when we got the car h-he hit me saying that i better go to his house. i cried and he pushed hit me did really bad things to me and i suffered. he told me if i told anyone i was gonna die." they all hug me with all of us crying in tears. Danielle grabbed her phone quickly and told Zayn to take me some where away from here a hiding place. Zayn and i walked to a taxi. Adilene:"Zayn.Whats happening?" Zayn:" he is here looking for you." we go quickly in the taxi. Adilene:" did anyone call the police?" Zayn: danielle did." i was reliefed . Adilene:" i hope they catch him ASAP." zayn smiles and looks at me. Zayn:" me too."  we were driving around and then my phone rings. Danielle:" they got him." i look at zayn. Adilene:" thank god, will meet at the apartment." Zayn:" they got him." i nodd, he gives me a hug, all happily. i was so happy the COPS got him, he deserved it. When we got there, i saw Liam,Louis,Niall,Harry,Eleanor,Danielle, and Rebecca. i run to the girls and we do a group hug. i was so happy. then the boys came and gave me hug too. we all went to our apartments. 

A few days passed, as those passed ive been spending a lot of time with the boys. I learned alot about them and i learned even more about Zayn.  Well anyways, today was the day to film the music video, for the song DNA. We tried changing the music video a little bit. we kept filming and filming and filming and filming untill we were done. The producer showed us the music video. We all liked it. Today, the boys came over. i was in my room packing because i was going to stay with my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I here the boys come in. i was done packing. One Direction:" hi adilene." Adilene:" hey guys." Danielle:" alright guys ready for the music video." One Direction:" yes." Danielle:"ok." she plays the music video. Harry was smiling when she saw rebbeca's solo. Then my part came on. i was smiling. then niall elbows me. i didnt know what he quite meant. Then eleanors part came up and Louis was just smiling looking at the video. My part came on again and danielle elbowed me. I wondered what they meant. when danielle's part came on i looked at liam he was smiling. its good that they have people who care about them well, rebecca really doesnt know yet its obvious that her and harry like each other. when the video was over, i walked to my room. the girls followed me. i look at them and they were smiling at me. Adilene:" what." Rebecca:" oh my you really dont know." Eleanor:" Zayn Likes you." i chuckle. Adilene:" you guys are funny, me and zayn are just friends and he has gf." Danielle:" yeah, but who knows between zayn and perrie there realationship is going bad." i look at All of them. Adilene:" what do you mean?" Danielle:" its hard to explain." i nodd, then i grab my things and go. Liam and Niall helped me put my things to the car. Adilene:" thanks boys." Liam and Niall:" your welcome." they put my stuff in my trunk. i give a hug to Danielle and she told be to be careful, then i gave a hug to Liam an Eleanor and Louis, then Rebecca and Harry,and then Zayn. For some reason zayn likes to hug me last, i find it strange sometimes. Adilene:" Bye Everyone. Everyone:" bye." i reversed my car and i drove off.


She drove off and we all walked back to the apartment. When we got there Eleanor asked me a question. Eleanor:" Zayn do like Adilene?" i didnt quite know what to say. then i looked at Eleanor. Zayn:"Nope." all of the boys looked at me. Zayn:" ok fine yes i do, i like her." Eleanor:" thats all i wanted to know." Zayn:" but please dont tell her at all." Rebecca:" ok fine." Harry:" i am taking out rebecca." everyone looks at them. Danielle:" ok take care of my baby." they laugh. Harry:"ok"  they left. I went up to my house looking through My High school things and there was this girl in the picture. It was Adilene.

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