The Crazy,Stupid,Love Story

The Crazy,Stupid,Love Story is about a girl Named Adilene Ortiz and a guy named Zayn Malik who fall in love, but Adilene is afraid to fall inlove With Zayn because Zayn has a girlfriend named Perrie Edwards and Adilene has a boyfriend named Andrew Gonzalez.
Zayn wants Adilene but he has Perrie and both Adilene and Zayn Dont know what to do will they end up together? well lets find out.


9. My Day With Zayn



I woke up and walked to the Kitchen to make myself Coffee. Then i started having Flashbacks when Zayn and i kissed. i could'nt believe i actually kissed him. it was really shocking for me.I heard a knock on my door. i walked to the door and it was Rebecca."hi bec what are doing and goodmorning?" she laughs and comes in."i thought i could drink coffee with you before your day with Zayn." "ok." i serve her coffee and hand it to her."So how are things going between you and Harry?" she smiles. "Really, good." i laugh."oh my, have you guys-" " no adilene, no." says rebecca . a few minutes later rebecca left. i walk to the restroom and Straightened my hair. then i walk to my closet and it was big. i chose to wear one of those shirts that you tuck in and pants. i put a sweater so it can go with it. i start putting on my make up.


I woke up and Walked to the restroom. i did my hair and then i went to look for clothes. i put a White shirt with a black leather jacket and some pear of jeans. i looked in the mirror again to make sure i had nothing on my face. Then headed off to her house, i couldnt wait to see her. i knocked on her door and she opened it. she looked so beautiful. i told her hi and gave her a hug and a kiss. it looked like she blushed and i blushed too."so lets go." i grab her hand and we walk to the taxi. "so were are we going?" she asked."You'll see." i told her.


I really like this guy he makes me happy, but the embrassing thing is that i blush a lot when he kisses me.I guess thats how it is anyways. we finally got to this park. ive  never been there before. we walk out of the taxi and run to the swings. Then we started talking."So when did you start liking me?" i asked. "Since you walked in that door to meet me." he says. i look at him. "Really." he nodds."yeah." i smile."you want to play a game?" "Whats the Game?" he asked."ok, so you swing and see if you can jump off standing." "ok" said Zayn "but you better catch me." i laugh and do the count down.  "1......2.....3." we both jump off we were both standing then we started laughing."Want to play tag, Adilene?" i nodd. "tag your it." i run away and him coming after me he picked me up and kissed me. then he put me down. "your it." i ran after him then we both fell and started laughing hard. then i hit his back to mess with him and we were still laughing but the funny thing was that people were looking at us. Zayn got up and helped me up. "do you want go eat something?" i nodd then left to in and out.


i will post a part to 2 but let me know if there is any fans and if you like it? 

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