The Crazy,Stupid,Love Story

The Crazy,Stupid,Love Story is about a girl Named Adilene Ortiz and a guy named Zayn Malik who fall in love, but Adilene is afraid to fall inlove With Zayn because Zayn has a girlfriend named Perrie Edwards and Adilene has a boyfriend named Andrew Gonzalez.
Zayn wants Adilene but he has Perrie and both Adilene and Zayn Dont know what to do will they end up together? well lets find out.


2. Making Friends

The next day i got up straightened my hair then put on a cute outfit on and my make up then i walked to my car. Right when i got to work my boss said that there was these three girls that needed to talk to me. The second i got to the room i knew who they where it was Eleanor ,Danielle, and a friend of mine her name is Rebecca. Adilene: hi nice to meet you eleanor and danielle im a big fan of your boyfriends singing. Eleanor and Danielle: thank you nice to meet you too adilene. Danielle:now i heard you can sing. Adilene: yeah i can. Eleanor: we can too. Danielle: we were thinking if we could make a band to get back at little mix. Adilene: what.why?what did they do? Danielle: There lip singing and its not jade's,leigh,or jessy's fault. perrie's forcing them to do that.and i talked to them and they told me they like our idea and i know you could sing and i know we would all do very well together,so what do you say adilene , want to join us? i look at all of them. Adilene: im in. everyone came in and did a group hug. For the past months ive been spending time with Rebecca Danielle and Eleanor then i met them at the studio with rebbeca. Rebecca and i walked to the chairs were the girls were and were the guys were. What i realized when i was walking over that Zayn couldnt get his eyes off me and harry couldnt get his eyes off rebecca. i Shaked Liam's hand. Adilene: hi nice to meet you liam ima big fan of 1D. Liam: Thank you  nice to meet you too.i shake Harry's Hand. Adilene: Nice to meet you big fan of 1D. Harry: Thanks its nice meeting you aswell. From the back of me i could hear a Silence between Rebecca and Harry i turned around and there eyes met. i smiled then i turned to Niall to shake his hand. Adilene: Hi niall its nice meeting you big fan big fan. Niall: Thanks It nice meeting you too.When i got Zayn he was looking into my eyes and i was looking into his then i reach my hand to shake his hand. Adilene: Hi Nice to meet you um im a big fan of One direction and my name is adilene ortiz.i told him Smiling at him. he smiled. Zayn: Nice to meet you too,oh and Thank you. i face all they boys. Adilene:Your Welcome. Danielle told them what we were going to do and Zayn didnt seem to care. i was shocked i thought he would of said something but he didnt. After all that i started talking to Zayn and Danielle was talking to Liam and Niall. Eleanor and Louis were talking. Zayn: so were you from? Adilene: im from Apple valley a unknown town but thats were i live.Zayn Laughs.i chuckle. Zayn: How Old are you? Adilene: um i am 19 almost 20 years old and your 20 years old i believe. Zayn: yup, thats right. Adilene: hows it going between you and Perrie? Zayn: good, so do you have a bf? Adilene: yeah, his name is Andrew. Zayn:How long have you been with him? Adilene: like 2 years and 6 months, you like asking Questions dont you. Zayn smiles. Zayn:Yeah. Adilene: So you like rihanna? Zayn: yes i love her shes hot. Adilene: i like her music, my favorite song by her is we found love, i also like Drake. Zayn: yeah me too i love his music. the rest of the night we kept talking making each other laugh. It was 11:50pm of the night The girls and i left. Zayns POV    Louis: so what were you and Rebecca talking about Harry? Harry:stuff. Niall:stuff like what? Zayn: come on tell us. Harry:ok,ok We were just telling each other about our lives and i sort of have a crush on her i cant really stop thinking of her. they boys were laughing besides me well may be sort of. Harry: now the quiet zayn over here what about you over here all quiet and stuff. Zayn: well we were talking about our life and what we like and we making each other laugh. Liam: do you like here? Zayn: nope.... i have a girlfriend how could you say that. Liam: well i dont know you seemed intrested in her. Louis: be honest Zayn. Zayn: i dont know but i think shes beautiful. Niall: alright well goodnight. Everyone: good night everyone sleep well...............             My POV   Eleanor: so becky what where you and harry talking about? we all have nick names for each other. Rebecca: Oh we were talking about our life and things we like. Danielle: do you like him? Rebecca: yeah he is cool, So Honeybun What about you what where you and zayn talking about? Adilene: we were just gettin to know each other and thats it. Danielle: do you like him? Adilene: well not in that kind of matter why? Eleanor:Well do you think he is cute atleast. Adilene: sort of but i have a boyfriend remember that. Eleanor: Goodnight girls. Everyone:Good Night 


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