The Crazy,Stupid,Love Story

The Crazy,Stupid,Love Story is about a girl Named Adilene Ortiz and a guy named Zayn Malik who fall in love, but Adilene is afraid to fall inlove With Zayn because Zayn has a girlfriend named Perrie Edwards and Adilene has a boyfriend named Andrew Gonzalez.
Zayn wants Adilene but he has Perrie and both Adilene and Zayn Dont know what to do will they end up together? well lets find out.


6. Its her


I could'nt believe my eyes I was shocked. it was Adilene. i start tearing and Niall walks in. Niall:"Zayn whats wrong." Zayn:" I am That, Jerk That left her." Niall:"Perrie." Zayn:"No. um back then in high school i was with this really beautiful lady. and i-i left her for perrie ." Niall:"its ok." Niall gives me a quick hug. Zayn:" i need to think." Niall:" i understand." Niall walks out. i have no idea what to do. i am afraid to tell her and if i ever did she would never forgive an i'd lose her. i look at the picture and smile. Shes different now. i will tell her but only on the right time. 


I love her eyes. her smile. her personality. her laugh. the way she does things. i wonder how she feels about me. Rebecca:"i feel bad for Adilene." Harry:" me too. but she toughed up." Rebecca:"i hope she finds someone who will love her." Harry:" i think that Adilene and Zayn are perfect for each other." Rebecca:" me too, i see the way Zayn looks at her." Harry:" he really likes her." rebecca smiles and nodds. we start talking about something else. then we kissed and now were boyfriend and girlfriend. i knew we meant for each other. i felt it. i droped her off home and she gave me little kiss. i smiled because i liked it. When i got home i saw Zayn depressed. REBECCA'S POV

i walked inside and i saw Eleanor and Danielle looking at me with a smile. Rebecca:" guess what."Danielle and Eleanor:" What."Rebecca:"Harry and i are boyfriend and Girlfriend." They come with joy to hug me." i was full with joy. we all were. 


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